Dome Keeper – Drill and Carry capacity rough guide

Dome Keeper – Drill and Carry capacity rough guide 1 -
Dome Keeper – Drill and Carry capacity rough guide 1 -

This gives you an idea of how much you can carry in a given time without losing speed. It also shows how much you can carry and how many drills hits you will need to destroy terrain.

Carry capacity (rough guide to)

You can carry as much as you like without losing speed.

Efficient Carry = How much you can transport while moving at the fastest speed/resource.

Edge is the amount of weight you can carry without causing inefficiency (e.g. if small number left behind.

Max carry is the maximum amount you can carry without moving.

5.7 (Engineer base)

Untested. I always have the first drill and carry upgrades so I always have 4 iron back.

2.4 (Engineer 1st Upgrade, 4 iron)

Free: 2-3

Efficient: 4-6

Edge: 7 (+1 –

Max: 8

1.05 (Engineer 2nd Upgrade, Costs 8 iron)

Free: 4-5

Efficient: 7-8

Edge: 9 (+1 –

Max: 14

0.42 (Engineer 3rd Upgrade, costs 12 iron)

Free: 6-7

Efficient: 9-10

Edge: 15 (+1-6 –

Max: 21

0.17 (Engineer final Upgrade, Costs 16 iron)

Free: 10

Efficient: 17-19

Edge: untested

Max: 33

If you have more resources than the edge case, it is a good idea to split the load into two or three thirds. You can also take back what you need to upgrade the dome.

Guideline for drilling strength

Drill strength (Engineer without any other buffs)

L = Layer

A,B,C and D = Number of drill hits required to destroy each layer’s strength (4 different strengths

Untested layers and drills with the highest strength are not allowed

2 (base)

L1: 2,3,6,12

L2: 2,4,,

6 (1st Upgrade)

L1: 1,1,2,4

L2, 1,2,5,

L3: ,,10,

14 (2nd upgrade to)

L1: 1,1,1,3

L2: 1,1,2,4

L3: 1,2,5,6

L4: 3,4,10,16

34 (3rd Upgrade)

L1: 1hit

L2: 1,1,1,2

L3: 1,1,2,4

L4: 1,2,4,8

L5: 3,4,9,17

74 (4th Upgrade)

L2: 1hit

L3: 1,1,1,2

L4: 1,1,2,4

L5: 1,2,4,8

L6: 2,3,4,9

134 (repeat 4th Upgrade)

L3: 1 hit

L4: 1,1,1,2

L5: 1,1,3,5

224 (2x Repeat 4th Upgrade)

L3: 1 hit

L4: 1,1,1,2

L5: 1,1,2,3

L6: 1,2,3,

359 – untested (3x repeat 4th upgrade)

60 iron – untested (4x repeat 4th upgrade)

70 iron – untested (5x repeat fourth upgrade)


The amount of resources you should keep back often depends on the situation. Use this guideline as a rough guide.

As of the current version, drill hits are accurate. (Oct 6th 2022, 41.3.7 –


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