Dire Destiny :Time Travel – All Zodiac Sign

Dire Destiny :Time Travel – All Zodiac Sign 1 - steamlists.com
Dire Destiny :Time Travel – All Zodiac Sign 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, This post will provide you with information regarding the Dire Destiny :Time Travel – All Zodiac Sign, and we hope you will find this material helpful.

This guide gives you all the information of all the zodiac sign in the game.


Your Zodiac will give you an advantage. The value of these can vary greatly. Some are clearly designed to be crutches and are aimed at new players. Others will help you no matter your experience or style of play.


Aquarius gives you bonus experience. This is a great long-term strategy; each new level will give you better stats. It’s an easy, safe choice. As you fight more, it pays off more.


Aries is great for casters because it converts the cost of your Spell every turn. Simple.


Allows you to use one Block point for free per turn. It is not great but it is free, and that’s enough to stop the first two low-level opponents.


Capricorn provides you with a bit of Block when you shuffle your deck. With a small deck, this is something you can use every turn. The amount may not be huge, but the fact that it’s free is worth it.


Gemini seems to be bugged at the moment. Even with this equipment, restocks cost only 15 gold.


Extra damage near-death is better than you think, as perks intentionally set you up to 70%HP at the start of every fight with bonus damage. This Zodiac will work well for the Gambler or Tech Knight if you prefer high-risk playing styles.


A safety net for starting players, as they will save you at least once. The problem with this is that some re-usable card can do the same, and you should build to win, not fail.


On paper, Pisces offers you a free card every time you’re damaged. In practice I have seen it fail to work even when the enemy delivers a clean blow. It will also not activate if your Tech Knight self-damages on your turn.


The extra 5% gold might not seem like much, however it could be all the difference in fusing the cards.


When you engage in an Elite or Boss battle, you’ll get free damage. Not the best, however it is free. You might even save some damage.


Taurus can be a trap. It grants 2 max HP per fight that is not a lot, even if every sequence slot is filled with only battles. Aquarius is the safer option.


Nano, as a Zodiac selection. It heals you an amount that is equal to your level. This means you can avoid Rest encounters by blocking all incoming damage most of the time.

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