Dire Destiny :Time Travel – Cores and Factions Guide

Dire Destiny :Time Travel – Cores and Factions Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Dire Destiny :Time Travel – Cores and Factions Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, we hope you find our Dire Destiny :Time Travel – Cores and Factions Guide to be useful.

This guide contains the fundamentals of gaming, general techniques, and the advantages and disadvantages of your loadout options are all covered.


The Cores (also known as Factions) play a crucial role in the game because they determine how many extra cards you’ll be carrying at the start of your journey as well as how many cards you can pick up from a shop or at an event. It is recommended to select a faction that complements the standard cards of your character.


Nano is the most simple faction to use, since its initial Smite card can be upgraded always to heal you with 5HP each time you play it. Many of its other cards supply even more healing, offer some card draw, can remove status effects from yourself and are priced at a low cost.

Any character can utilize it. It is beneficial for the Tech Knight, as many of her cards are self-damaging. The Samurai, however can make use of it to compensate for her poor block generation in the early game.

This is the drink of comfort that you can always return to.


Poison damage has a significant level of power since it can bypass Block and only reduces one point per turn. It also has a low application cost. One of the first Radioactive cards, Venom Chant, is devastating due to the fact that it gives you an extra card draw for only 2 Energy. It can also offer immediate damage boosts and healing through eating Poison stacks from your opponent. Once you’re comfortable enough with the game to switch from Nano the game could end up being the only faction you ever play with.

The Tech Knight is a natural caster, which makes this her ideal faction. The Mech Pilot can weave spells between her Attack and Action Cards. She also has poison drones that can be combined with faction cards.

This is the only extreme-flavored soda you can find. However, you might get tired of it after drinking too many.


Burning is a weaker Poison. The cards that the faction offers are usually not particularly Burning-friendly and some come with disadvantages, such as Exhausting.

This is a favorite of Tech Knights and Mech Pilots, since it is a Spell-heavy group.

It’s the diet soda of factions; usable however, better alternatives are available.


Steamlight’s trick is to create Steam by playing the cards. You then deal a burst 10 damage when you reach 10. When you get to 10 Steam, your opponent will be dead or reduced so low that an attack of 10 damage is all you need to save an Attack card.

The Gambler and Engineer can make some use of the Steam cards which play automatically when they are drawn.

The off-brand soda that no one likes.


Contrary to the faction’s description, very few cards actually deal Caustic Damage to your opponent. Instead, many cards offer Caustic Damage to you in exchange for the effect of card drawing. A majority of the cards are double-edged blade, or have drawbacks. The card that starts the game is a good Spell for ending your turn, as it reduces the damage by 3. But aside from this card, you should avoid everything else the faction offers.

This is the soda that was not branded by the manufacturer and was recalled due to the fact that it killed someone.

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