Don’t Starve Together – All four game seasons Guide

Don’t Starve Together – All four game seasons Guide 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – All four game seasons Guide 1 -

Seasons are very unique mechanic to Don’t Starve. While being unique it is also a very deadly feature. For example, many deaths happen during winter due to Deerclops. at first glance, the seasons are something to really fear. Yes, It is normal to be afraid of freezing to death or periodic frog rains (dumb stupid mechanic hate it!!!!!). However once grasp and understanding on each season, the game becomes easier. This guide will include many tips on how to survive every season. This game throws many scenarios at the player so don’t forget to adapt while you’re at it.


AUTUMN – long days, moderate dusks, short nights
WINTER – short days, moderate dusks, long nights
SPRING – moderate days, long dusks, moderate nights
SUMMER – very long days, very short dusks, moderate nights


Autumn is the very first season you start with (unless you are using a custom ruleset). Upon spawning the player must pick up everything they see on the ground that doesn’t look like death (Ex. Dark flowers, tallbird eggs)
There is barely anything to worry about during this season, The first autumn is spend gathering resources and making a base. Don’t forget that this is the only season where you can properly catch bees to make a bee box (excluding summer because the bee box will be burning upon placing the thing down.) Use Autumn to your advantage because It is the easiest season and it gets hell of a lot harder than this.
Every season comes with some sort of boss. The boss of autumn is the bear and badger hybrid, Bearger. It spawns every autumn excluding the first one. It sure looks threatening but It’s actually a very easy boss, assuming you have the correct gear. All you really need is a couple football helmets, a hambat, and some healing (Ex. honey hams, dragon pies, pierogies, healing salves.)
Kiting the boss is simple, you hit it 2-3 times, run back, rinse and repeat. Keep in mind the boss will do running attack, all you really need to do is run away from it until it stops throwing a temper tantrum. That’s all about it really. Don’t forget to get it the hell away from the base. It will absolutely demolish EVERYTHING. I went afk for like 30 minutes, bearger spawned, and my base was freaked. The thing goes after the ice box first so It’s not a big deal most of the time.
At the near end of Autumn, it is recommended to make a thermal stone (1 pickaxe, 10 stone, 3 flint, near a science machine or alchemy engine) for the next season.


Winter is the second season right after autumn. It is very notorious for being an excruciatingly painful season. There are actually a few thing you need to survive this season. By this time you should probably have a thermal stone. Put that thing near a fire until it turns orange and get to work.
A couple new things spawn during winter, that being penguins, mactusks, blue hounds, and deerclops. These are all very deadly mobs. Take my word on this though, do NOT attack the penguins. you will get absolutely shredded, you will literally be shredded cheese. The penguins will gather around you, perform some satanic ritual and delete you. They don’t give good loot anyway, so It’s not worth it. If you want to kill them for some ungodly reason, then you can easily kill them with Wendy’s dead sister, and Webber’s spiders.
Most of winter is spend actually surviving and preparing for deerclops, which will inevitably spawn on the first winter. Ice glaciers are most useful during this season due to some shortage of food. always mine glaciers near you and put that in the ice box. They are great filler food and make very good recipes such as vegetable stingers, and ice cream. Deerclops rapidly drains the players sanity during the fight, so having the vegetable stingers (1 ice, 3 vegetables in a crockpot) are very useful. Cooked green/blue caps are another alternative due to them being easy to find. Healing during the boss fight depends on what you have in the base. If you have a bird cage, then make pierogies. Bee boxes can be used to make honey hams, if you’re fortunate enough to have dragon fruit, then dragonpies are very good at healing. have around three football helmets, a hambat, and warmth and you’ll probably be fine during deerclops.
Deerclops usually spawns on day 30 of the first winter.(6 days until winter ends). Once night comes you will hear deep growling, that is an indicator that deerclops will be spawning. Get deerclops away from the base because that will be the first thing that it will go after. Use the pan flute, or attack it before it destroys something. Once you’re in combat hit it three times, run back, rinse and repeat. Don’t forget to ward off your inner demons by using the sanity preservation items (green caps, vegetable stingers.) Boss fight is pretty simple with a few gimmicks. During the winter’s feast event, deerclops gains a new attack. The new attack is a laser, it’s actually somewhat difficult to dodge, but all you really need to do is swerve around the boss during the attack. Kite and beat it death until it drops it’s eyeball. You can use it’s eye make an umbrella (15 twigs, 4 bone shards, 1 deerclops eyeball.) The eyebrella will pose very useful during the next season.
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Spring is the season that comes after Winter. this season includes heavy amounts of rain and thunderstorms. Having an umbrella is recommended during this season because being being wet decreases your sanity and items slip out of your hand. Also being wet can cause you to freeze, which brings back the tragedies of winter. The eyebrella is a very good item during this season and the next. Thunder happens during this season so a lightning rod (4 gold and 1 cutstone near a science machine) is recommended to have in your base. The eyebrella protects you from lightning so there is not much to worry about. If you are playing as WX-78 then umbrella items should become obsolete because you want to get struck by lightning. WX acts as a lightning conductor so he is commonly struck. In DST the umbrella does not stop him from being struck. WX players must simply use the umbrella only.
Onto some more changes, Rabbits holes are closed, and the bees are angrier. Gardening and using berry bushes as food sources is recommended. Spring includes long dusks so it’s more sanity inducing than the rest of the seasons. Frog rain also happens and it sucks, I personally recommend running away from the frogs and killing them later. Frog legs are a meat source so killing them can pay off. Frogs are very destructive creatures in this game so turning off frog rain is good if you want a friendlier experience during this season.
The boss during this season is optional to fight. The Moose/Goose gives an abundant amount of meat and down feathers when killed. She’s a rather easy boss, but the mooslings can be pretty tough sometimes. You can kite her like any other boss and she doesn’t have the sanity drain aura like Deerclops. She does have an attack where she makes you drop your weapon. All you need to do is pick the weapon back up whenever it drops. When she is defeated, her babies will come out and attack you. Their attacks have a swerving attack similar to Deerclops’ laser attack. At the end of the attack, they are stunned for a few seconds where you can attack them. They all have fairly moderate health so fighting them can be simple if you single them out. Fight the Moose/Goose and Mooslings if you want a boss to fight, because you do not have to fight them
At the near end of Spring. Make another thermal stone, and place a few ice flingomatics (15 ice, 2 electrical doodads, 2 gears near an alchemy engine) around your base. Make sure they cover up important buildings and do not cover fire pits. The flingmatics can be fueled just like fire pits and camp fires. Making an endothermic fire pit (4 nitre, 4 cutstone, 2 electrical doodad) is a must at the end of spring. These things are almost necessary for the next season


