Divine Knockout (DKO) – Reveals new Loki Cinematic Trailer

Divine Knockout (DKO) – Reveals new Loki Cinematic Trailer 1 - steamlists.com
Divine Knockout (DKO) – Reveals new Loki Cinematic Trailer 1 - steamlists.com

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Divine Knockout Teases New God – Loki – in Latest Cinematic Trailer

Divine Knockout, the beloved 3D fighting platformer from Red Beard Games, has once again set the gaming world ablaze with their latest cinematic teaser, featuring none other than the Norse god of mischief, Loki. Fans of the game have been eagerly anticipating the addition of this iconic character, and the latest teaser does not disappoint.



Loki’s arrival to Divine Knockout was inevitable, given the character’s immense popularity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Red Beard Games understands the challenge of balancing expectations with their own interpretation of the god. And in this latest teaser, we get a glimpse of a more ruthless and cackling Loki, which promises to make for a refreshing change of pace.

While no official release date has been announced, fans can join the official Twitch channel on March 2nd, 2023, for an Update Show that will likely reveal Loki’s release date and a gameplay trailer.



As with all new additions to Divine Knockout, the developers have ensured that Loki is differentiated from other characters in the game. His decoy skills are a nod to his reputation as a trickster, while his poison attacks offer a unique twist that will no doubt shake up the game’s meta.

The cinematic itself is a feast for the eyes, with an art design that incorporates a blend of cultural influences without feeling cluttered. The darker tones and colors used in the teaser give it a subdued, almost sinister vibe, which perfectly complements Loki’s persona. And with his signature horns, Loki’s design is sure to offer a wealth of cosmetic possibilities for players to enjoy.

It’s worth noting that Divine Knockout’s last addition, Sun Wukong, was a hit with players, thanks in part to the developers’ commitment to staying true to the character’s mythology. We expect nothing less with Loki, and we can’t wait to see how Red Beard Games brings the god of mischief to life.

In conclusion, Loki’s imminent arrival to Divine Knockout has been the talk of the gaming community, and for good reason. The latest teaser promises a fresh take on the character that’s sure to satisfy fans of both the game and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We eagerly await his release, and we’re confident that Red Beard Games will deliver yet another exceptional addition to their already impressive lineup of characters.

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