Dishonored – Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide

Dishonored – Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide 1 -
Dishonored – Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide 1 -

This is just a guide of ideas and tricks, and a little walk through that will ideally help you acquire one of the lots of aggravating achievements connected to the Dunwall City Trials DLC!


Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Intro - BCC3E1C 
Invite to among the couple of aggravating as heck achievements in this lovely game and this extremely bothersome DLC! Your most likely here due to the fact that your having a hard time exactly like i was with this frustrating achievement, funnily enough when i went to go search for a guide about this accomplishment in specific i could not discover one! I’m making this so that anybody who has trouble getting this accomplishment can take a look at this guide to assist them out. Now before we start let me start by saying a couple of things:

  • The AI in this game can be REALLY unpredictable and down right awful ( especially when they’ve detected you or are looking for you! ) This goes into my next and main point for this guide
  • TAKE. YOUR. TIME. BE. PATIENT. It’s not a race! ( Unless of course your going for 3 stars ), don’t be afraid to wait and be patient when lining up your shots! ( if your aiming at an enemies head and there’s no red dot in the middle of your crosshair DONT SHOOT! )
  • You have infinite ammo and a fully upgraded crossbow so don’t be worried about having only a few bolts
  • This is pulled straight from the Dishonored Wiki, and thought it would be somewhat useful: The player will get 300 pts for a headshot, and a surprise shot adds a 50% bonus to the points, so the two together give them 450 pts. Just pay attention to the right side of your screen to make sure Headshot pops up once you kill an enemy!
  • Just a personal preference, but i used Dark Vision on certain rooms to show me what the enemy layout was before i entered! ( specifically for rooms 1,4 & 5! Not 2 though because you can already see all the enemies once the door comes down )
  • Lastly, if you miss a shot.. just restart immediately as missing will void the achievement for you completely!

Okay, lets enter into it!

Space 1: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian

Now we are off with the very first space, among the simpler ones out of the 7! (Obviously why would the first space be the hardest lol )
As i stated in the intro the AI for this game is unpredictable and just annoying (especially when you get aggro) i suggest utilizing Dark Vision at the start as soon as the level starts to see the opponent layout for the room, not that it truly matters much given that you’ll be taking your time in between shots!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 1: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 609E57D 
Here is one of the few ways a room could be layed out! As soon as you eliminate the very first man on the left the guy in the middle will be either facing you as you come out the door or he will be dealing with the other direction looking down at the other desk:
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 1: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 037A52B 
I recommend to get right in front of him and aim straight at his head so you’ll have absolutely no opportunity of missing out on; whereas if you go from the side it will be next to difficult to strike him in the head as the hitbox is generally nonexistent. Then just hit the person taking a look at the books to the left which will be the first space done!
Sometimes the space will be set out with 2 whalers left wing and the civilian in the middle; if so the whaler on the best side will move towards you instead of stopping so simply be all set to nail that shot prior to he notices you!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 1: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - AE8E9F6 
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 1: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 131B962 
Nevertheless, If your inpatient like i am and wish to get through this as fast as possible; and if the whaler is on the opposite not facing you, you can blink over to the opposite, pull your crossbow out and lean to the right so you can just barley peak through the fracture and shoot him in the head!

Space 2: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian

This space is nothing unique if i’m being sincere and there’s nothing in specific for me to explain; besides just taking care if the whalers are standing next to each other so when you shoot one the other one will aggro and standing running towards you! (if this occurs simply look up and blink onto the dresser in the air and pick them off careful and get those headshots!) Sometimes he will even go midway to the door frame and begin gradually strolling and you can simply choose both of them off pretty quickly
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 2: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - B2F9FF2 
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 2: 3 Whalers, 1 Civilian - A97680E 
If you aggro any of these whalers in the very first two spaces fully so they know of your position and start assaulting you, id advise just restarting as it will make it very difficult to hit their heads as they are attacking you; and you can likewise be eliminated quite quickly in a group!

Space 3: 5 Weepers, 1 Civilian + Emily Doll

So initially this was the space i had to reboot on the most, primarily because of how fast the weepers move, the instantaneous aggro on you and if you get close enough for them to grab you they can do some decent damage in their group. Now you could just run around in a circle and simply shoot them when they aren’t vomiting at you BUT. I’m going to show you a way to make this space one of the easiest out of the seven:
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 3: 5 Weepers, 1 Civilian + Emily Doll - 5CCEDDE 
As quickly as you enter the space your going to instantly run towards the leading right corner of the space, and with blink out you’ll blink on top of the dresser!
When this is done, you’ll reverse with your crossbow out and see that all the weepers are now standing still, all set to be plucked off one by one! Just take care as they will still vomit. not at you however just be client and wait up until their heads aren’t relocating to shoot your shot!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 3: 5 Weepers, 1 Civilian + Emily Doll - 887FE12 
Finally, assuming your wanting to collect all the Emily Dolls aswell so i’ll tell you where that is too. As quickly as all the weepers are dead go into the place they emerged from and go to the left most side of the space and look up on the dresser you’ll discover the Emily Doll for this level, as shown in the photo below!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 3: 5 Weepers, 1 Civilian + Emily Doll - 5082353 