Summer is after spring and is the last season a don’t starve year. It’s absolutely horrible and you will probably die so don’t feel so bad about it. You will need a thermal stone and umbrellas actually help during this season so keep that in mind. During the summer, overheating happens to the player. The general way to prevent it is to go under tree for shade. Wildfires happen often as well so that’s why flingomatics are used to prevent your base from being burnt to a crisp. Growing saplings, grass, berries, and crops is almost completely obsolete during this season. Though this is the best season to grow dragonfruit and watermelons. Dragonfruits are used to make dragonpies, which are very good food items. Watermelons can make the fashion melon (drippy) which can pose very useful for cooling down. melons can also be used to make melonsicles, but Ice is usually not found during summer. Melonsicles cool down the player once eaten so that’s why they have a use. A whirly fan (1 petal, 3 twigs) is a very cheap option for cooling down. It doesn’t last very long but It does it’s job.
If you ever want to go out during summer put the thermal stone in the ice box for a minute for so and take it with you. Also whenever night falls use the endothermic fire instead of the normal. It’s an opposite fire pit so that can help greatly. You’re main objective is survive and maintain your base because due to personal experience, bases do get destroyed during summer. Hound waves now include fire hounds and it’s best they get away from the base. Whenever you experience the screen shaking during the summer, get away from the base. That’s an earthquake and it follows the player creating sinkholes. The sinkholes don’t disappear for an entire season or two so you’ll need to prevent them from happening in the base. This is exactly why having an AFK friend in the base is a bad idea. Hunting does work in this season so that might be a way to get food. Putting meat up on drying racks work very well during summer. Lastly, there is a huge change in the desert and the oasis becomes usable. There is a lot of content in the desert so that’s for another time. There might be some more seasonal changes during this season but you get the gist.
Summer does have a seasonal boss, Antlion. I’m gonna be real here, I’ve never fought antlion and he literally sits around in the desert and give the players some weird rocks. We all know Dragonfly is the real summer seasonal boss. In DST dragonfly is always available, unlike orignal Don’t Starve (RoG) where she’s only there during Summer. To fight Antlion you need to give her your cold thermal stone, which is kinda of a red flag imo. It depends on whether you wanna fight her or not but I have yet to find out.
Don't Starve Together - All four game seasons Guide - Summer - 0645E73
Onto dragonfly, a boss I have much more knowledge on. I do NOT recommend fighting her at all. She’s very hard to kite can she has around 22k health. She’s a cool boss, but she’s difficult. She drops many gems and some scales when killed. The gems can be used for many things like magic items, crab king, fridge chester, etc. She can be fun once you actually have the correct gear for her. Whenever I fight her, I have an inventory filled with dark swords, honeyhams, football helms/ battle helms.

A full year

Congratulations! you made it a full year into Don’t Starve. The hound waves only get harder from here so don’t forget to make tooth traps (1 hound tooth, 1 rope, 1 log) for them. Keep in mind Deerclops and Bearger only have a CHANCE to spawn. That means they aren’t guaranteed to spawn after the first winter or second autumn. If your base is perfectly fine after a full year then congratz, you are good at the game now :))).

Written by DrunkleChilly

This is all about Don’t Starve Together – All four game seasons Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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