Dota 2 – Dota 2 – Best Build for Elder Titan Smash + New Patch Update

Dota 2 – Dota 2 – Best Build for Elder Titan Smash + New Patch Update 1 -
Dota 2 – Dota 2 – Best Build for Elder Titan Smash + New Patch Update 1 -

Up to date with New PATCH
Hero is almost unchanged, a little nerf to echo stomp damage and a buff for Astral Spirit control duration. Also Items like Mask of Madness and Echo Sabre are untouched. Some items got changed, like Silver Edge. Also some new and removed neutral items that can have effect.
Introduction (Strong points, Powerspikes, Anti-Smurf, and Disadvantages)
Skill Build
Item Build
Other Tips
This is an Elder Titan Core Guide. I started playing a lot of Elder Titan recently and i have across 258 matches with 58% win rate so far. Proof 190 games: – [] 
Why is this hero strong?
Elder Titan isn’t picked a lot in this meta, but I feel that this hero is really strong for several reasons. Elder Titan is one of the best (re) initiators in the game and scales the later the game goes with items combined with his ultimate and his aura. He destroys almost every agility and intelligence heroes who don’t have armor talents/skills nor build armor items (there are exceptions like Juggernaut and Razor). Also helps your physical and magical damage cores and supports to apply their damage way easier since u lower also peoples base magic resistance and base armor. So heroes like Zeus, Sky wrath Mage, Phantom Assa*sin those damage gets buffed thanks to ET and those are already pretty big nukers.
Elder Titan works really well if your team also has a lot of disables since it makes the setup for your stomp easier. He shines with magnet heroes where the enemy team will just go full Rambo mode and do everything to kill your teammate; Timbersaw, Wraith King, Slark, Necrophos, Bristleback and Dragon Knight. Elder Titan is also great with Phoenix (since u can protect the egg) and Clockwerk (spacemaker) and other good disablers like Faceless Void (chrono and drop your Astral Spirit and ultimate). He also has a nice synergy with Shadow Fiend since he has a minus armor aura that goes through immunity. He is also really good Roshan fighter. A 5 Second stomp in the pit is huge and people hate Elder Titan when fighting around Roshan. Just throw your ultimate in the pit and it will all hit them. Lastly, the IO-ET synergy rocks and smashes even more, overcharge gives huge attack speed and thus smack them down!
Powerspikes of the hero
In laning stage at level 3 with 2 points in Astral Spirit, At level 5 with 3 points in Astral Spirit is where he shines. Also Echo Sabre and Aghanim’s Scepter, The level 15 talent (25 Astral Spirit hero damage), the level 20 cleave talent (farm way faster and cleave damage) and the level 25 (minus 60 seconds) cooldown ultimate are big power spikes on the hero.
Anti Smurf? Wait What?
Elder Titan is clearly one of the best hero against smurfs. Why? Most smurfs and boosters pick Broodmother, Meepo, Morphling, Terrorblade, Phantom Lancer. He all wrecks those. Elder Titan is the best Meepo counter in the game. If u see a Meepo spammer, just get this hero as soon as possible. Mostly all smurf and booster heroes u just going to counter and that is a good thing, especially in legend/ancient/divine bracket.
Your Astral Sprit buff can be purged; so heroes like Shadow Demon, Doom (at level 6), Enchantress and Oracle are good against him especially in laning stage. Also Eul’s Scepter, Invoker Tornado, Satyr Banisher (purge) purges your Astral Spirit and thus your damage and armor down. Once he gets Aghanim’s Scepter, most of this gets blown away, except for Shadow Demon and Doom since they have a BKB piercing spell.
I suggest to not pick the hero against Clockwerk, Troll Warlord, Timbersaw, Shadow Demon, Razor, Oracle, Lifestealer, Doom, Ursa, Windranger, Enchantress and Juggernaut in some regard. Reasons why are quite simple: they have a lot of armor, they can dispel your Astral Spirit buff, they just counter u in the laning stage or are really annoying to deal with.
One downside of this build is that u are going to need a little farm; get your Aghanim’s Scepter and u can start snowballing quite easily if u do it well. This timing is really important. If u don’t reach the timing it can hurt u when the enemy starts walking highground at 25-30 minutes. When u get it on time, u will hold highground in most cases.
Also this hero needs a little practice to get used to. Control the spirit getting some affected heroes takes time. Just be patient.
Hero also shines less when there are less enemies in the lane. He is not so good in 1 vs 1 situations, the more heroes there are the more damage and armor he gets.
Lastly, Elder Titan is not an traditional offlaner a.k.a. big frontliner like Bristleback, Slardar, Underlord or Centaur. If your team needs a frontliner then it’s better to get other heroes. Though when Elder gets Aghanim’s Scepter he can do it pretty well. I’ve had just so many games where i pick a traditional offlaner with sustain and tankability, but that my cores are not good enough (let’s face it: sometimes counterpicked, sometimes they are just bad players which happen alot). U can’t help them. BSJ also mentioned that in a video here:

. Then u still have offlaner that can carry over the game and thats really important.
Always max your Astral Spirit at level 7. Then look further to skill Q (Echo Stomp) or E (Natural Order Aura) depending on game and team. Does your team have lots of disables or not? Check the enemy team, does your team provide enough control to win fights? Those questions u need to ask yourself every match and that’s why skills and abilities plus talents (some are still nobrainers though) vary from game to game.
Orb of venom into boots, build into Orb of Corrossion if u want.
Buy Phase Boots and Aghanim’s Scepter (or Mask of Madness/Echo Sabre in between, or later your choice).
Choose the order depending on your game: check the extension items for more information. Mostly, Aghanim’s Shard, Mask of Madness or Echo Sabre Assault Cuira*s, Daedalus, Abyssal Blade.
Finish your build; see other items and tooltips to know what to buy. Also check the situational items and the neutral items.
Try to stack camps with your Astral Spirit to get bonus damage, movement speed and armor. Really helps in laning stage.
In laning stage use the first minutes with your buff to last and hit and deny. If u get level 3 (big power spike) start hitting them.
Don’t go in immediately. Wait for enemy team to focus someone so u can reinitiate and help the guy out.
It’s not helpful to fight a guy with only one affected hero with your spirit buff and gaining bonus damage, speed, armor. Be patient.
If u are stunned and u have affected 3 or 4 heroes but didn’t return your spirit yet, u can click on the spirit (tabbing) and press w to return it still.


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