Dinkum – Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money

Dinkum – Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money 1 - steamlists.com
Dinkum – Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money 1 - steamlists.com

This guide shares some of my tips to help you make lots more money. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! This page is regularly updated.

For Beginners

Although the game instructs you to collect shells, catch bugs, and then sell them, this is not the most lucrative option. Although bugs can be sold for 500-1000 dinks each, shells are practically worthless.
Instead, harvest can be done. White wattle flowers These can be sold. (They will be needed later in the game to make a brew, but I'm serious.
You need to sever any flowers that you find. You'll get their seeds this way. You'll find many of them on the map. They look like this.
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Beginners - 8AFBF9E
If you find one, destroy it with an Axe . The 3 wattle flowers will be obtained by using the axe to cut them. Next, use your shovel to dig around your base/tent. Then, cover the area with dirt/sand you have on the shovel.
They will take a while to grow, so you need to wait. Once they are fully grown, they will continue to produce flowers every day. 6 days You can sell them for a lot of money. I have 208 and collect 624 flowers every day. I can sell them for around 100k dinks.
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Beginners - B8E87A6
Additional Tip Bottle Brush Flowers They are worth 100 times more than White Wattle flower. They can be found on the dark green areas of your map. The process of harvesting their seeds is the same as before. They are, however, more rare than white wattle flowers, at least according to my experience. They look like this.
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Beginners - EF5183B
You should still collect them when you see them. It won't make a lot of money if you don’t have enough, but every little bit adds up.

Intermediate players


{ Once you have enough Permit Points, go buy the Once you have enough Permit points, you can buy the Metal Detecting Licence Fletch. This allows you to use a metal detector John's sells a variety of, which you can purchase for 6600 dinks.
Once you have the metal detector installed, click the left mouse button to start walking. If you hear a different sound, it means you are close to a treasure. A blue circle will appear on the ground. (See Screenshots below) Use the detector to check nearby and dig if it gives you a high pitch. This is also when the ground has a blue sun. You might find materials around, or barrels or crates that you need to remove (any tool is okay).
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - C5AE8C2
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - 0970758
The types of materials that you can purchase and their prices: (The prices are listed with the commerce license level 1. This increases their value by %5, so if you don’t have that license, you’ll get 5% less.
– Old Toy – 1806 Dinks
– Hot Cylinder – 3399 dinks
– Old Contraption – 16.599 dinks
– Old Gear – 577 Dinks
– Old Spring – 2245 dinks
– Sliding Handle – 651 dinks
– Old Key (Don't sell these as they are essential for deep mines).
– Old Wheel – 1452 Dinks
– Shiny Disc (DONT SELL TO John, instead give them Franklyn who will give you between 8-9k per disc).
– Bright Wire – 699 dinks
– Glass Bulb – 1139 dinks
– Ear Hats – 919 dinks
– Green Board – 67332 dinks
– Smooth Slate – 819 dinks
– Button Board – 1712 dinks
Tin Sheet – (crafting/smelting ingredients, would not recommend selling these)
Notice: These items can be used to build and/or fix tele towers. These items are for sale at your own risk. You might get many of them so it is worth selling half and keeping the rest.
You will be able to use the metal detector instead of looking for the treasure spots when you obtain your Metal Detecting License 2. This is not always true. You can still find most treasure spots with the detector. Every once in a while, the ground will be marked with an X. As shown in the screenshot below.
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - 0CF75B9

Amber Chunk

You might find a yellow-orange blob every once in a while as you dig for treasures. These must be taken to John's to be weighed by him. Although he'll give you between 50-70k for a chunk of amber, they are very rare in my experience. I have only found one in 45 hours of gaming. They aren't used in any other way so you should definitely sell them. (Note: The chunk of amber can be used only with the tool/item you have.
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - 1521BF3


Sometimes a beehive can fall if you use a copper axe to cut hardwood trees (or an iron one; you can't use a basic axe though). (Screenshot above) You can use an axe or pickaxe to break down these hives and catch a queen honeybee to start your own beehive. You can also take them to John's for a chunk of amber. He'll give you between 9-12k dinks, depending on how heavy the hive is.
Make sure you have hardwood seeds nearby so that you can have a steady supply.
Edit: It is possible for beehives to fall from any tree, but I have never seen them from other trees. Perhaps the chances are higher for hardwood trees. Eric_showblade kindly corrected this!
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - 4898B62

Wary Mu Eggs

John's sells Wary Mu eggs in the spring. You can earn between 8k and 25k dinks depending on your weight. You can also make significant bonus earnings by trapping them. (Thanks to Tenoshii!

Breaking Shiny Stones & Opal

Sometimes you'll find a shiny rock when mining ore chunks. Throw these at the stone grinder, and they'll give 3 random ores. Sometimes, but not often, they will give you Opal, a blue gem that you can sell for 15k Dinks.
You may also find Opal on the map as an ore chunk, but it is very rare. It looks like this:
Dinkum - Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money - Intermediate Players - EF4E367


The most profitable fish in the game is the Barracuda You can catch them with any fishing rod or fishing license in the area. Nothern Oceans in the afternoon/night . John will give 16k per one. (Thanks to [GER]KevTrev, for this information!)
John may give you more money for some wish, but they are harder to find than Barracuda. The best thing to do at this point is to buy a fishing book (you get it if you donate enough fish to museum). This will allow you to see what fish are in the water and how much they are worth.

Trapping and delivery of animals

You will need the Trapping License to do this. To create a delivery zone and any type of animal trap, you will need to craft one. You can lure animals into traps either by luring them or chasing them. Or, you can just leave your traps out and hope that they catch something. Even the basic trap catches Roos or Magpies and they won’t get out. You can simply take the crate and the animal, and drop it on the delivery zone. You'll get your trap back and the dinks the next morning.
Additional Tips for capturing animals (Thanks to "the bishop of blankets" for this tip!
– Get the crocs on your side and lead them back towards the drop zone. Once it is close enough, wait for it to get tired or lower its health bar before setting up the trap directly on it. Then, take the trap and drop the it on the delivering zone. You can do this multiple times using multiple traps. Each croc is worth 9.6k Dinks.

Advanced Players

You'll also find rubies in deep mines. They look like ore chunks, but are red. You can break the rubies and take them to John's. John's will give you between 50-100k for each ruby chunk.

You can get rubies faster and more profitably by riding your motorbike into the deep mines. It can also be used in deep mines without fear of being destroyed by the water. (Thanks to Jaxevrok für this information!)
This is a helpful guide to deep mines.
Thread – [steamcommunity.com] 


Written by Annabeth

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dinkum – Tips & Tricks How to Make More Money; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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