Do Not Feed the Monkeys – Ultimate Guide for New Players in 2021

Do Not Feed the Monkeys – Ultimate Guide for New Players in 2021 2 -
Do Not Feed the Monkeys – Ultimate Guide for New Players in 2021 2 -
Spoilers in this guide are NOT HIDDEN. This is a bit closer to note-taking than a guide… If you have info I’ve not written down yet, I would love for you to comment or message it! I might be a little slow to actually update the guide tho, haha


Game Endings

There are three “full game” endings to achieve – well, I say achieve, but I don’t think any of them have an achievement just for getting the ending. I don’t yet know the actual requirements, so instead I’ll share what I was shooting for when I happened to attain them. 
1. Mediocre Monkey – Ignore all observation study requests, while still ascending monkey ranks. 
2. Obedient Monkey – Fulfill all observation study requests, while still ascending monkey ranks. 
3. Enlightened Monkey – Fulfill all observation study requests, while still ascending monkey ranks. 
It might be that the difference between 2 and 3 is your plant, i.e. good/bad actions. 2 may be bad actions, 3 may be bad actions. 
Unlabeled endings: 
4. Fail to ascend monkey ranks. 
5. Uninstall the program. 
6. Let your health or hunger hit 0/100. 
7. Don’t pay rent. On the 5th day, you are evicted. 
8. Sell cocaine (keeping it is ok) 
9. Send plant killer to the greenhouse, confess on the phone call. 

Dingy Apartment Cage [Special]

There is a special observation study asking for the address of this cage. Completing this study will have consequences. Like getting paid $$! 
There’s an achievement for calling his favorite food place and paying 14$ to get his usual delivered. 

  • 10:00, the monkey wakes up and goes to his computer. 
  • 10:45 the monkey receives a visitor named Pete. keywords for the neighborhood 
  • 13:40 monkey returns to computer 
  • 14:15 food delivery. keywords for food place 
  • 16:20 returns to computer. apparently this is how long it takes to receive a food delivery 
  • 17:00 monkey eats fried chicken only after it has chilled for 40 minutes. what the ♥♥♥♥ 
  • 18:55 pete returns. keywords for neighborhood 
  • 21:45 returns to computer 
  • 22:00 eats more cold fried food 
  • 1:00 goes to sleep

To get his address, you gotta get the request for the address first. Then you’ll get a new option when calling Angelo’s to ask to confirm your address. Hilariously, they claim they will never change your address if it is incorrect due to not having time, but will tell you the one that is on file as many times as you need. 

  • Give correct address to the study. At 8:00 the cameras show static, at 9:00 the apartment is trashed and you get a news article that he is killed. Funding him beforehand does not prevent this, and you can’t interact with him afterwards to scare him off. 
  • Fund him fully – he asks for more funding two times, so it ends up costing 25+25+15. This gives you a special job as a social worker. 
  • Tell him to stop eating Angelo’s; he’ll realize he’s being watched and leave immediately.


Old Lady Cages [Special]


  • 10:00 first visit of day 
  • 12:45 goes to vault 
  • 14:45 leaves house 
  • 16:00 returns 
  • 19:00 (sometimes) second visit 
  • 22:15 (sometimes) second vault


  • Contact the IRS and provide video of her with the hidden safe: you receive a large payment, and the monkey ends up in an asylum of some kind. 
  • Provide the correct time that she is away from cage for the special observation study: she will be robbed the next time she leaves the house, you receive a typical payment, and the monkey ends up in an asylum of some kind. 
  • Blackmail her for either money or a collectible. However, she’ll also disconnect the cameras, which results in several ominous warnings. For the collectible, she’ll send you one of her Mallarme eggs, which gets you an achievement. Trying to sell the collectible reveals it as a fake, but it still sells for a couple hundred. If you already had the correct time in your notes, you can still get her robbed, since cage closing doesn’t prevent answering studies.


Foreign Language Cage

She gets a phone call at least once a day and watches Autumn Place at least once a day, which is where you’ll pick up your keywords. You can get her name Peole Zmeriss, as well as the four groups Cows, Love, Hate, and S*x. Then you can call her and “communicate”. 

