DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Saiyans Pros and Cons

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Saiyans Pros and Cons 2 - steamlists.com
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Saiyans Pros and Cons 2 - steamlists.com

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The goal of this guide is to help you solve the problem that will surely emerge as you play with the new Beast transformation made available by the most recent DLC.

Saiyans- Is it worth it?

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Note: I don’t compare Potential Unleashed in this section because I have covered it in the previous section. If you’re interested you can check out the previous section.

Here’s a rundown of the Saiyan race. It’s the most popular character who people will want to apply this ability on. With the way that damage output is comparable with the top-of-the-line Saiyan transformations Are the this a worthy upgrade for Saiyans? I would argue no.

These are the basic race characteristics.


-High basic attack damage

-[Male] Bonus to strike supers

-[Female] bonus to supers (comparable to the one of Frieza race)

Most transformations of any race

-Zenkai boost-> 10 percent damage boost after being revived after being knocked out


[Female] Health Pool with the Worst in the Game

Male on a lower range of health

Reason 1. Ki Management

Both SSB (Super Saiyan Blue) and SSBE (Super Saiyan Blue Evolution) were able to have their ki drain concerns addressed in the latest patch. SSB was previously a ki drain of 20 percent, but it’s now reduced to a far easier-to-manage 10 percent. SSBE used to be 28% ki drain but now it’s 18% which is less than the original drain rate of ki. The majority of super soul enhancement that includes ki auto recovery will mitigate the loss currently. You will not have to worry about running out of Ki anytime soon if you add Divinity Unleashed or Burst Charge to the mix.

Reason 2: Damages incurred

Both SSB and SSBE offer damage reduction as of today. SSB has had its initial damage taken debuff of 12% modified to a damage REDUCTION of 5 percent. This is a 17% increase in damage! In contrast, Beast takes 20% damage from any source.

Reason 3: Stamina Gain

SSB and SSBE both have MAD stamina recovery advantages that Beast does not have. While Beast doesn’t suffer penalties for stamina as SSJ3 or Kaioken does, if you’re taking 20 percent more damage from all sources stamina management becomes all the more crucial. The SSB/SSBE transformations do less damage and have a more stamina recovery.

Reason 4: Pure Game Mechanics

SSB and SSBE have speed boosts however Beast does not. SSB/SSBE animation times are shorter, while Beast has the longest window for a stamina boost due to its long (but still cinematic) transformation animation.

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