DREDGE – 4 hooded figures locations

DREDGE – 4 hooded figures locations 1 - steamlists.com
DREDGE – 4 hooded figures locations 1 - steamlists.com

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Where are the four hooded figures to be found, and what kind of seafood do they like?


Three fish will be requested by the mysterious hooded people around the islands. You will receive a book upon delivery. Their coordinates are in parentheses right after their name on the map. If they are not completed within a given time, they may die. The book will not be yours if you don’t finish the quests. This will not affect your achievement in the appropriate pursuit so long as they die.

The Hooded Figures

Red Figure (14 – L)

-Cusk eel (Volcanic Devil’s Spine).

-Sailfish (Marrows, Day)

-Frilled Shark / Devil’s Spine

-Gives Naval Engineering

Violet Figure (10E)

-Tarpon (Twisted Strand, Shallow, D/N)

-Horseshoe Crab

-Barreleye (Stellar Basin, Abyssal, D/N)

-Gives Pushing It To The Limit: Engines

Blue Figure (7 M)

-Blue Mackerel (Coastal, Marrows, Day, Rod Trawl)

-Tiger Mackerel (Coastal, Gale Cliffs, Day, Rod/Trawl)

-Snake Mackerel

-Gives Haggling, Bartering: a Guide

2-K Gold Figure

-Red Snapper (Coastal, Stellar Basin, Day, Rod/Trawl)

-Fangooth (Abyssal, Stellar Basin, Day/Night, Rod)

-Blue Crab (Stellar Basin, Pot)

Advanced Fishing -Gives

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