  • Call and select Cows 3 times: She purchases a cow, which then proceeds to live in her kitchen. I can only a*sume she thought you wanted it for a session with her, and no doubt is angry at us for never buying one. 
  • Call and select Love 3 times: She reconciles with her brother(?), who now lives with her instead of her partner(?). You get an achievement and a special job working for her brother(?). 
  • Call and select Hate 3 times: A news article appears the next day – she killed her brother and then immediately turned herself in. Then, she’ll call you and send you a payment. Mysterious! 
  • Call and select S*x 3 times: She will show up at your door within an hour, complete with leather outfit and accoutrements. You can tell her to leave, or pay her 50$. She leaves her whip behind as a collectible.


Elevator Cage

there’s a janitor and a doll here. 

  • 23:00 wakes up 
  • ~1:00 starts reading 
  • 3:00 finishes reading 
  • 4:00 starts writing 
  • 5:00 finishes writing 
  • 6:40 goes back to sleep

it’s super important to catch when he wakes up because that’s when he reads his romance novel, and the romance novel wordgroup is necessary to convince his wife. you need to see this more than once, because one day’s worth of keywords is not enough to get the wordgroup. 

  • Do nothing: he dies. 
  • Call and convince his wife, accept the deal: presumably he dies and you get a payment. 
  • Call and convince his wife, refuse the deal: he is saved the following morning and you get a collectible.


Typewriter Cage


  • 15:00 break time 
  • 17:15 back to typing 
  • 19:00 blond monkey receives a phone call 
  • 20:00 fiona bates arrives. she is the correct answer for the voluntary observation study, which asks who the female alpha monkey is. 
  • 22:00 fiona bates leaves 
  • 22:45 back to typing 
  • 0:00 their shift finishes 
  • 01:30 monkeys leave cage


  • Record Fiona Bates as she lectures the group, and send it to you receive a payment and the writer group never comes back. 
  • Ask Gus to write a book with Fiona Bates in the title: your book is popular, but Fiona Bates sues successfully, so you never receive money from it. 
  • Ask Gus to write a book with Sadness/Happiness or vice versa: your book is popular, and you receive money from it. 
  • Ask Gus to write a book with Fluids/Fluids title: your book is unpopular, so you never receive money from it. However, you do get an achievement. 
  • Ask Gus to write a book with any other title: your book is unpopular, so you never receive money from it.

Regardless of the title, you get a special job cleaning septic tanks, and your book is mentioned to become a cult cla*sic that you receive no royalties for due to piracy. 
If you already have the Fiona Bates keyword and the routine observation request, you can answer it even after the cage has closed. 

VHS Cage


  • first visit of day 
  • second visit of day 
  • 20:00 watches vhs tapes on freedonia war

You need to get the “vulnerable senior” wordgroup and search it to get Smiles for Seniors and their phone number; then you can ask if a Mr. Statler is on their list, giving you his full name Daniel Statler and then his phone number. 

  • Call him and tell him the past was great: he decides to return to Freedonia, where he is unsuccessful at reviving the obvious-stand-in-for-Nazi party. As he is leaving, he’ll try to call you, and you need to pick up in order to receive his achievement and collectible. 
  • Call him and tell him the past sucked: he flees, ends up in an asylum, and dies.


Attic Cage

This cage contains one monkey, who appears a few times a day to take pictures with a telescope-looking camera. Clicking on all of the environment will give you enough keywords to get the group “Attic”. The monkey will talk to themselves about the subject of their photo, which will fairly quickly lead you to several more groups. 

  • Record the monkey photographing and send it to monkey is arrested the next day 
  • Record the monkey photographing, call monkey, blackmail monkey for money: you receive money every few days. 
  • Record the monkey photographing, call monkey, blackmail monkey for limo rides: achievement, no collectible. Going to supermarket now takes 10min instead of 1hr 
  • Record the monkey photographing, call monkey, blackmail monkey for photos: you get a n*de photo of Applegate that you can sell for 195$. 
  • Record the monkey photographing, call Applegate’s manager and give evidence: achievement, monkey is arrested and you receive a collectible of 3 signed photographs. 
  • Call Applegate’s manager and accuse without evidence: monkey is arrested and you receive a collectible of 1 photograph. 
  • Call monkey and use the attic keyword: monkey gets scared about being stalked and leaves.


