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Dying Light 2 – Useful Farming Tips 1 - steamlists.com

This guide (Dying Light 2 – Useful Farming Tips) will demonstrate effective ways to acquire and/or grow priceless and distinctive items within DL2.
Please comment below if you have feedback or suggestions (or if any methods don’t work correctly).

Money and Valuables

Dark Hollows is, without a doubt, the best place to farm money and valuables.

They are not dangerous, although you may be challenged if you go during the day with a few Volatiles. However, if you want to farm valuables quickly, you can loot them at night. I have already created a guide that shows which dark hollows are best for combat and which ones are best for loot.

It’s worth a look!

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2798844622 – [steamcommunity.com]

You may also find valuables in other locations (, but not as many).

-Completing Chapter 1 & 2 Regular Missions

-Looting Tougher Infected such as Volatiles and Demolishers.

-Looting Evacuation,/ or Military Convoys

Making Parts

Forsaken Stores are the best places to farm Crafting materials.

Forsaken Stores only sell Crafting Parts. This may not sound very appealing, but they often have many of them and seem to be the only place to find rarer components such as Oxidisers and Batteries.

They can be found in both OV as NV.

Other locations where you can find Craft Parts include:

-Buy them from all Craftmasters or Vendors

-Looting the body of commonly Infected

-Looting Lockers in abandoned houses/apartments and cupboards

Military Medkits

What is it?Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Military Medkits - 7B4754E

Non-craftable Healing Kits, Military Medkits, are the best in the game. You can heal up to 100%, regardless of how much HP you have left. They also have the fastest animation!

Methods to obtain:

You can often find and purchase Military Medkits at Vendors.

-You will find small medical cabinets like Broadcast or Veronika in story missions. These cabinets will give you one.

These can be found in most Airdrop crates.

Harper sells 3 x Military Medkits for 1 Token. 400 Mutation samples are included in the pack (. Not worth it.)

Military Tech

What is it? Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Military Tech - 4DDAA65

Military Tech is a rare resource that can be used to upgrade Nightrunner Tools such as the Paraglider, UV Flashlight, and Grapple hook. These allow them to have new abilities and make them more useful.

Method to obtain:

The Airdrop crates located around OV and Nevada are the only place you can find Military Tech (or). These crates will be difficult to reach safely as they are often high up and will require you to have a decent amount of stamina.

These do not respawn at not. You should have 26 Military Tech if you get every Airdrop in the game. This will allow you to max out your Nightrunner Tools).

Arrows and Bolts

Ordinary arrows and bolts: Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Arrows and Bolts - 3180089

These are the best methods I have seen:

-Looting Renegade Archers

Once you have the blueprint, you can start to craft them(s)

-Finding Arrows in the various green guard towers located around the map. They are often filled with Molotovs or Arrows.

Ballista Arrows & Hunter’s Bolts Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Arrows and Bolts - 06B648E

This is the best way I’ve found to farm these. After completing the Huntress Regular Mission, you will receive 30 x Hunter’s Bolts and 15x Ballista Arrows. These are compatible with the Huntress Crossbow or the Ballista bow, respectively.

You can also buy these items from Shen Xiu, but I recommend that you farm them as they are more valuable and have more to spend on your huntress tokens.

Mutation Samples

What is it?

This currency is versatile and can be used to buy items in Harper’s Store, Shen Xiu’s Store and Pappy’s Store (Bloody Ties vendor).

Methods to obtain:

-Looting and killing are less common among MS patients. The more complicated the infection, you will get more MS.

– Carnage Hall (Bloody Ties DLC required

-Killing and looting the Nest during a Volatile Nest Random Event (Only spawns at Nighttime inside Dark Hollows OR previously completed GRE Labs)

– 600 MS is the reward for completing the Regular Hag mission. This is not a large amount, but it can be completed quickly once you understand how it works.

Here is a walkthrough I created for this mission:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2882448598 – [steamcommunity.com]

Infected Trophies

What is it?

Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Infected Trophies - 136B858

Infected Trophies can be found in a variety of places. They can be obtained from slain infection and used to upgrade Blueprints like the Lock pick, Grenade or Boosters, Flare, Flare, and Flare.

