Dyson Sphere Program – Mission Impossible Achievement – General Guide & Blueprints

Dyson Sphere Program – Mission Impossible Achievement – General Guide & Blueprints 1 - steamlists.com
Dyson Sphere Program – Mission Impossible Achievement – General Guide & Blueprints 1 - steamlists.com

Guide to finish the game within 10 hours to get the Mission Impossible! achievement.


This is a guide to help you finish the game (by researching the last tech) within 10 hours to get the achievement “Mission Impossible!”.

The game is designed that player will usually have a few key technology or resource that they need to unlock in order to progress. Multiple milestones are provided with target time to help you check to see if you are on track.

A couple of key choices:

  • Use Dyson Swarm not Dyson Sphere to generate antimatter
  • Skip rare resources, especially Fire Ice and Hydrogen from Ice Giant
  • Use a map seed that is good for speed run
  • Double polar Dyson Swarm orbit with double polar EM Rail Ejector to fast ramp up Dyson Swarm power output

General guidelines:

  • Spam wind turbine for power in early game. Free and consistent power.
  • Rely on fusion power after it is unlocked. All power generated by Dyson Swarm will be used towards creating antimatter.
  • Save often, especially when hitting a milestone.
  • Make good use of blueprints. A great time saving method is to save the game, build what you need, save as blueprint, then load the previous save and build directly with blueprint.
  • Modular/distributed base instead of one main bus that does everything (and not great at everything).

All blueprints can be found at https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/collections/speedrun – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

This guide is made with DSP version 0.8.22, when the achievement system is first added to Steam. Note that future planned content like the combat system might make this guide outdated.

[T=0] Game Setup

DSP has a options during game setup, here are my recommendations:

  • Cluster Seed: 95912102
  • Number of Stars: 64
  • Resource Multiplier: 1x

The seed here has 3 moons around an ice giant and you are starting on one of them. 3rd moon has 100% construction area and 150% wind power efficiency. It is great for mid game expansion and power generation. I recommend this map seed for shorter travel distance and faster interplanetary logistics.

[T+20min] Blue Science and Blueprint

Goals: Unlock Blue Science and blueprints

Key Tech:

  • Basic logistics system
  • Automated metallurgy
  • Basic assembling processes
  • Electromagnetic Matrix

Key Upgrade

  • Mass construction Lv1

Automation is something that we need to unlock in order to save time and mass produce key components. We should prioritize unlocking the initial Blue science and blueprint system in order to speed things up.

Unlock Basic Techs


  1. Collect 10 Iron and 5 Copper ores then start manually unlock tech, starting with Electromagnetism
  2. Craft and place the Mining machine and Wind turbine combo on the iron and copper ore vein.
  3. Add smelter each for iron/copper ingot and magnets.
  4. Build Assembler to help produce magnetic coils and circuit board as technology unlocks.
  5. Hand craft or use assembler to get research material in the meantime.


Unlock Blueprints


  • Grab extra circuit boards from the assembler and/or hand craft them to complete the research.


[T+1h] Build Basic Mall

Goals: Build basic mall, scale up Blue Science production to 90/min

Key Tech

  • Improved logistics system
  • Steel smelting
  • Smelting purification
  • Plasma extract refining

Key Upgrade

  • Communication control lv1
  • Drone engine lv1
  • Universe exploration lv1


Basic Mall Part 1

Basic Mall is a collection of Assembling Machines + Storage that vends basic infrastructure buildings for player to pick up manually. For examples, conveyor belts, sorters, mining machines, etc. The player can pick up ready-made buildings from the mall to ensure blueprint won’t run into lack of buildings.

In part 1, the focus is to build the starter buildings like yellow belt, sorter, assembler, etc.

Here is the modular mall made by jjapster that my build starts off with:

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/modular-mall-part-1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/modular-mall-part-2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/modular-mall-part-3 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/modular-mall-part-4 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/modular-mall-part-5 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Basic Mall Part 2

In part 2, we focus on mall for oil refinery related buildings that are prerequisite to Red Science production.

Note that you can build assemblers for buildings that you haven’t unlocked yet. Remember to set the recipe once you unlock them.

Here are some modular mall blueprint I made on top of jjapster’s

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-1-6 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-3 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-4 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-5 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Blue Science

Scale up blue science production to 90/min

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-blue-science-2x-part-1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-blue-science-2x-part-2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

[T+2h] Red Science

Goals: Unlock and produce Red Science at 90/min

Key Tech:

  • Energy matrix
  • X-ray cracking

Key Upgrade

  • Mass construction Lv2
  • Communication control Lv2
  • Drone engine Lv2


Research Labs Expansion

Expand research labs and divide them into science producing ones and researching ones. Excessive researching labs will help speed up later researches if you happen to have stockpiled science cubes.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-tileable-matrix-lab-x6 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Red Science with no X-ray Cracking

Once Red Science has been unlocked, build a basic non-X-ray-Cracking version of Red Science production. Use the initial Red Science to immediately research X-ray Cracking tech. Dump the excess Refined Oil in a storage tank or burn it with Thermal Power Plant.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-red-science-0-5-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Mass Produce Red Science

