Disney Dreamlight Valley – Character Unlock + Tool Upgrades

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Character Unlock + Tool Upgrades 1 - steamlists.com
Disney Dreamlight Valley – Character Unlock + Tool Upgrades 1 - steamlists.com

How to unlock upgrades for your tools


CelestialxZen wrote this guide! This guide was taken from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord.


Tool Upgrades

The essential way to progress in Dreamlight Valley is through the use of Royal Tools. These tools can be used to gather resources for crafting and questing, clean up your Valley, or remove an obstacle at a bridge.
There are many steps you can take to upgrade your Royal Tools. The different Characters of the Valley are also available to assist you. This guide will help you understand the process quickly and easily.
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Watering can

This is the first tool you will find in the Valley. It is used for gardening, but also to remove mystical mushrooms from the Peaceful Meadow.
To upgrade your Watering Can, you will need to complete Merlin's Friendship Quests. Merlin will test your magic on the Watering Can at two times before you can upgrade it. After testing the magic on a small mushroom patch, and then moving on to the quests, you'll be able to test it again on a patch of Mushrooms at large. After you have completed "The Final Trial", your Royal Tool will be fully upgraded and able remove all mushrooms. You will also receive a Wizard Hat


Have you ever seen the Hole Movie. You can imagine that movie multiplied by 10. The Valley will see you digging a lot, whether it is for Clay or Soil, or even digging up Night Shards. The Shovel has one important feature: it helps! Remove the Tree Stumps These Tree Stumps are found in the Valley, and even better, they produce a lot of Hardwood.
Tree Stumps
To upgrade your Shovel to remove Tree Stumps you will need Anna to be invited to your Valley. This can be done by going to the Dream Castle or the Frozen Realm(second floor).
This is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades to a Royal Tool. You can welcome Anna to your Valley and start her Friendship Quests. In just a few quests, Anna will upgrade your Shovel to get rid of all Tree Stumps.


The Pickaxe is one of the most powerful Royal Tools to make a lot of money by simply mining for Gems and smacking rocks! The Pickaxe can also be used to remove Ice Chunks from Forest of Valor, Frosted Heights, and Coral from Dazzle Beach.
Ice Chunks
To upgrade your Pickaxe and remove the Ice Chunks, make sure that Elsa has been invited to your Valley. You can do this by going to the Dream Castle or the Frozen Realm ((second floor)). Once you have welcomed Elsa into the Valley, you will need to start her Friendship Quests. These will take you to an Ice Cavern within Forest of Valor. **
After completing these Friendship Quests you will be able first to remove the smaller Ice Chunks. As you progress through Elsa’s quest-lines you will be able then to remove the larger Ice Chunks following a quest, "Breaking the Ice".
**There have been reports that Elsa has trapped herself in the Ice Cavern, before we can clear a path for it. You can reload your game, or go back to Frozen Realm to return to your Valley. Sometimes this will refresh characters. If this doesn't work, you'll have to wait for her to decide to leave the Cave. We hope to see you again soon!
To upgrade your Pickaxe and remove the Coral from Dazzle Beach, make sure that Maui has been invited to your Valley. You can do this by going to the Moana Realm and heading to the Dream Castle. Maui will upgrade your Pickaxe to the first time. This will allow it to destroy the small corals surrounding Moana’s canoe. This upgrade will be available when you return to your Valley. To upgrade the Pickaxe to the second time you will need Maui to visit your Valley. Once he has completed his first few Friendship Quests, and raised the Friendship Level to 4 you will be able to complete a quest called "A Tale of Stone and Fire" Once completed, your Pickaxe can be upgraded to clear Dazzle Beach bridge.

Fishing rod

We have It was not found that the Fishing Rod is currently equipped with any Upgrades. There are some fish that look very interesting, such as the Anglerfish or Lancetfish, which no one has ever caught. The Fishing Rod may be used in the future to catch this deep-water sea creature.

Character Unlockables

Opens the Chez Remy restaurant in the Valley.
– Make progress through Remy's Friendship Quests and unlock new recipes
You can fix your garden in Peaceful Meadow.
You can find Wood, Stone, and other products at the stall.
Complete Friendship Quests.
You can unlock the ability to fix the boat that has been damaged in the upper section on Dazzle Beach.
Moana will occasionally go out to sea to catch fish for you. To claim your catch, make sure you visit the Fishing Boat frequently!
Which Character(s) Unlock Who
* Kristoff unlocks Donald Duck via the Dark Grove Quests of the Forest of Valor
* Goofy unlocks Ariel's locks by repairing the damaged Boat at Dazzle Beach, near Goofy’s Stall.
* Mickey unlocks Minnie by completing a few friendship quests with Mickey.
* Ursula unlocks Prince Eric when you reach Friendship Level 10.


Written by Katrin

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Disney Dreamlight Valley – Character Unlock + Tool Upgrades; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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