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Dread Templar is a fast-paced hardcore old-school FPS, combining classic 90s shooter and modern FPS elements. Unlock and combine dozens of weapon upgrades and skills, embrace the Dread Force and obliterate hordes of fiendish enemies. Become the scariest thing in hell and get your revenge!

Shotgun Runes

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - 730E42A

Sniper Shotgun (Pump Shotgun Buff)

* Does exactly what it says on the Tin. It makes the pump shotgun your go-to weapon you will always use for anything and everything.

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - 7164F7E

Zealot (Super Shotgun Buff)

* I’m not sure what it does.

If it does, it isn’t enough to be worth the effort.

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - E042E3B

I Live Again (Super Shotgun Buff)

* Reduces Super Shotgun Damage by 33%. You can fire two times in rapid succession and only use one shell per shot.

Good ammo efficiency, in case you plan to scavenge your way through the game using only one weapon.

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - B777DC9

Combo Shoot (Shotguns Buff)

* For about one second after hitting an opponent with the Super Shotgun, your Pump Shotgun will do around 3.0x its normal damage to them.

It appears to be bugged on occasion. Initially thought it did nothing because of this.

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - A30D03E

Frost Banshee (Pump Shotgun Replacement)

* Damage caused by shotguns using pump action is increased by 50%, and targets are slowed by 2 seconds.

* Consumes 2 shells per shot.

Tip 1 A slowing enemy makes them much more approachable for combat in melee.

Tip 2: A crazy synergy between the “Lethal” rune.

Tip 3 – If you plan to use this for (de)buffs, consider increasing your shell capacity.

Dread Templar - Shotgun Runes - Shotgun Runes - 0244AF8

Cutter (Super Shotgun Replacement)

* Changes the SSG to the Cutter, a close-range laser gun that quickly fires large, piercing projectiles.

* Has an ammunition capacity of 9, consuming 3 for each shot.

* Each shot does about 30% more damage than an SSG blast, has no falloff within its range of effectiveness, and can hit multiple objects at once.

* Range is concise. Projectiles go out of existence exceptionally quickly.

Tips: While this weapon is potent, it’s not highly effective in ammo. It can put you in danger. It is best to use it sparingly.

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