Doki Doki Ragnarok – Completion/Achievement Guide

Doki Doki Ragnarok – Completion/Achievement Guide 1 -
Doki Doki Ragnarok – Completion/Achievement Guide 1 -

This guide gives a complete walkthrough of the game. It includes three hearts for each village, all achievements, and – naturally – the way to the end. It is divided into five sections, one for each map and a list of all achievements along with how to get them.


Doki Doki Ragnarok, a visual novel, is where you, a fearsome Viking, date villages. Yeah… Pillaging like dating. It sounds strange, but it is true! This guide will help you achieve all achievements and ensure that you have a successful encounter.

There are four world maps in the game: England, France and Sweden. You “date” the villages as you go through the different countries’ maps. You can have different results depending on how it goes.

  • No hearts —-> You fail at dating the village —-> and you don’t continue in the game
  • One heart —-> You succeed in dating the village —-> and you continue in the game
  • Two hearts —-> You will have great success dating the village —-> as you play the game
  • Three hearts —-> The perfect result for dating the village —->.

There are also encounters with other characters but they do not have heart ratings. These encounters are only for the story. However, you can still achieve some success in some of these encounters.

This guide will provide you with the best options for perfect results and all the achievements that you can achieve along the way.


England is where the game starts! You will encounter many enemies until you reach Londinium, the “boss battle” of England. You can conquer England and unlock France and Sweden on (. You can then continue with) any country you wish.

Here I will show you each encounter and give you a general strategy. I’ll also list any achievements you can achieve in the respective village (, or other encounters).

Intro Village

This is the first encounter in the game! This is where you will meet Odin, who will provide some guidance. This one is impossible to lose, as – if your performance isn’t good enough – the game will give you the “Miraculous Comeback”. You can choose the one that wins in every case, but it won’t be a perfect win.

Choose one of the following options to get the perfect result from three hearts:

  1. Hello, village. Are you around here often?
  2. Raid
  3. (roar-barf)
  4. Attack England

Posh Village

A village that is arrogant and has strange opinions about barbaric Vikings. Choose from the following options to win three hearts:

  1. (farts)
  2. Raid
  3. (unleashes war cry at reasonable volume)
  4. Attack England


This is the first encounter outside of a village in the game. This event is not for hearts. Once you finish the event, you will automatically have one heart. There is no way to get more than one heart – there is only one.

Simple Village

The Simple Village is a tricky one. You basically have to defend your viking lifestyle. There are many ways to do this – but the one I have in mind is the only 3-heart route.

  1. Let’s sing for Odin.
  2. Raid
  3. You dissing my bro Odin?
  4. Praise Odin


Again, the Corgi is a non-village companion. This is a fact you can’t ignore, you will always have one heart!


The goat is a non-village encounter and you will always receive one heart.


Rivalson is a character you will encounter many times on your journey. Unfortunately, he is not a village so the hearts that you can get are limited. You can only lose one heart.


This is the last “boss”, so to speak, of England. You will receive two additional world maps if you win this one! This can take longer as a boss encounter. You can build your actions over many turns and then use certain commands such as Raid to maximize effect.

This route will take you to the desired three hearts.

  1. I would like to plunder your village.
  2. Drink Mead
  3. I’m shy.
  4. Raid
  5. Sorry, I was distracted.
  6. Attack England
  7. I want to be more.
  8. Raid
  9. It can’t be complicated, it seems.
  10. Raid



After winning England, France is now the world map. It is unlocked after you conquer Londinium and Sweden. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to pursue this one or go to Sweden.

You can continue through France until Normandy, the “boss village”, is found. To unlock Iceland, the final map in the game, you must conquer Normandy as well as Birca, the boss of Sweden.

Charming Village

The first village in France! This village needs to know how to behave by entering England (.

  1. It’s nice to meet you. Do you mind if I, uh raid around a little?
  2. Attack England
  3. What are your hobbies, oh picturesque town?
  4. … yes?
  5. Praise Odin


Rivalson is back! This encounter is important for the overall Rivalson plot, but it’s not essential for the hearts.


It’s another goat! This one is a non-village encounter and will always give one’s heart.

Beginner Village

The Beginner Village has an unusual twist: Rivalson and you are trying to win the village’s affection. Rivalson must be eliminated from the game if you win. This route will give you the best results:

  1. Perhaps we could… both pillage… simultaneously? ?
  2. Attack England
  3. (shake a bag of dog biscuits)
  4. Praise Odin
  5. (offers bellyrubs)
  6. Attack England
  7. Look. Take a look at my Corgi. It’s adorable.
  8. Attack England

Englishman in Disguise

It’s not a village, so there’s always one heart here.


Another non-village encounter is always one heart.


The “boss of France!” This one is unique in that, even if you do well, Normandy isn’t ready to pillage. A well-planned date can still make you successful.