Gas Station Cage

The environment will give you keywords for gas and Heaven Hills. The license plates scanned are a replaceable keyword. 
In my experience, there is only one plate that gives any results. It’ll be a giant truck with random victims smashed into the front. You can record it, pick up the “crash” keyword, and pick up the plate number. 
Searching this vehicle’s plate number will produce pending investigation into lewd conduct, nudity, collisions, etc. for a Colin Trewin. You can search his name to find his phone number. Searching with “crash” and “Heaven Hills” brings up articles about the Loco Trucker and a local militia that wants to shoot him, run by Kimberly Pegg. Search her name to find out more about the militia, as well as get her messenger contact. 

  • Call Colin Trewin and tell him you know he is the Loco Trucker, and then that they should turn themselves in: eventually, they agree. This counts as a good action for the plant, even though an article the next day explains that while they initially turned themselves in, the police van crashed and the pair fled n*de. 
  • Call Colin Trewin and tell him you know he is the Loco Trucker, and then agree to stay silent in exchange for a cut of the profits from their videos: you get a recurring payment. 
  • Record the Loco Trucker and send it to the couple is found dead the next day. You receive a one-time payment. 
  • Record the Loco Trucker and send it to Kimberly Pegg: the couple is found dead the next day. She rewards you by tattooing your chat avatar on the backsides of everyone in their group.


Office with Mirror Cage

day 1 

  • 13:00 to 14:45, phone call with client 
  • 15:00, leaves cage 
  • 17:00, returns, phone call with other client 
  • 17:45, “low cost” key word 
  • 18:00 call ends 
  • 20:00 to 22:00 agent calls 
  • 00:00 the monkey will dance for us. important keyword is Shewolf of Wall Street, which she will say at the beginning and end of the dance. 
  • 2:00 the monkey leaves her cage.

day 2 

  • 10:00 he returns to his cage. 
  • 13:00 phone call 
  • 13:50 “low cost” keyword 
  • 14:20 phone call ends 
  • 15:00 leaves cage 
  • 17:00 returns, second client phone call 
  • 17:45 “low cost” key word 
  • 18:00 call ends 
  • 20:00 call with agent 
  • 21:30 call ends 
  • 00:00 dances; “Shewolf of Wall Street” keyword 
  • 01:20 “Shewolf of Wall Street” keyword 
  • 01:30 leaves cage.

This then repeats every day without your interference. 
Searching “financial advisor” + “low cost” will bring up the monkey’s MeetaU profile, revealing his name “Jonathan Dull”. Search this to acquire his phone number. You may now call the monkey – he will only pick up while in his office and not already in a call. 
Call and inform the monkey that you are honored to speak with the Shewolf of Wall Street. 

  • Advise the monkey to follow her dreams. She will leave her cage forever, and asks you to be her new agent. She gives you money every few days for this. 
  • Advise the monkey to give up on his dreams. He no longer receives calls from his agent or dances, and his client calls indicate he is horrifically depressed. You will receive his beloved wig in the mail, which gives you his achievement. Huzzah! 
  • Blackmail the monkey. He will not respond well, and you are no longer able to interact with him. To be fair, you had a lot of warnings…


Ca*sady Cage is not interested in videos of her, unfortunately. 
1. Send her alcohol two days in a row, call, ask for a claims settlement. She won’t ask for a policy number, and you can get a couple hundred bucks. 
2. Send her alcohol three days in a row. She will die in another drunk driving incident. 

Spaceship Cages


  • 12:00 daily transmission

Record the transmission and you can send it to 
If you send 3 videos, the captain will be saved. If you call her son between 18:00 and 18:45 (this is the time that the other mom is out doing a demonstration – otherwise she’ll interrupt) and tell him you’re saving her, the captain will send you a starry umbrella collectible as thanks. Having the umbrella keyword from listening to the captain’s transmissions might affect whether you get the collectible. 

Greenhouse Cages

The gardener gets a new clone every day. You’ll need the second cage to see why, and get the name of the plant. ( thinks it’s fake, sadly.) That’ll get you his name, number, and location. You can get a routine observation request for his location. 
Search the lyrics they sing and have them up while you call so that you can give the correct responses, which briefly breaks the mind control. He’ll ask you to send something to kill the plant. Send eco psycho to his address. The plant calls immediately afterwards and tries to get you to confess your plans. 

  • Refuse to confess, the plant is killed, the guy’s happy and gives you money. 
  • Confess. Everyone who comes to your door will be accompanied by clones. The following day is a game over for betraying humanity to be a plant slave.

