Dota 2 – Information Guide for Pos4 Leshrac (Dota 2)

Dota 2 – Information Guide for Pos4 Leshrac (Dota 2) 1 -
Dota 2 – Information Guide for Pos4 Leshrac (Dota 2) 1 -

Useful guide for Pos4 Leshrac you must know.!


Pos4 Leshrac –  requires you to learn tower Edict spots from fog to destroy enemy Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers.

  • Some take a stun to clear trees, but this tactic has a huge impact on your effectiveness.
  • You did your job pushing if your team can take 4 towers and an outpost by 15-20 minutes.
  • You demand TP reactions or a Fort by pressing Edict.
  • Baiting TP’s or Glyph and then taking a free tower solo across the map is pretty common.

Boots+Wand+Raindrops –  with Urn or Medallion is incredibly standard to start, followed by either Aether, Lens or a save: Euls, Glimmer, Force, Ghost Scepter,Chug clarities.

  • Picking up Shard and casting a bunch of preemptive stuns in choke points while pushing or team fighting is great, especially when sieging high ground.
  • Late game, you build towards something to keep you alive or an item that changes the nature of team fights: Hex, BKB, Shivas, etc.

The main mechanical challenge with the hero is hitting stuns, which requires you to get very comfortable with its odd timing (1.05s delay) and with stop canceling your misses. People running around in circles dodging is usually beneficial to your team, so have some patience. Following up on a setup is nice but shouldn’t be required:

  • Use fog to prevent easy jukes and to set traps. Euls -> Edict -> Ultimate -> Split Earth is an incredible kill combo.

Skillbuild – is typically 4-4-0-1 at 9, prioritizing Edict. If you have setup stuns, you can go 1-4-2-1 at 8 and then max Split Earth.

  • Your main timings in lane are at levels 3 and 5, where Edict can solo people.
  • Pay attention to creepless opportunities.
  • In midgame with ultimate you can run down most heroes 1v1, but it’s tough to judge aggression properly as a support Leshrac, where no one will save your overextensions.
  • Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is die with all of your spells cast and mana used (Edict continues after death).
  • You pump out a ton of damage in a short time span and need to punish enemy cores who don’t respect that.
  • Your game falls off hard when BKBs appear, so do work before that and push the pace of the game.



I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dota 2 – Information Guide for Pos4 Leshrac (Dota 2); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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