  1. Attack England
  2. Sure, if I can bring my best pal Odin along!
  3. Mudwrestling
  4. Attack England
  5. Romantic candlelight dinner
  6. Drink Mead
  7. Boardgames
  8. Praise Odin
  9. It was a wonderful day.
  10. Praise Odin



Sweden – The other map that can’t be unlocked by winning Londinium in England. It is up to you to decide if you finish France first or Sweden last. To unlock Iceland’s final map, you must conquer Normandy in France or Birca in Sweden.

Fellow Viking

Your fellow viking Olaf helps you win the heart of a village. Technically, this is not a village encounter, but it counts as one. You can win up to three hearts.

  1. Yo, Olaf! SLAYER OF TARTS!
  2. Drink Mead
  3. (will stop the hiccup)
  4. Raid

Trendy Viking

Another non-village that always gives one heart.

Odin (?)

Odin is your trusted advisor, but there’s something wrong with him… That can’t possibly mean anything.

This is a non-village encounter so the hearts that you can get are always one.

Fake Village

This magnificent, golden village is extremely arrogant. There is a trick to all this. You will find it on the 3-heart route below.

  1. May I AXE you a question?
  2. Raid
  3. …warum don’t these houses have doors?!
  4. Raid
  5. (frowns at windows painted on)
  6. Raid
  7. Why did you pretend that you were a wealthy village?
  8. Raid


The next goat! Only one heart is possible.


Rivalson returns, and the quest line continues… As usual, you can only get one heart.


The last encounter with Sweden. This will allow you to win the entire map and unlock Iceland if Normandy is France.

The following steps will give you the perfect three-heart result:

  1. This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard.
  2. Ready to Raid
  3. Without their mead, a true viking would never be seen!
  4. Ready for Mead Drinking
  5. You are trying too hard.
  6. No, it’s not what you want in your HEART.
  7. It’s okay, everyone is on their own quests.
  8. Ready to Attack England
  9. You are truly learning!
  10. Drink Mead



It’s the last section of the game. This map can be unlocked by conquering Normandy in France and Birca in Sweden. This book contains a lot of information about Ragnarok, as well the very last encounter of this game: Valhalla!

Mystical Gate

Snuffles, Iceland’s village’s pet dragon, is the first to encounter you. He resists heavily. You must find a way to get him off your head. Here’s the perfect 3-heart strategy.

  1. So, uh… what does Snuffles look like?
  2. Drink Mead
  3. Whatever you do, I have a DRAGON FRIEND! !
  4. Drink Mead


The final Rivalson encounter Continue the quest here. This encounter is crucial for the Rivalson questline. You will only get one heart, but it is important that you pay attention to what he says.

Daring Viking

You can find a cool viking grandma in the freezing cold. This non-village encounter will always give you one heart.

Odin (?)

Another mysterious meeting with Odin or someone who appears to be Odin (?). There is only one heart to be gained, as usual.

Goat Village

This village tests your knowledge of all the goats you have ever encountered! Here are three ways to win!

  1. It must be French!
  2. I would bet my axe that this one is the Swedish goat!
  3. This is it! The French goat!
  4. Raid

Ice Giant

This encounter will reveal a lot about Odin’s prophecy. This is not a village so you can only get one heart.


Doki Doki Ragnarok’s final episode! There are many ways you can succeed here. You can choose different allies to support you, or you can choose a completely different outcome entirely depending on your progress in Rivalson questline. Here’s a detailed description of the 3-hearts route.

  1. Are you… aren’t you hungover?
  2. (Praise Odin)
  3. Praise Odin
  4. Attack England
  5. Raid
  6. I choose… Olaf!
  7. I choose… the daring grandma Viking!
  8. You can do it!
  9. The prophecy of the Messiah is absurd!
  10. Valhalla, I wish we had more time together.



You can achieve many achievements by reaching certain situations or achieving certain results throughout the game. All of them are listed here.

