DOOM Eternal – Gameplay Tips How to Defeat All Enemies Easy Guide

DOOM Eternal – Gameplay Tips How to Defeat All Enemies Easy Guide 1 -
DOOM Eternal – Gameplay Tips How to Defeat All Enemies Easy Guide 1 -
A lot of enemies are especially tricky to defeat without taking a ton of damage. I’ll give you a few ideas for defeating some of the nastiest baddies extremely quickly.


General Tips

These don’t fit into the guide, but I’m putting them here anyways. 

  • Turn up the music, because it’s great 
  • Don’t use the default key bindings, and try to get used to not using the weapon wheel 
  • If you dash once, wait for your dash to refill, then dash again, you will be able to move faster than if you were to just hold in your dash button. This is because when you dash twice in a row, your dash does not refill in between, and you must wait for both to fill up. If you do single dashes and get the timing just right, you won’t need to wait so long for a refill, and you will be harder to hit because you aren’t moving as slow. 
  • Use the Meathook often, especially on fodder demons! It gives you a whopping 30 armor points, plus you move around a lot faster. 
  • Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling 
  • If you want to get better at the game, play without picking up 1-ups


The Cyber-Mancubus

I used to have so much trouble with this guy. If you get into Blood Punch range, they have a nasty ground attack that deals a ton of damage, and if you’re far away, they can tank a ton of damage. The trick to these guys is faltering them before you go in for a Blood Punch. You can do this with a frag grenade if you’re a chump, or you can do the following: 

  • Hit the dude with a standard Ballista shot 
  • Switch to the Super Shotgun, and meathook him to close the gap 
  • Just before you get into his ground attack range, hit him with the Super Shotgun 
  • Blood Punch that bully to finish him off

This works because of Doom’s faltering mechanic. A single Super Shotgun blast will not falter a Cyber-Mancubus because it doesn’t deal enough damage to cross its faltering threshold, but a Ballista shot beforehand will give the Super Shotgun the help it needs to make the Cyber-Mancubus flinch. If you want to know more about how this works, UnderTheMayo has a really good video on the subject. 

At 4:30, he almost uses this method, but he messes up. Silly goose. 

The Whiplash and Spectre Whiplash

There isn’t any great way to beat this guy, but some methods are better than others. Experiment and find your favorite way of beating her. Here are a few tips that are (kind of) effective: 

  • Don’t use the super shotgun or meathook on her. You want to stay kind of far away, and take her out from a distance. 
  • Two direct Ballista shots will always stagger the Whiplash. It’s kind of hard to pull off, but works if you have a really good aim. 
  • A single Arbalest hit or two charge pips of the Destroyer Blade will always stagger. 
  • For the non-Spectre Whiplash, the Lock-On Burst or micro missiles are an okay way of taking them out. 
  • For Spectre Whiplahses, you can’t use Lock-On Rockets unless you hit them with the Ice Bomb first. 
  • Sticky Bombs are surprisingly effective against these guys.


The Prowler

A single Ballista shot will always stagger these guys. I don’t ever bother with taking them out any other way. 

The Baron of Heck

These guys are the perfect targets to use your Ice Bomb. After you hit them with the Ice Bomb, either spam Lock-On Rockets or repeatedly dash into them with the Energy Shield while shooting. Either way, when they unfreeze, they should have hardly any health. 

The Tyrant

To kill a Tyrant, shoot at it until it dies. 

The Mancubus and Revenant

Both of these guys can be dealt with in a similar way. The fully charged Heat Blast mod for the Plasma rifle can take out both weak points instantly, and leave them mostly harmless. Sticky Bombs are pretty good at taking out Revenant weak points, and the Precision Bolt or Ballista is great against the Mancubus. 

The Heck Knight and Dread Knight

The Lock-On Burst will instantly stagger a Dread Knight, and instantly kill a Heck Knight. Unless you know what you’re doing, avoid using the Chaingun Shield against the Dread Knight because their ground attack can’t be blocked with the Shield. If you can get to him really quick, though, it can be effective to repeatedly dash into him with the Energy Shield so that he can’t use his attack. 

The Pinky

If you struggle with pinkies, I would recommend either a Frag Grenade or the Energy Shield. You can use the Frag Grenade to falter him just long enough to get to his tail and blast him with the Super Shotgun, or repeatedly dash into him with the Energy Shield to repeatedly falter. 

The Doom Hunter

A really great way to beat this guy is to use the Energy Shield to get close to him while shooting, Blood Punch through the Energy Shield, and once you destroy its sled, do a single Lock-On Burst to stagger. 

The Carcass

The carcass is pretty hard to get to, but if you get close enough, a Blood Punch will instantly stagger him. You may also want to try the Destroyer Blade because it pierces through shields. 

Written by LukeO_v2

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about DOOM Eternal – Gameplay Tips How to Defeat All Enemies Easy Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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