Dyson Sphere Program – What’s next Guide

Dyson Sphere Program – What’s next Guide 13 - steamlists.com
Dyson Sphere Program – What’s next Guide 13 - steamlists.com
This guide will help you get an idea of the general flow of the game, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re wondering what should be your next step.
It’s more detailed for the early phases, but just gives general directions for the mid and end-game, assuming you know how to do things by this point.



At the very beginning of the game, you just want to get as fast as possible to all the basic technology to start automating things, and get Universe Exploration 1, so you can start planning where to build your initial base. 
You don’t want to start building anything permanent just yet. 
Just deconstruct your landing pod, and queue the technologies Electromagnetism, Automatic Metallurgy, Basic Logistic System, Basic Assembling Processes, Electromagnetic Matrix, in this order, then add to the queue Universe Exploration 1 from the Upgrades tab. 
Then just manually build all the items required to advance the technologies in your queue (including the 10 blue cubes at the end, no need to set up an automated research lab yet). 
Just make use of the technologies as they become unlocked to help automate the extraction, then smelting, then connecting both, and build everything by hand. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 


If you’re a perfectionist, you could set up the factories and 
research lab too, but at this point it’s not really necessary. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide

Then deconstruct everything, and open the world map 

Blue cubes

The entire technology tree has 124,310 blue cubes (with stress system level 1). 
(as of March 2021, but it’s unlikely to change by a lot in the future builds) 
A blue cube is 1 coils + 1 circuits, which are 2 iron + 1 copper ores. 
So in order to build a blue cube production system that will last you through the whole game, you just need veins with 250k irons, and 125k copper (even less since you’ll have Veins Utilization
Find a spot with one iron vein and one copper vein near each others, with at least these amounts, and build your blue cube production there. 
As a rule, if you’re building relatively fast, you just need 3 blue cube / second, and that will just let you finish to research all the technologies that don’t require red cubes by the time you finish your red cube production setup. 
Since we’re on the subject of research cube production speed. 
For an average player, you should usually aim for: 

  • blue cubes: 3/s 
  • red cubes: 3/s 
  • yellow cubes: 1/s 
  • purple cubes: 1/s 
  • green cubes: 0.5/s (you can build a second production on your second system to bring it up to 1/s)

In my experience, these speeds let you finish all the researches just in time for when you have the next cubes ready for production. 
A set up for 3/s blue cube, requires: 

  • 6 iron ore / s + 3 copper ore / s (so enough miners to cover 12 iron veins and 6 copper veins) 
  • 3 smelter (copper ingots) + 3 smelter (iron ingot) + 5 smelter (magnet) 
  • 2 assembler mk1 (circuit) + 2 assembler mk1 (coil) 
  • 9 lab (blue cube)

But you should be doing the math yourself, as it’s the main part of this game’s fun. 
(note: circuit and coil assemblers should requires mk2 sorters to work at peak efficiency (or two mk1), but since we only need 1.5/s per assembler, we’re ok with a single mk1 sorter) 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 


Before you expand your base, you’ll need to expand your energy production. 
Your Blue Cube production can make do with a dozen Wind Turbine, but to progress further you will need to get much more energy. 
The easiest way at this point, is to find some coal veins, put some miners on it, and put some Thermal Power Station to burn the coal directly 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
Just use Wind Turbines to power the miners, to get the production started. 
Each time your energy demand starts to exceed your production, find a new coal vein, and add more Thermal Power Stations. 
(keep in mind that one Thermal Power Station burns 1 coal/s, and a Miner produces 0.5 coal/s per vein it covers. So if your Miner covers 6 veins, put 3 Thermal Power Stations on it. If it covers 8 veins, put 4 Stations, etc) 
Once you have Yellow Cubes production in place, and you’re getting a steady influx of Silicon from another planet, you will mass-manufacture Solar Panels and cover your North Poles and South Poles with solar panels to replace the coal burning 


