Dinkum – How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards

Dinkum – How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards 1 - steamlists.com
Dinkum – How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards 1 - steamlists.com

This guide explains how to acquire the Gacha Machine, and what loot you can expect from it.

How To Get A Gacha Machine

Franklyn will visit your island and you can sell him your Shiny Discs. You can find them using your metal detector, or by simply shoveling into different areas on the island.
Each Shiny Disc comes with a warranty. 8,880 Dinks . I recommend you save them and then sell them to Franklyn. We could all use more dinks.
You can unlock items that Franklyn will create for you by donating Shiny Discs to different amounts. You will need to provide both resources and dinks.
Franklyn can only provide one item: the Gacha Machine.
Here are the requirements to get Franklyn to make a Gacha Machine.
70.000 Dinks
5 x Used Gear
2 x Iron Bar
1 x Glass Bulb
1 x Button Board
1 x Old Toy

Franklyn can only make one item per day. He will take a day to complete the item and you will receive it in your mailbox the next day. After you order something, you can't talk with him as he will be too busy.

How to Draw a Gacha

You must insert Dinks in order for the Gacha machine's to work.
Each gacha is 5000 Dinks.
To add Dinks to the Gacha Machine, first go into your inventory and press tab. Then click and hold your Dinks, then drag them to your toolbar.
You can then exit your inventory and have the Dinks in hand. The Gacha Machine will pop up and you can insert your dinks.
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What You Can Get from the Gacha Machine

My first draw It was a Basic axe . They're not 5000 Dinks at Johns shop, which disappointed me.
My second draw This was an Iron pickaxe . This is pretty amazing, since I'm still on copper.
My third draw It was a Chicken Coop . It's great that I can have more chickens!
Dinkum - How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards - What You Can Get From The Gacha Machine - 98FE10A
My fourth draw Another Basic Axe .
My fifth draw It was a Furnace .
Dinkum - How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards - What You Can Get From The Gacha Machine - 68D8EAA
My sixth draw was a Copper Axe.
My seventh draw was a Miners Helmet.
My eight draw was a miner's helmet.
Ninth draw was also a helmet for miners.
Tenth draw was a chicken coop/bird coop.
Eleventh draw was a Tin Bar.
Draw number twelve is a Worm Farm.
– Iron Pickaxe
So far:
9 draws:
Basic Axe x 2.
Iron Pickaxe x 3
Chicken Coop x 2
Copper axe
Miners Helmet x 2
Tin Bar
Worm Farm
I'll update as soon as I get more draws.
Please share your Gacha Machine experience with others in the comments section.


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This is all about Dinkum – How to Get Gacha Machine & Rewards; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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