Dice Legacy – Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game

Dice Legacy – Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game 1 - steamlists.com
Dice Legacy – Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game 1 - steamlists.com

This is a simple guide that explains how you can beat Dice Legacy on extreme without any ascended dice. I will reference some of the other scenarios but will mainly stick with the basic one.

Leaders wager abilites

There are 6 wager abilites:

  • Into the Blizzard
  • Owning our scars
  • It’s for the cause
  • A chance to learn
  • Hymn to the Goddess
  • The secret we share

Wager abilities activate if you roll said combination in your hand. You only need to roll one die of the corresponding symbol for that ability. The rest of your dice can be locked, if their symbol fits to the wager ability.

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This wager ability belongs to the stranded king. It allows you to unfreeze all of your dice in hand but those die will lose 3 durability. Over all it’s not a bad ability but not a great one either. Frozen dice aren’t really a problem since there are multiple policies and options like tavern that can remove the frozen die without a draw back and you don’t need to rely on luck rolling the wager and losing further durability. For the early stages of the game where you don’t have those options its very simple, just don’t do much in the winter. You will be barely attacked and you can’t do much either in that time. So just relaxe and make a coup of coffee in the meantime.

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This wager ability belongs to the flail. It’s ability empowers all wounded dice. It’s an interesting ability since you normally don’t want your dice to be hurt and it can be quiet tricky to do so at the start of the game. My advice to play the wager ability most effectly would be to anger your soldier population. The angry soldier population have a chance to injure any of your die each time your roll that die (This can kill dice). It can be very useful to upgrade your starting dice but this ability quickly falls of when you can use both the forge and the enhancement chamber reliably.

Dice Legacy - Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game - Leaders wager abilites - 6E8B335

This wager ability belongs to the foul. It’s ability provides you 1 gold for each class district hall with the cost of making said people angry. This ability is just bad. First of all there are mulitple ways to make gold (policies or the merchant die) and second reason why I further explain later on is that you never want to further anger your people especially not the peasants or the citizens. Also you need 4 die with the trade symbol which is also not that very useful.

Dice Legacy - Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game - Leaders wager abilites - A63220B

This wager ability belongs to the mad. It’s grant you 1 knowledge for each different negative effect affecting your dice in your hand. There are currently 4 negative abilites (sickness, wounded, corruption, frozen). First of all you need 4 citizen to activate this ability which is not to bad since they are useful. Second you need the different negative effect. Wounded is easy to get and doesn’t really hinder you. A frozen die is more conditional but on scenarios like fire and ice and the great winter, its not so hard. sickness relies that you get it either through exploration in the ruins or from the others. You can keep a sick die for a long time alive but at the cost of food and blocking one of your cookhouses and your concentration. Under normal circumstances its impossible to get corrupted. The only option is that you give one of you ascended die a corrupted side. Normally you will get 2 or 3 depending if you have an ascended die with corruption. It’s okay but knowledge is barely an issue to worry about it and since this guide was create to explain how to beat it on extreme you will likely only gain 2 knowledge out it. As a side node, you get 2 knowledge at the start of the game. So if you plan to rush the game, I would advice you to pick this character, since you can double your wood productions at the start.

Dice Legacy - Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game - Leaders wager abilites - 8E96AC2

This wager ability belongs to the incarnation. It allows you to remove all threats and fire.

Its a useful ability with the drawback that you need 4 monk dice to activate it. On the otherhand you won’t need any soldier dice since you can deal with the other with just monks. Besides that monks also have a lot of good supportive abilities.

Dice Legacy - Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game - Leaders wager abilites - 2285B97

This wager ability belongs to the corrupted. It allows you to pick a new policy if you roll 5 corrupted.

Side node how corruption works. If you roll 3 corruption symbols, the corruption will spread. A die can be corrupted up to 6 times. The corruption symbol will cover another symbol and will make that side useless. You start with the 3 corrupted symbols as the corrupted. I think, this is the best and most dangerous wager ability in this game. Policies are currently the strongest force in this game. On the other hand you have to manage your corruption and you have to pick your policy carefully so you don’t anger your people. But you can easily manage corruption with die conversion since a die will lose all traits and attributes upon being converted. Also a create way to get rid of wounded and sick dice of you don’t have the means to cure them.