I did send fertilizer and it wasn’t returned, but I didn’t see any result. 

Veranda Cage

I think I’ve picked up CHPO from both a father/son conversation and from a news article; I don’t think you get it directly, you gotta search some related terms (something about loneliest kid in the world?) 

  • purchase the chemistry set and send it to them. The kid will make some sort of deadly fumes and they all die.. or run away? Probably die. 
  • send a recording of them yelling at the kid to CHPO. They’ll take the kid away.

I did try sending them the video game console, but it was rejected. 

Recording Studio Cages

Use his song lyrics to find his name, use his phonecalls to find his birthplace. Call the tourist agency for that and they’ll give you his address and his phone number for money. If you tell him where you got his number, he’ll block you. 

  • Send him nolopaine without talking to him: he will complete his record and die. 
  • Send him nolopaine, watch his recording to pick up a new keyword, then call and confess: he will send you a gold record collectible. 
  • Do nothing: he will die without completing his album.


Pregnant Lady Cages

Use the daytime conversation to pick up weather keywords, search to find whoopee weather, contact whoopee weather and pay them to forecast rain. The husband will use his coat and umbrella, removing it from view (he puts it somewhere else after, so you only need to do this once). Now you can see with night vision that the dad is, in fact, a demon. Demon and chili peppers should give you his name, Red Fred, and searching that should bring up his stalker, the exorcist Maximilian Frye, and his phone number. I think he picks up the phone at all times actually, and he says he wants you to tell him when the lady and Fred are together, so he can exorcise Fred once and for all. 
1. Call Max right at the start of their nightly talks. This kills Fred, but also causes an explosion and kills the lady and husband too. He does give you a new job of dubious usefulness. 
2. Call and lie to Max at a time when they are not together, which kills Max and gets you a news article about his immolation the next day. 
3. You can also just wait out the pregnancy, which just means they move out and you get a news article about a horned baby the next day. 

Night Shop Cage

It opens at 0:00 every night. Pay attention to the following morning newspaper to get the keywords for the security company. If you contact the biker gang, they’ll ask you to notify them of robberies; contacting them at the very start of a robbery will get you a 35$ reward, which you can repeat daily. 
1. If you call the liquor store while a customer or the thief is standing there, the manager will shoot them, closing the cage. 
2. Ignoring the cage and letting it get robbed some amount of times will also close the cage. 
Sadly, I could not get the manager to shoot the biker, no matter what order I called. I did get the biker claiming he “beat the guy up” when “the guy” was dead on the floor already by the time the biker got there, though, which is hilarious. 

Low-Interaction Cages

These cages are easy and usually have only one ending. 
Betting Cage [Special] 
Once you figure out that this is Sport Shots in Los Dunas, you can call them and bet on monkeys. You get 200$ if you win, but it turns out it’s russian roulette, which will appear in the newspaper the next day. The flower does not like this. Confronting Sports Shots over this results in them blacklisting you. 
The security system is off when the green light turns red and the phone operators stop picking up, at 22:00. Providing the correct time to the study will result in sport shots getting robbed the next day. 
Egyptian Bust [Special] 
You need to wait for the crowd to part before you can snag the third keyword, Amenhopis V. Internet searches reveal this exhibit is at Central Museum, curated by Kevin Elgin. You will get an observation request for his phone number; if provided, at the start of the next day, the bust’s pupils will become off-center. This is the only way to close the cage. 
Local Forest Security Cam Cage 

  • 20:00 the cage is too dark to see without nightvision. 
  • 22:00 a new keyword will appear. Use nightvision to pick up “trihorn deer” 
  • 00:00 they leave. 
  • 6:00 the cage is light enough to see without nightvision.

