DOORS – How to survive Ambush?

DOORS – How to survive Ambush? 1 -
DOORS – How to survive Ambush? 1 -

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Are you a fan of Roblox DOORS? If you’re looking for tips and tricks to help you survive Ambush mode, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to escape the dungeon and avoid being ambushed.

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Escaping Ambush in DOORS

Now, let’s focus on escaping Ambush in DOORS. The first step is to watch for the rapid flickering of the lights, as this is a sign that an ambush is about to occur. As soon as you see this happening, move quickly into a closet before the ambush sweeps through the room.

Wait for the ambush to pass by the closet, then leave the closet and wait to see if you hear the sound again. Ambush may launch multiple attacks in quick succession, so be ready to hide in the closet again if needed. Remember that Ambush will attack no matter how often you try to hide.

On the other hand, Rush will only launch one assault before escaping. It’s a bit easier to deal with than Ambush, but both can sneak up on you in unexpected ways. If you’re playing with other people and come across a room with a vent, consider hiding inside the vent until the attacks have finished.

Once the attacks are made, leave the room as quickly as possible. Ambush can come at you through almost any door, so be on high alert as you continue through the game. Try repeatedly hiding in a closet before each rush to avoid being ambushed.

With these tips, you’ll be better equipped to survive Ambush mode in Roblox DOORS. Good luck, and happy gaming!


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