Dying Light 2 – Parkour and Combat Moves Tips

Dying Light 2 – Parkour and Combat Moves Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Dying Light 2 – Parkour and Combat Moves Tips 1 - steamlists.com

Dying Light 2 has a lot of nice parkour and combat moves but some go unmentioned,
this guide is designed to teach you some secret moves that can help you around the city.

Swinging Moves

The Swing Down

This one is probably the biggest, if you’re ever hanging on a ledge or balcony that has a space to drop below it you can either hit “E” or “left click” to swing down to the area below this is super useful if you want to drop down to a ledge below when on a side railing or mess up a jump and don’t want to wait to climb up.

The Swing Down Kick

Adding onto the Swing Down, all you need to do to land the Swing Down Kick is continue to hold the “E” or “left click” button down while an enemy is close enough to where you are performing the swing down.

The Monkey Bar Kick

Similar to the Swing Down Kick, just hold “left click” while swinging on a Monkey Bar, it’s more powerful than a vault kick so use it if possible.

Tool Moves

Grapple Kick

While grappling you can hit “left click” to perform a dual kick while swinging on your grappling hook.

Paraglider Kick

Hitting “left click” while on your Paraglider to fling off it with a powerful kick, it deals a solid amount of damage but will send you off your Paraglider so make sure you won’t fall.

UV Bar Escape

An extremely useful move, whenever grabbed by a biter if you have a UV bar in your inventory you can hit “middle click” to use it to get the biters off of you, it will cost you a UV bar however so use it sparingly.

Combat Moves

Quick Charge

Simply press “V” and you will perform a block charge, you don’t need to be blocking at all and can even do it during a dash.

Wall Kick

During a Tic-Tac press “left click” to perform a quick jump kick similar to an aerial kick

Advanced Wall Kick

While performing a Wall Kick hold “E”and your kick will change into a double kick that can easily barrel over a group of enemies

Things to add/Coming Soon

  • add .gifs to moves to show them better
  • test if UV Bar Escape works when being grabbed by a volatile
  • experiment more with grappling kick and rope kicks
  • experiment more with environmental vault kicks


Written by Country Square

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dying Light 2 – Parkour and Combat Moves Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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