Dwarf Fortress – Egg Farming How to:

Dwarf Fortress – Egg Farming How to: 4 - steamlists.com
Dwarf Fortress – Egg Farming How to: 4 - steamlists.com

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How does the egg industry work

The first question is, why did you decide to enter the egg industry? And what are the benefits of it.

  • This industry may require or not require any planning, but it is very cheap and it is capable of bulk-cooked meals of all sorts to keep dwarves happy.
  • When I say that it may / may not require any preparation, you can start with a bunch of chickens and a rooster. Or you can simple obtain it later in the game or with a group of migrants.
  • A barrel of eggs, a pot, a metal object, or any other is a fantastic trading commodity. With 10’s of egg-laying creatures, laying eggs, it becomes an excellent bulk trading commodity. The more variety is better for traders and dwarves. It is transformed into an egg barrel.
  • The item can only be traded between humans, elves, and dwarfs.
  • Very simple to set up and use. Any player can do it. It can also be used to create a large leather industry. However, that’s something you’ll discover at the end of this book.


The set-up for the egg industry

Let’s begin an egg industry.

  • You’ll need an egg-laying animal, like a chicken or duck. You require a male-female couple or at the very least a male with dozens of females. I’d like to go with 5 hens and 1 rooster.
  • Then, you can go to a workshop that creates nesting boxes. You can also make nesting boxes.
  • Nest boxes can be created by crafting dwarfs using the use of a kiln, glassmaker or forge.
  • Now you are ready to design a small or medium room.
  • Nest boxes are set up in this room.
  • We press zone and place an area for a pen or a marker in this room.The space should have one door entry.
  • We have nest boxes and a pen/pasture zone in this zone. In this pen pasture zone we put the eggs layers. The male female of them is.
  • Now, the eggs are beginning to lay.


Dwarf Fortress - Egg Farming How to: - The set-up for egg industry - 90BC2B4

Eggs, Meat, Leather, and Bones

There comes a time that you have lots of eggs but no meat or leather or bones. While bones and meat are very sought-after commodities but it is a good option to trade or make crafts from. Leather can be used for making useful things.

Now how to let these eggs hatch to have many egg layers that can grow up?

The answer is in locking the door to the room that is locked.

Here’s how to lock a door after clicking on it:

Dwarf Fortress - Egg Farming How to: - Eggs, Meat and Leather and bones... - A361825

The room now appears as follows:

Dwarf Fortress - Egg Farming How to: - Eggs, Meat and Leather and bones... - CF675AC

The eggs hatch, and no one will take them up. The creatures grow, eggs hatch… one hen will lay 6 to 7 eggs. So 6 to 7 chickens will each lay 6 to 7 eggs. Now you have 36 chickens in the beginning, if you started with one rooster. Now butchering 36 chicken gives delicious stew, roasted meat, biscuits, bones, and leather from the chicken to make clothes and all.

This is a part of the leather industry by itself. A fully-fledged leather business, however, is a different thing.

I will upload more pictures, any doubts, then comment. I will answer them.

It is essential to know that certain animals, such as the elk birds, for instance, are very exotic, and it is tough to have babies elk birds. Take a bow and have a sweet, little animal.

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