Once X-ray Cracking has been unlocked, add more Red Science production (or replace existing non-cracking ones) to target a Red Science production rate of 90/min, matching our Blue Science production rate. Using the provided blueprints, 1 Oil seep can support 3 set of these blueprints and easily satisfy our Red Science production goal.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-red-science-cracking-0-5-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

[T+3h] Planetary Logistic System

Goals: Unlock Planetary Logistic System and improve infrastructures all around

Key Tech:

  • Magnetic Particle Trap
  • Processor
  • Thruster
  • Planetary Logistic System
  • High-speed Assembly Machine

Key Upgrade

  • Vertical Construction Lv1
  • Drive Engine Lv2


Preparing for Planetary Logistic System

Start building one factory for each of the Logistic Tower components like:

  • Graphene
  • Magnetic Particle Trap
  • Processor
  • Electromagnetic Turbine

Graphene can be produced from excess crude oil. Store them for until you unlocked Magnetic Particle Trap. Then produce Magnetic Particle Trap with Graphene.

Electromagnetic Turbine production can be modified from the Particle Container blueprint by removing the assembler at the end that produces Particle Container.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-tileable-graphene-1-33-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-particle-container-0-25-min – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-processor-1-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Manually transport Ti and Si

Processor need High Purity Silicon. Go to nearest silicon planet (2nd moon in the recommended seed), setup mining and refinery and carry the first few hundred batches of High Purity Silicon through inventory space.

Do the same for Titanium (on the 3rd moon in the recommended seed) since the Planetary Logistic System needs plenty of Ti.

Manually carry stocks of refined Si and Ti between the moons until the Interplanetary Logistics get unlocked later.

Mall Expansion

Expand the mall to include:

  • Conveyer Belt Lv2
  • Sorter Lv2
  • Assembler Lv2
  • Logistic Drone
  • Planetary Logistic System

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-3-1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-3-2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-3-3 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-4-1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

[T+3.5h] Yellow Science

Goal: Unlock and produce Yellow Science at a rate of 30/min

Key Tech:

  • Structure Matrix

Key Upgrade

  • Mass Construction Lv3


Mass Construction Lv3

Research Mass Construction Lv3 upgrade if you haven’t done so.

Yellow Science Production

Initially we don’t need to much Yellow Science to unlock the next level of technology. Start with a simple Red-Yellow Science production combo blueprint. Consider phasing-out the Red Science X-ray cracking production pipeline with the Red-Yellow combo.

Start off with 30/min Yellow Science production rate, it will be enough for the next stage: interplanetary expansion.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-red-yellow-science-combo-0-5-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

[T+4h] Interplanetary Mining

Goal: Automatically transport refined Titanium and Silicon back to home planet with Logistic Vessels.

Key Tech:

  • Vertical Construction Lv1
  • Reinforced Thruster
  • High-strength Titanium Alloy
  • Interstellar Logistics System


Titanium Alloy

Try to produce Titanium Alloy as soon as it is unlocked. We will need a few hundred of these for Logistic Station and Logistic Vessels

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-titanium-alloy-0-33-min – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Interstellar Mining

After researching Interstellar Logistic System, manually craft 3 Interstellar Logistic Station and some Logistic Vessel (just put 10 on the home planet is enough for the recommended seed)

We need about 600-ish Ti Ingot and Refined Si per minute in late game. Note that the Ti and Si refinement recipe has a 2:1 input-to-output ratio. Therefore 2 yellow belt or 1 green belt of input (720/min of raw ore) can produce 1 yellow bet of refined output (360/min). In the end, we need two sets of these for each mining planet. Scale up your current mining setup to meet the requirement.

Once it is setup, we will have logistic vessels to do the refined material transportation for us.

[T+5h] Purple Unlocked

Goal: Unlock and produce Purple Science at a rate of 30/min

Key Tech:

  • Information Matrix
  • Mini Fusion Power Generation


Mall Expansion

Expand the existing mall with assembler for Fractionator and Mini Fusion Power Plant. We’ll use plenty of these to provide the late game power.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-2-6 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-modular-mall-part-3-4 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Tileable fusion power blueprint, each provides 15MW:

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-tielable-fusion-power-plant-15mw – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Purple Science Production

Once unlocked, build the Purple Science production. Assuming we start producing it around 5h mark, we only need a production rate of 30/min throughout the last 5 hours to meet our need of finishing the game before 10 hours for the achievement.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-purple-science-0-5-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Scale up Yellow Science Production

After unlocking Purple Science, the technologies will mostly requires the same amount of Red and Yellow Science. Deprecate the Red Science production facilities and replace them with the Red-Yellow combo facilities. We will need a production rate of 90/min for both Red and Yellow Science at this stage.

[T+7h] Green Unlocked

Goal: Unlock and produce Green Science at a rate of 60/min

Key Tech:

  • High-strength Lightweight Structure
  • Gravity Matrix


Preparing for Green Science Production

For Green Science production, my blueprint does not includes Organic Crystal, Graphene, and Hydrogen production. The assumption is that these are produced somewhere near Oil Seep and the end product will be transported to the main Green Science production area.