This will significantly improve the quality of the upgraded item, so it is worth doing. It is costly to upgrade items fully. It is important to mention that infected Trophies will not drop on common infected.

Methods to obtain:

-Guides like
This one
There are many ways to farm Infected Trophies. (Credit to Respawned Gentleman)

Toughness Booster or Muscle Booster can be used to start a chase, killing and looting any incoming enemies and then farming them. It becomes dangerous once Volatiles start spawning (Chase levels 3 and 4.

This method should be done near a safe zone to ensure you always have an escape route in an emergency.

– Entering Dark hollows or Forsaken shops during the day and killing any infected. This is a great way to avoid respawning enemies or the risk of being chased. This may not give you many trophies at once.

The more infected you are, the more ITs you will receive.

(You will also be able to acquire large amounts of Mutation samples in the same way!))

Artifact rarity gear

What is it?

Gear pieces are useful, equipable items that give passive buffs while you play. There are four classes or “roles”, in DL2, that you can gather Gear for.

  • Medic (Parkour and stamina usage.) Healing effectiveness
  • Ranger () Bow damage, stealth, and efficiency of survivor sensing)
  • Tank (2-Handed Damage, General Damage Resistance, and Increased Combat XP)
  • Brawler A (1-Handed Damage, Reduced Stamina Regen and Cost)

They are designed to be used with different playstyles so that they can help!

These are the Gear rarities found in the game, from worst to most:

Common (White); Uncommon (); Rare (); Rare (); Unique (); Artifact ()

(There are currently no legendary rarity pieces in the game, except for one weak mask that you get for finishing the New Game+ mode)

You will want to get Artifact Tier Gear, as it is the highest tier (as per this guide.)

These are the best ways to get them:

– Each Airdrop chest in the sunken areas (South Newfound Lost lands) contains one guaranteed level 9 Artifact Weapon OR Gear. They do not respawn. They are worth visiting, especially if you have access to new Villedor. The level 9 items will be very helpful!

– You will receive one guaranteed Unique or Artifact Rarity piece of gear by opening an Inhibitor chest. (All loot in the chest, except the Inhibitors, respawns)

– Random Renegade Event Lockpick Chest (Very Hard)

– Most vendors will only offer a few pieces. Craftmasters are rare.

– Exclusive and Artifact Tier Brawler/ 1 Handed Gear are available at Harper at the fisheye.

– Unique and Artifact Tier Ranger gear is available at Shen Xiu’s Huntress Camp.

Artifacts and higher-tier weapons

What is it?

Weapons are fairly self-explanatory. Most people will know that a higher rarity means higher base damage. However, people might not realize that the weapon’s more passive boosts will be higher the more rare it is.

Blue/ Rare will have 1

Purple/ Unique will have 2

Yellow/ Artifact will have three.

4 for Orange/ Legendary

Legendary is the highest tier, but how can we get them?

These are the best methods I have found to get Legendary Tier Weapons.

– Guaranteed Unique Artifact, Legendary Weapon, or Artifact can be purchased directly from Harper Sharp One-handed ONLY):

Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Artifact and Higher tier Weapons - E60B225

– Guaranteed Unique Artifact, Legendary Weapon, or Artifact can be purchased directly from Shen Xiu A (Blunt Two-handed ONLY)

Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Artifact and Higher tier Weapons - AA01C7F

– Renegade Event Lockpick Chest (Very Hard

– Sunken Airdrop chests

These are the best methods I have found to obtain Artifact Tier Weapons.

– Nearly all vendors/ merchants will be able to sell artifact-grade weapons (base game and bloody ties)

GRE Containers always contain 1 Artifact weapon, 1 immunity booster, and 1 military medkit. From the Front, they look like this:

Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Artifact and Higher tier Weapons - 2B4676E

You will not be able to respawn the goodies once you have emptied the contents of one of these containers!

– Hard Lockpick chests can often be found in Dark Hollows

Dying Light 2 - Useful Farming Tips - Artifact and Higher tier Weapons - 12FB6CA


Written by Jäger

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dying Light 2 – Useful Farming Tips; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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