Now, you should build your Mall. 
A Mall is a small production chain that fills up boxes with all the items you usually need to construct your base, so you don’t have to do this manually. 
Since it will not be running continuously, it actually won’t consume that much iron or copper ore. 
You could even use the small veins that are at your starting position if you wish, they should still be big enough to supply you until you move to another solar system. 
All you need is some iron and some copper, near each others, and some stone nearby. 
Again, since this production is not going to run continuously, you don’t need to optimize the ratios and think about items/s. The boxes are going to fill up much faster than you can use the items anyway. 
(don’t forget to turn down the item limit on each box, to let them fill only 1 or 2 slots, not the full box) 
At the start of the line, turn your iron and copper into Iron Ingots, Cogs, Coil and Circuits. 
Extend these 4 lines and put a lot of Assemblers in the middle, producing all your belts, sorters, assemblers, tesla towers, splitter, miners, wind turbine, etc. At some point down the line, add a Stone Bricks line coming from your stone veins, if you want to automate smelters, boxes, and power thermal stations. 
Keep some space between your belt and sorter, so you can put when you have the technology Assemblers producing Electric Motors and Electromagnetic Turbines, that can produces mkII belts and sorters. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 

Red cubes

Now, it’s time to produce red cubes. 
Red cubes require Hydrogen, which is one of the tricky element of this game: 
At the beginning of the game (red cubes), you’ll need to optimize your hydrogen production with X-Ray Cracking in order to achieve decent amount of production 
But then very soon (when producing yellow and purple cubes), you’ll end up with way too much hydrogen than you can use, and you should either stock or burn it in order not to clog your production. 
And then when you reach green and white cubes, you will need again enormous quantities of hydrogen, and that will likely be your main bottleneck until you put enough Orbital Collector
So even though you will soon produce too much hydrogen, it’s still a good idea to set up your red cube production independently, since you’ll need all the hydrogen you can get in the late game. 
At this stage, the only way to produce hydrogen, is to use an Oil Refinery
First, you just set up the oil refinery, producing Hydrogen and Refined Oil, and you store the Refined Oil in a Storage Tank (it’s a good idea to also use a Storage Tank as a buffer for the Hydrogen anyway). 
Add a few smelter to process Coal into Graphite, and you have all you need to start getting your first Red Cubes: 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
The first thing you should research with your first 400 red cubes, is X-Ray Cracking. 
Once you have it, then add to your factory more Refinery processing the Refined Oil into additional Hydrogen and Graphite. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 

(You can find some guides and youtube videos showing 
complicated X-Ray Cracking setup with feedback loops 
and splitters, but it’s actually very simple, you just need 
to output your Hydrogen on the same belt that you take 
it from, with the refinery processing the crude oil entering 
some on the belt just before) 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide


Yellow Cubes

Now, to get your Yellow Cubes, things will get more or less complicated depending on the resources you have in your solar system on the other planets. 
If you have another satellite orbiting your gas giant that has Titanium, Silicon and FireIce, your setup will be much faster and easier than if you have no FireIce, and if Silicon is only on the outermost planet with little wind and little solar energy. 
In any cases, your first step is to fly to the nearest planet in your solar system that has Titanium and Silicon. 
Make sure before you fly that you’re stocked up on Graphite, to power your mech. 
And that you’re also stocked up with lots of belts, sorters, miners, smelters, wind turbines, and a few boxes. 
Set up a mining/smelting production both on some Titanium and Silicon veins, and for now let them output in storage boxes. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
If your planet also has some FireIce, mine it too, convert it into Graphene and Hydrogen with Chemical Labs, and you can burn the Hydrogen to power the whole set-up. 
Wait until you have a few hundreds Titanium ready, take them in your inventory, as well as the Silicon and Graphene if any, and head back to the main planet. 
Now, find a place to build your yellow cube production, and set up your production that turns oil into plastic into organic crystal into titanium crystal, for now using storage boxes full of the Titanium you brought back from the planet. 
With your first yellow cubes, research High-Strength Titanium Alloy, then Interstellar Logistic System. 
Set up a small production of Acid somewhere, and use it to produce some Titanium Alloy, and if you don’t have FireIce, some Graphene, until you have enough to build a Interstellar Logistic Station. 
Now head back to the Titanium planet, put the Interstellar Logistic Station, and feed it with your Titanium, Silicon, and if you have Graphene and Hydrogen. 
Be careful that the Station will requires a lot of power for the first few minutes until it charges up. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
You can now head back again to the main planet, create a second Interstellar Logistic Station, and make it feed Titanium to your Yellow Cube production. 

