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You just stepped into the DL2 world. Are you wondering where all the GRE Quarantines are located? This guide will help you find them! This guide will help you locate their locations so that you can nab their valuables or inhibitors much easier.


This quick guide will help you find the GRE Quarantine Buildings.

How to beat Quarantines

First, make sure you have enough Immunity Boosters or UV Mushrooms. Your immunity will decrease quickly once you're inside the building. You may also need to navigate through THV chemicals. It is best to go in them right at the beginning of a night cycle, as it can take you all night exploring everything and getting out safely.
During the day, the buildings become infected with Volatiles. It is nearly impossible to escape the buildings without being killed.
Next, locate the entrance to the building. However, it is rarely the front door. The entrance to the GRE Quarantine Building is most likely to be found on the roof. Once you have found it, use your GRE Key to unlock it. You will find the first floor on the second floor when you enter the building.
Once you have entered the building, some tasks will appear to the left of the screen. These are the tasks that you must complete to complete the entire building. You will need to visit several floors and areas within the building. These floors contain GRE Crates that have inhibitors. To find them, simply follow the yellow cables that run along the ground. You will likely come across infected people along the way. However, they will be easy to pass or fight.
Once you've completed your tasks, you can make a decision. If you have enough time, you can continue exploring the area to find all the loot. If you don't have enough time before sunrise, I recommend getting out.

GRE Quarantine Building Sites


Central Loop

Dying Light 2 - How to Beat Quarantines - Central Loop - 9B5D62C

Northwest Region

Dying Light 2 - How to Beat Quarantines - Northwest Region - 4EF9CD4


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