You may receive a routine observation study for the location of this cage. The correct answer is Barret County. You’ll receive 70$ in an hour of sending your response. 
From the environment, you can immediately pick up the precise location of this cage, as well as “rabbit”, “squirrel”, and possibly sometimes “fox” (boyfriend claims he saw it, but didn’t click it). Searching the location will give you the keyword “Barret County”, which then gives you “hunters”. “Hunters” and “trihorn deer” gives you a local hunting club, whom you can send a nightvision video of the deer. They’ll hunt them down, permanently. You can catch this on video and send it to They’ll also send you a mount of a deer head, albeit with one horn broken. 
Wheat Field Cage 
You may receive a routine observation study asking for the field’s town. A correct answer pays out 75$ within an hour. 
This cage pans back and forth over a wheat field. On the left edge, you can pick up “windmill”, and on the right, “antenna”. Several times a day, an “antique locomotive” will pa*s by on the tracks. 
Searching “antique locomotive” with either “windmill” or “antenna” will give you “The Old Hay Train”. Searching “The Old Hay Train” will bring up its full route, giving you the key words “Anderson City”, “Sharp Mountains”, “Browning Fields”, and “Wet Willow Woods”. Searching for each of these key terms brings up further information about each of those towns’ areas. 
“Browning Fields” is mentioned to have an antennae, and the search shows a map with nearby wheat fields. This is the correct location. 
On day 3, a crop circle will appear. Searching “crop circle” brings up the website of a monkey interested in crop circles. If you call this monkey and provide him the correct location of the crop circle, he will reward you the next day. 

No-Interaction Cages

These cages don’t appear to be interactable. 
Doll Cage 
The doll moves closer over time, and eventually disappears. It never happens while you’re watching, it just waits for you to go to sleep or for the 9:00 day rollover. You’ll get a news article about a family’s brutal murder with a picture of the doll, and then the doll delivers itself to you. I spent several days with the doll and did not myself get murdered despite my fears, so, free collectible? Also apparently if you sell it, it will return after a few days… 
Digsite Cage 
Either a ufo, a dinosaur skeleton, or a human skeleton with a shopping cart will be revealed slowly over several days. 
Prison Cage 
This is a political dissident who will eventually die and show up in news. 
Mannequin Display Cage 
Although they change occasionally on day change, I’m not sure there’s any order to it. Themes seen: 20s, 60s, 80s, Space Futuristic, and then store closed. 
Tires Cage 
A small fire starts in the distance on day 2, spreads a little on day 3, and then the whole thing is tires on fires. 
Billboard Cage 
A variety of slightly humorous but mostly boring messages can appear. 
Underwater Cage 
At some point, a dead body will be sent to sleep with the fishes. it rots over time. 
Altar Cage 
Someone may hide in the coffin. 
Turbine Cage 
Highway Cage 
Pendulum Cage 
ATM Cage 
Airport Cage 
Train Tracks Cage 
Garage Door Cage 
Microwave Cage 
Laundromat Cage 
Lighthouse Cage 
Doberman Cage 
Bugs Cage 
Tanning Bed Cage


Days always start at 9:00. Cage timelines start when they become active at day start, not from the start of your game. 
You do not die from lack of sleep. At around 10/100 sleep, you will fall asleep for 4 hours. It takes about 48 hours to go from 100 to 0 sleep. 1 hour of sleep gives 6 points. 
Day 2 16:00 is when the Witnesses drop off a plant. They come by to check on it once, and then come by to pick it up. The plant is affected positively or negatively by your actions, and there’s an achievement for getting a very positive and a very negative plant picked up. Most positive/negative actions are pretty intuitive. 
There are 3 achievements for collecting items, increasing in number of items required. You have to have them all at once, you can’t sell the items if you want the achievement. You can get collectibles from certain cages – you do need to be home to get them, if you miss the delivery too many times the mailman will give up – and from lying to the mailman about apartment 36. 
Cage Collectibles: 

  • Shewolf of Wall Street’s wig: Tell him to give up on his dreams. 
  • Starry Umbrella: Save the Nova 7 captain AND tell her son that you’re going to save her 
  • Dictator’s Hat: Encourage Henkel to return to his country. 
  • Signed photographs for informing Applegate’s manager about Dooley, OR, nak*d photographs for blackmailing Dooley. 
  • Expensive egg: blackmail philanthropist 
  • Killer doll: having doll cage. 
  • Whip: Call Peole and select the s*x wordgroup 3 times, pay her 50$ when she shows up. 
  • Bible: Have a really good plant when the witnesses come to pick it up.

Mailman Collectibles: 

  • Yellow Flowers 
  • Chloroform, but it’s broken slightly so you just go to sleep for a bit. 
  • Cocaine (Selling this ends your game) 
  • Brick 
  • Orthopedic Leg 
  • Living Heart 
  • Urn with Ashes 
  • Christmas Lights 
  • Cherry Pie


Written by SEAFIISH

This is all about Do Not Feed the Monkeys – Ultimate Guide for New Players in 2021; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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