Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to get Olaf?

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to get Olaf? 1 - steamlists.com
Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to get Olaf? 1 - steamlists.com

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Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players interact with many well-known Disney characters. Olaf, a brand-new addition, is one of these characters. We will show how to get Olaf for your Disney Dreamlight Valley game.

It will be possible to play alongside your favorite Disney characters in quests and then work together to save the realm. Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a customized home, a selection of minigames, and an original crafting method. Not only will you get rewards, but you’ll also be able to access to exclusive items by completing the quests.


Instructions for how to get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

New content and activities were added recently to Disney Dreamlight Valley. This update is called Festival of Friendship. These new features include new characters, environments, and quests. Now players can complete quests with Olaf. They can also hunt for squirrels at Frosted Heights. And they can create their one-of-a-kind Dreamlight Prisms. A new update includes minigames, a home that can easily be personalized, and rewards for players who complete their quests.

After the Festival of Friendship update is installed successfully, you’ll be presented with a cutscene of a blizzard that sweeps across the Frosted Heights section of the valley. Merlin will tell the story and point out the wall in the back right corner.

After you have interacted successfully with the door, a cutscene shows Olaf fighting shadowy squirrels while in the cave. He has no buttons, arms, or carrot-shaped nose. Find the Frosted Heights squirrels, and engage in conversation to recover the missing pieces.

Once you have gathered all the pieces, you will need Elsa to talk to you. She will instruct that you use your watering bottle on the Pillar, which is located in Frosted Heights, while you are talking with her. Follow her lead and have another conversation. You will need to go back to Olaf and then spray the sparkling areas with the watering pot. You will take part in some cutscenes. Olaf will help you throw the orb through a portal.

Once you have seen the memories, you will realize which materials are needed to make a Dreamlight Prism. Olaf will help you find the right information. You’ll need five Purified Night Shards (ten glasses) and three Shattered Prisms to complete this task. Next, place the Prism, so the pedestal is at the top of the room. Finally, place an amethyst (or citrine) in each of your empty pillars.

To complete this mission, you will need access to the portal. Once you are inside, you will need the orb as well as Olaf’s arms. To complete the quest, you must first talk to Olaf and place the orb into the pillar. Once he has been unlocked, you will be able to speak to him, and his friendship level immediately increases to Level 2.

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