Logistic Network

At this point, it’s time to set up a Logistic network, otherwise getting Purple Cubes just with belts will be complicated. (and it would empty a single iron field or copper field before the end of the game) 
First, set up a processor factory. 
Use the Silicon you’re getting from the Interstellar Logistic Station, and a big vein of Copper and Iron. 
You should go for a 3 processor / second production. 
If you don’t have FireIce, then set up a Graphene factory, using oil and acid, producing 3 graphene / seconds. 
Then make a small Particle Container factory, using the Graphene (either from the Interstellar Logistic Station or from the Graphene factory). 
Once you have a good amount of processor and Particle Container, you can manually make a dozen Planetary Logistic Station, and some Logistic Drones. 
Then get the output of your Processor into a Logistic Station (and of Graphene too if it’s not coming from FireIce), and start to feed a few independent iron and copper fields into Logistic Stations, and some processed oil and hydrogen. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
At this point, you’ll want to add a Logistic Station near your mall, and pull Silicon to start to mass-produce Solar Panels in your mall. 
You should then cover both the North Pole and the South Pole of the planet with Solar Panels, with as many panels as you need to keep up with your energy needs. 
(unlike what many videos are showing on youtube, putting a band of Solar Panels on the equator all around your planet is definitely NOT a good idea, as half of them will be in shadow half of the time. Since the panels have a small elevation, if they’re near the pole, they’ll stay in the sun almost 100% of the time, especially if your planet as a small Axial Inclination) 

Purple Cubes

Now that you have a logistic network, making purple cube is going to be a breeze. 
Make your Particule Broadband factory, by turning the oil feed by a Logistic Station into plastic, then using the Graphene and Silicon also from the Logistic Station. 
Pull some Processors from another Logistic Station, and you’re ready to feed your labs to produce Purple Cubes. 

Green Cubes

For the green cubes, you’re going to need a lot of Hydrogen and Deuterium. 
The only way to get enough Hydrogen, is to build a dozen or more Orbital Collectors on the gas giant. 
Make sure you produce enough Super-Magnetic Rings and Accumulators (that you should charge automatically with a Energy Exchanger). 
Once you have produced enough Orbital Collectors, head to the gas giant, and place them in a line around the equator of the gas giant. 
Back on the main planet, set up a few Miniature Particle Collider to convert half of the Hydrogen into Deuterium, and then start producing Strange Matter from this Deuterium, and Casimir Crystal from the remaining Hydrogen. 
You can now easily produce Green Cubes. 

Dyson Sphere

Now, it’s finally time to start building your Dyson Sphere. 
For this, it’s highly recommended to start fresh on a new planet in a different solar system, ideally one with Organic Crystal, Fire Ice, Acid, and Spiniform. 
Stock up on enough materials to restart a mall from scratch, a lot of solar panels, as well as a few Logistic Stations and Interstellar Stations and their drones, and enough Space Wrapper to come back if you need. 
Select which planet you want to put your base on. Ideally close to the sun (good solar panel outputs), with no ocean (more construction space). 
Put down solar panels on the poles, then set up a quick mall to start producing the basic items. 
Then set up miners connected to logistic stations to feed your logistic network with all the materials (including on other planets in this system for rare resources not present in your chosen planet). 
Now, time to set up a factory producing Sails. 
Start to feed them into EM-Rail Ejectors, and replace the inner ring of solar panels with Ray Receivers. 
Then, set up all the factory required to mass produce Small Carrier Rockets, and design your Dyson Sphere. 
Dyson Sphere Program - What's next Guide 
Add a few Ray Receivers that are switched to Critical Photon production. 
Turn these Critical Photons into Antimatter, and feed this Antimatter into an Interstellar Logistic Station, as well as Space Wrapper. 
Now head back to your first solar system, get an Interstellar Logistic Station to receive these Antimatter, and start manufacturing White Cubes. 
You have now finished the game, congratulations ! 


I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dyson Sphere Program – What’s next Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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