Dread Hunger – Basic Gameplay Tips New Players

Dread Hunger – Basic Gameplay Tips New Players 1 - steamlists.com
Dread Hunger – Basic Gameplay Tips New Players 1 - steamlists.com

If it’s possible, you can start the game with everyone on rushing for coal. Make sure noone is left alone to limitize the thralls.
Most people focus on getting ingridients for satchel, bow, keys. If all of you run for getting those coal sheds from the caves in the beginning, you can reach the ending spot in the last 2 days giving you free time to upgrade your characters.
It also stops the thralls from destroying most of the coals.
As Thralls, if something like this happens, you need to split up as fast as you can. One should go to the left cave and one to the right.
Make sure to get as much coal as you can to prevent it from the crew. Once you take it, you can craft some powderkegs and gunpowder to sabotage the ship.
Don’t forget about the totems, they can assist you on whiteouts, especially during the nights.
In any case, Thralls should focus on gathering their power when they leave the ship first. Sabotaging the first lighting boiler won’t do much but it will surely give you some time for the rest half map. It’s also considered as a “♥♥♥♥ move” for most of the people.
Totems building must be in empty and well hidden places, after the ship has passed and the place is looted. Make sure the crew don’t leave any valuable stuff behind. It’s safer to build your totems when you know noone will come back to search.


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