Room 4: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian

I HIGHLY suggest to pop Dark Vision prior to entering this space as you’ll have the ability to see who lags each of the three doors and it will allow you to get a simple shot on one of the two whalers in this space!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 4: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 05DC6C3 
Dark Vision popped before you go into the room so you can see how its layed out!
When you enter be all set to line up with the first opponent on the left side of the space so you can rapidly pop him off. As soon as you’ve got one down you’ll want to instantly seek to your left and blink up onto the air ducts and remain there with your crossbow out!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 4: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 37B42EC 
Doing this will trigger the other enemy to blink under you and slowly move backwards on an angle! As he’s moving backwards he will try you simply evade it and right after that prepare to quickly nail that shot on his head so you can rapidly move onto the next room! If you don’t take the shot quickly enough he will blink up to you and start swinging at you, if this occurs just hop pull back and wait up until he comes down with you and blink back up onto the duct and repeat!
Doing this strat will prevent any sort of up close battling and will assist you leave this room as quickly as possible!
Lets move onto the next and only special space in this level!

Space 5: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian

This is a quite unique space in this level as it’s the just one where the enemies are quite far from you! This one just features two whalers.
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 5: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 80A3F27 
Your first whaler will actually be holding the civilian captive, this shot is the easier of the 2 and pretty hard to miss. Just objective straight at his head and take your shot and shoot, beware regarding not shoot the civilian when your shooting him in the head (again extremely tough to miss this) Be careful. He can in some cases put his arm up over his head and put it pull back! Attempt get this shot out of the method quickly so you can focus on the next one!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 5: 2 Whalers, 1 Civilian - 6EA2E0B 
Now, i understand I’ve stated prior to ive rebooted a lot on previous rooms but this shot in particular took me a while to try and get, the 2 reasons that this one is one of the hardest shots you’ll be taking is;
1) Hes going up the actions, already makes it more difficult to ht him in the head
2) He is further away than the other whaler so you’ll require to aim a bit above his head when contending his head
BEWARE!! once he nears the top of the stairs he will blink back down to the bottom of the stairs, take this into account if you plan to take your shot near the top of the stairs! I personally had a lot more success landing this shot when he was at the bottom of the stairs because he was on his side and he wasn’t high enough on the steps to make the shot awkward! It’s all right if you fail this shot a lot (trust me i had to reboot numerous times as soon as i got here) it’s fine! Just keep trying it, resetting if you miss and eventually you’ll nail the shot every time you do this space!

Room 6: 2 Whalers

This is probably one of the easiest rooms of the lot but there is still some things you require to keep an eye out for!
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 6: 2 Whalers - 300917E 
There’s just one area for both of these enemies to be so this aswell as rooms; 3, 5 and 7 are the only ones that aren’t randomised and will be the same on each and every single run you do!
(( screenshot of whaler bending down)).
BE CAREFUL!! You’ll obviously get the very first man down pretty quickly however i recommend waiting for the person in the back to start moving before you go and shoot his head; its much easier to get him when he’s moving regarding when hes bent over and you don’t get an excellent view of his head! (it would be terrible to screw up here when your right near the end lol so just beware ).
Now, let’s move onto the final room for this Level!

Space 7: 3 Whalers

You’ve made it to the last space for this level!
This is another space exactly like Room 3 nevertheless this time there’s no weepers and the instantaneous aggro will be from the whalers which are a lot more dangerous and annoying to handle then weepers specifically in a group they can eliminate you a lot quicker! Luckily for you though i wouldn’t be composing this guide if i didn’t have a cheesy/easier strat like i did for room 3.
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 7: 3 Whalers - 75BB0DE 
When you get in the room you’ll want to look at the cabinets and begin runnning towards them and blink onto the much shorter dresser of the lot! the leftmost dresser as displayed in the image above!
( if your good enough though you can attempt and select one off prior to getting up there, however that’s totally up to you! ).
Dishonored - Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide - Room 7: 3 Whalers - 3821C4A 
Now, although your up here they will keep shooting at you, Once your up you’ll want to keep your crossbow out and move side to side to evade their shots! Ultimately you’ll get to a point where one or perhaps two of them will stop moving! Again just be client and wait for your chance to take one and/or ideally both of them out! If you’ve got one whaler left and hes being a little rat and not boiling down just blink off the dresser, progress a bit until he comes down and blink back up; repeating the procedure above!
Once, they are all dead start running out and you’ll be finished! Congratulations, if you’ve followed this guide well the accomplishment need to appear with the stat screen!


I hope this guide was not only helpful but helpful in helping you get this frustrating a*s achievement (and hopefully progress towards that 3 star achievement!) This is my very first (of eventually lots of guides) ill compose in the near future if i seem like it lol! Please Rate, Like and comment if you enjoyed it/ discovered it useful in any method! Feedback is considerably valued! Thanks !!
ヘ( ^ o ^) ノ \( ^_^ ).

Written by Ember

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dishonored – Obtaining Headhunter Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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