Based on the Green Science production blueprint below (with 30/min production rate for each blueprint), we will need

  • 1 Gyser with Crude Oil production rate > 2.5/s for Organic Crystal
  • 1 Gyser with Crude Oil production rate > 1.5/s for Graphene
  • Gysers with total Crude Oil production rate > 5/s for Graphite and H with X-Ray Cracking
  • 1 Iron Smelting Combo (see blue print below; provides Iron Ingot and Magnet)
  • 1 Copper Smelting line (1 full yellow belt of production)

You will likely need multiple copies of the same blueprint to produce enough intermediate materials to unlock the full production rate of the Green Science blueprint.

Note that the Hydrogen blueprint has Hydrogen output of 90/min. 4 of such blueprint will saturate a yellow belt.

Note that Hydrogen generated by X-ray Cracking will also produce a lot of Graphite as byproduct. You may need to setup a buffer and Splitter with priority so that excess Graphite can be burnt as fuel for electricity. This helps avoid Graphite build up that blocks Hydrogen production.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-organic-crystal-0-5-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-hydrogen-with-x-ray-cracking – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-iron-combo – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Green Science Production

Manually craft 4 Miniature Particle Collider for the Strange Matter production.

We need a production rate of 60/min in the last 3 hours of the 10 hours for the achievement. Get the Green Science production up and running as fast as you can.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-green-science-0-5-s-part1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-green-science-0-5-s-part2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

[T+8h] Solar Sails and EM Rail Ejectors

Goal: Dyson Swarm Created; Begin producing Critical Photons

Key Tech:

  • Dirac Inversion Mechanism

Key Upgrade:

  • Ray Transmission Efficiency Lv3
  • [Optional] Logistic Carrier Capacity Lv3
  • [Optional] Logistic Carrier Engine Lv3


Initial Solar Sail Production

Setup a simple Solar Sail Production line and start stock piling them for Dyson Swarm.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-solar-sail-2-s – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Setup Ray Receiver

Setup an array of Ray Receivers at both the North and South Pole of your home planet (6 Ray Receiver each pole). Also manually launch a few Solar Sails so that Ray Receivers can start accumulate continuous receiving bonus.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-6x-polar-receivers – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Setup EM Rail Ejector

Setup EM Rail Ejectors on another planet. For my recommended seed, I used the third moon so to minimize the time that the orbiting Ice Giant may block the FOV of the ejector.

To maximize the available time that Ejectors can work, I recommend setup ejector arrays on both North and South pole of the planet along with two polar (90 degrees orbit inclination), max radius, Dyson Swarm orbit with Longitude of AN 180 degrees apart. The two ejector groups on the North and South poles will each choose a polar orbit with the target in range. If done correctly, both North and South pole ejector group should be firing non-stop at the same time.

Note that due to how DSP decides the ejector target point, half of the year the ejector will have it’s target swapped to the opposite side of the polar and will not fire. When it happens, fly to the polar ejector groups and swap their target Dyson Swarm orbit so that their target will be above them again to continue firing. Don’t forget to use the “<” and “>” hotkey to fast copy-paste the target orbit.

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-polar-ejector-ring1 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-polar-ejector-ring2 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

https://www.dysonsphereblueprints.com/blueprints/speedrun-polar-ejector-ring3 – [dysonsphereblueprints.com]

Scale Up Solar Sail Production

Continue to expand Solar Sail production capacity. To reach our goal in time we will need a Solar Sail production rate of about 960/min. This maps to 8 Solar Sail production blueprint and 6 Graphene production blueprints that I have shared in this guide.

[T+9h] Win the game

Goal: Win the game within 10h

At this point you should have a steady and increasing flow of critical photon, which is then converted into antimatter, then Universe Matrix (White Science).

Here is a couple optimization that you can do to speed things up:

  • If your Ray Receiver is requesting less power than Dyson Swarm generates, add a few more Ray Receivers
  • Change half of the Matrix Lab recipe to White Science production. Add more Matrix Labs (assuming you have 15 labs for White Science production and 15 labs for research) if critical photon production rate is greater than 60/min
  • Loop the antimatter to keep it moving so it won’t be stuck on the belt. Other wise the Matrix labs at the end of the belt may have more anti matter than they can process and that’s not efficient.
  • Add more Solar Sail production capacity and EM Rail Ejector


[T+10h] Conclusion

That’s it! Enjoy your achievement! Hope you found this guide helpful and enjoyed the game!

Written by Lumos

This is all about Dyson Sphere Program – Mission Impossible Achievement – General Guide & Blueprints; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!


  1. Idk if it’s because of an update, but the red science blueprint with x-cracking is not working properly because the oil gets stuck all the time

  2. Nope, didn’t work for me!
    almost 4 hours in and the time stamp did not match.
    I was ahead on time from the beginning, then things started getting worse and worse as I would literally run out of space, there wasn’t enough iron around, and I couldn’t create enough steel to supply the logistics.

    Setting up logistics is not possible in 30mins.

    Also, why is there not any video of this speedrun? Watching it while also doing it would be a huge game-changer!

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