World Map

How do you get the achievement

Something PreciousEnglandCorgiPhase 1: Ask the corgi “Who’s the good boy?” Next, tell the corgi in phase 3 “It’s you.” I’m the good boy.” This will make you a success.
Spin to WinEnglandIntro VillageIn phase 3, select the option (roar-barf).
Get a free passEnglandIntro VillageYou will be able to choose “Miraculous Comeback” if you don’t have at least one heart by phase 4. This action will get you the achievement.
Album CoversEnglandSimple VillageSay “Let us praise Odin.” In phase 1, say “Let’s praise Odin” and then, later, “You diss my bro Odin?” In phase 3. Next, use phase 3.
The Beginnings of FoeshipEnglandRivalsonRivalson, tell Rivalson: “I will become your most powerful foe!” Phase 3.
The Beginnings of FriendshipEnglandRivalsonRivalson, tell Rivalson: “I will be the most powerful friend you have ever had!” Phase 3.
The Dating RouteEnglandRivalsonPhase 3: Rivalson can be told one of these two things to get this achievement: “I’ll become your most powerful friend!” Or “But is this your life? “.
Too distractedEnglandLondiniumTell Londinium, phase 9, “Sorry, but I was distracted.”
Maximum Over RaidEnglandLondiniumThis achievement can only be achieved by using the “Raid” option, which gives you the most boosts to the command. You can use “Drink Mead” once to say “I’d love to plunder your community”, or “I am shy”. Or you can use “Attack England” to make Londinium mad. This can backfire on your efforts as the same boost might not be used twice.
England conqueredEnglandLondiniumLondinium will give you at least one heart.
I’m Board of GamesNormandyFranceYou must first tell Normandy that you are bringing Odin, your best friend, to phase 2. Phase 7 will feature boardgames. Final, use phase 8 to summon Odin… to play boardgames alongside Normandy.
I like sneksNormandyFranceNormandy should be told at every opportunity (three time) that you want to go and poke angry snakes using a stick. Normandy will finally hear you say, “I just love snakes so damn!” in phase 10. This will allow you to achieve the achievement.
France conqueredNormandyFranceNormandy: Gain at least one heart
Ravens UndercoverRavensFrancePhase 3: Tell the ravens, “You don’t want Odin finding out, don’t you?”
What’s Updog?RivalsonFrancePhase 2: Rivalson, ask Rivalson: “Unrelated but, have you ever heard about “Updog?”
Happy HourRivalsonFrancePhase 3: Rivalson asks Rivalson: “Hey! Wanna catch the happy hour for cocktails later?”
Canine CohortBeginner VillageFranceChoose the option “(bellyrubs)” to persuade the corgi to change sides. This will only work if the corgi is made to feel loved by you.
Friendship – No EscapeBeginner VillageFrancePhase 7: “I think Bjorn did an excellent job. Are you inclined to agree? “.
Rude AttitudeCharming VillageFrancePhase 3: Choose “(I’m sorry for not being polite enough)”. This can only be done if you have not attacked England before this point. Next, choose “Raid5” in phase 5.
Odi-NERDCharming VillageFranceThis will allow you to choose “What are your hobbies, oh picturesque town?” Phase 3. This can only be done if you are polite. Choose polite options and attack England. Choose “… yes?” In phase 4, choose “Praise Odin” for phase 5.
The End of TimeBircaSwedenIf Birca becomes angry during the last phase (10, which you can see by an angry icon, you will be able to choose “(wait until the end)” This achievement is available to those who choose it.
Sweden ConqueredBircaSwedenBirca will give you at least one heart.
Benefits from Conquering BuddiesRivalsonSwedenPhase 2: Rivalson should tell Rivalson that Bjorn and I could be conquer friends. “.
Scream into the VoidRivalsonSwedenYou can roar at every turn in confusion until you can use (roar confusedly in phase 3.
Viking Doctor licensedVikings are your friendsSwedenRecommend Olaf drink mead. You can later use the option (startle Olaf to stop the) hiccup he experienced after consuming the mead.
A Divine DateValhallaIcelandYou can win the game by finishing Valhalla with at minimum 1 heart, but you cannot choose the Rivalson option.
Revolutionary VikingValhallaIcelandYou can win the game by completing Valhalla using the Rivalson option. This can only be done if you have earned the last Rivalson achievement in Iceland.
Love to Hate YouValhallaIcelandChoose the option “Bjorn Rivalson” in phase 11. Fight with me !!!”. You cannot have continued the Rivalson romance route by achieving the last Rivalson achievement at Iceland.
Accepting a FaultValhallaIcelandPraise Odin for making Odin regret his opposition to you. Later, claim to Valhalla the prophecy was nonsense and Odin will admit it.
Forbidden RomanceRivalsonIcelandYou can choose options that are sympathetic to Rivalson such as “It is not too late to team up, you know” or “I’m doing this for YOU, Bjorn Rivalson”, in phase 1. If you have done that enough, you can choose “(confess your vikingly loved)” phase 4. This option will only work if you have achieved the romance achievements in all three countries, not just Iceland. If it worked, you can get this achievement in any of the three first choices next turn.
The Worst AdviceOdinIcelandIf you have the final romance success for Rivalson Iceland, you can choose “What should I do about Bjorn Rivalson wise Odin?” You can then choose “I’m afraid Bjorn will reject” “.
Non-ComplianceGoat VillageIcelandYou can fail every answer by selecting anything but the correct answers. In phase 4, you will be able to say, “Wow, I didn’t get a single one right!” “.
MeaditationDaring VikingIcelandPhase 1: Choose “Another Viking in Iceland!” Or “Hey Olaf! Phase 2 will allow you to choose “(worldlessly give her some mead)”.
SUPERFRIENDS!! !Mystical GateIcelandPhase 1: Ask the village “So, uh? What does Snuffles taste like?” You can then choose “Drink Mead” in phase 2. Phase 4: Choose “Raid”.


Written by Wolperfolio

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Doki Doki Ragnarok – Completion/Achievement Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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