Eastward – Manual Guide + Character Attributes + Earth Born Items

Eastward – Manual Guide + Character Attributes + Earth Born Items 2 - steamlists.com
Eastward – Manual Guide + Character Attributes + Earth Born Items 2 - steamlists.com

Very useful information for all items in game with descriptions and all characters in detail.


STR: Strength, increases physical attack damage;

WIS: Wisdom, increases magic attack damage and magic resistance;

STA: Stamina, decreases damage taken from physical attacks;

AGI: Agility, increases accuracy and dodge rate;

CRIT: Critical, increases chance to land a critical hit;

SPD: Speed, determines the order in which party members take their turn.

What is AP?

You use AP to unleash skills. The stronger the skill, the more AP it requires.

Your AP replenishes itself as you fight.

Item sheet

1HP Ring+15 HP20Accessory
2Strength Ring+5 STR20Accessory
3Wisdom Ring+5 WIS20Accessory
4Stamina Ring+5 STA20Accessory
5Agility Ring+10 AGI20Accessory
6Crit Ring+10 CRIT20Accessory
7Speed RingAccessory
8HP Amulet+20% HP50Accessory
9Strength Amulet+20% STR50Accessory
10Wisdom Amulet+20% WIS50Accessory
11Stamina Amulet+20% STA50Accessory
12Agility Amulet+20 AGI50Accessory
13Crit Amulet+20 CRIT50Accessory
14Speed Amulet+10 SPD50Accessory
15AdrenalineRestores extra AP every turn when HP is low.50Accessory
16Dodge BootsIncreases dodge rate.50Accessory
17Dragon’s FuryDeals damage to all enemies upon each hit.50Accessory
18Magic SwordTransforms attack damage into magic damage.50Accessory
19Rage BeltConsumes 1 AP for each normal attack but guarantees a critical hit.50Accessory
20Regen SealRestores a small amount of HP at the end of every turn.50Accessory
21Sharp ShieldDeals damage to attacking enemy when attacked.50Accessory
22Tree RootIncreases healing received.50Accessory
23Wolf ClawHas a chance to hit twice when attacking.50Accessory
24Amplify PotionEnhances magic attacks.100Accessory
25Faith ScrollGuarantees a critical hit for all normal attacks while at max HP.100Accessory
26Lucky CoatHas a chance to reduce damage received when attacked.100Accessory
27Magic EchoSkills have a chance to produce effects twice.100Accessory
28Mystic CrystalRestores 2 AP at the beginning of each battle.100Accessory
29Novice BowOrdinary bow. Can be used by hunters.100Weapon
30Novice GlovesOrdinary set of gloves. Can be used by monks.100Weapon
31Novice GrimoireOrdinary grimoire. Can be used by priests.100Weapon
32Novice StaffOrdinary staff. Can be used by mages.100Weapon
33Novice SwordOrdinary sword and shield. Can be used by knights.100Weapon
34ScopeIncreases ACC. High ACC increases chance to land a critical hit.100Accessory
35Shiny GlovesHas a chance to stun enemies when dealing damage.100Accessory
36ToxinAttacks and damage-dealing skills have a chance to poison enemies.100Accessory
37Zeal PendantRestores 1 AP for each hit.100Accessory
38Devotion CircletIncreases damage dealt for critical hits.150Accessory
39Vampire CloakAbsorbs HP from enemy upon dealing damage.150Accessory
40Expert BowHigh-quality bow. Can be used by hunters.200Weapon
41Expert GlovesHigh-quality set of gloves. Can be used by monks.200Weapon
42Expert GrimoireHigh-quality grimoire. Can be used by priests.200Weapon
43Expert StaffHigh-quality staff. Can be used by mages.200Weapon
44Expert SwordHigh-quality sword and shield. Can be used by knights.200Weapon


Item manual

  • Items can be either bought from the merchant or found while exploring caves.
  • You get two slots for accessories and one slot for a weapon per character.
  • Weapons can only be equipped by certain characters.
  • Merchant and Monkey cannot equip items.



There are probably items that are not included in the spreadsheet, but I tried to find everything that is available in my playthrough right now. (I don’t think Speed Ring even exists, but I decided to include it anyway)

If you find something that is not here, tell me in the comments and I’ll include it.

Peace :))

Eastward - Manual Guide + Character Attributes + Earth Born Items - P.S. - 26D5E17

Written by kweekoo

This is all about Eastward – Manual Guide + Character Attributes + Earth Born Items; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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