Differences in the difficulties

There are currently 5 difficulties:

  • Pacifist
  • Standard
  • Legacy
  • Hard
  • Extreme

There are 3 differences between all of the difficulties except for pacifist that has an additional change.

With the increase in the difficulty there will be more enemies and your people get angry more quickly.

On Standard you can expect that the attacks will start with the 3. cycle. If you have bad luck that can happen in the 2. cycle. On extreme you will be attacked in the 1. cycle and that will repeat like every 40 to 50 seconds. In the winter you usually have a breathing room but that only applies for the early winters. On pacifist the other won’t spawn any enemies for the excpetion of the barracks. The final difference would be that the city become bigger the harder the game is.

Even tough legacy and hard states that there will be less ressources. I can’t confirm that.

I have seen a range of 17 to 39 in a pacifist game and the lowest in a extreme game was 20.

I believe that there is a range on how much ressources like a forest can hold and it decreases with a higher difficulty.


I won’t go into every policy since there 60 of them. If you want a broader overview on them i would advice you to go the Wiki of Dice Legacy – [fandom.com] . In this section I will explain the policies I think are the most importants once which you should always pick if they appear.

Early Training, Higher education, Inheritance, Pioneers, Seminaries, Sharing Experience, Sharing wisdom, Training standards, Architects

Every policies that increases the value of new dice is really important since you don’t have to use an enhancement Chamber and can focus on other things.

Firewatch: Buildings inside Peasant Districts are immune to fire.

This negates one type of attack the enemy uses and the downside of the peasant. Who could have imagine that even angry people don’t want to burn down buildings in their own district.

Fur Coats: Dice are immune to Freeze while used in Peasant Districts.

You will likely have a dozens of peasant districts midway through the game but even early on this can be very powerful.

Fur padding: Soldier Dice are always immune to Freezing.

As the previous one but now you can deal with enemies without worrying about your soldier dice.

Mandatory cutting, Mandatory harvesting, Mandatory mining, Preparations, Mandatory Schooling, Mandatory offerings:

All of these will give you free ressources each cycle. Since you can run out of ressources you should definitly pick cutting and mining. The others are also important since you don’t have to focus on those things.

Military dictatorship: Pleased Soldiers also prevent all negative effects of any Angry Classes.

Normally I would say never make your people angry. Well, this policy changes everything. You can basically ignore the happiness of all of your people except soldiers. That allows you to pick your policies freely and you can convert dice without any repercussions.


There are 7 categories of research.

  • Gathering
  • Production
  • Civic
  • Manipulation
  • Military
  • Economy
  • Religion

The research you should focus on depends on how you want to play. So I will give you a small list of research. You should definitly always get.

All of the crop, food and ale production increase. That will greatly increase the amount of time you can do something else.

Rations and Bakery. This will not just make your food more valuable but also descreases the amount of times you have to use the cookhouse.

Carriers and stone roads greatly increases the productivity of all buildings surrounding a district hall.

Unlock both the enhancement chamber and the forge, if you fall to far behind.

All of the tower upgrades, since this will be the main line of the defence.

Unlock market. The market will give you guaranteed a minimum of 2 gold. This can be increased with further research.

All of the protections on the religion page. That will help you to keep your dice more healthy.


There are currently 3 camps. You can identify each camp by the difficulty of scouting the camp.

Easy is a merchant camp. Middle is a religious camp and hard is a military camp.

There are 3 approaches on how you deal with a camp.

  • You can attack them.
  • You can trade with them.
  • You can send missionares?

If you attack a camp they will retaliate with an attack similar to the others. Succesfully destroying a camp with give you ressources and the space they occupy. For this option you need dice with the raid symbol. Soldiers and mercenary are the only one with those symbols and a military outpost.

If you want to trade with them you need the trade symbol and a trading outpost. If you want to send missionares to them you need the pray symbol and a missionare outpost. Each camp will give you different opportunities depending on your approach. If you start for the first time a positiv relationship with a camp or your relationship with a camp is maxed out for the first time, they will give you some ressources and maybe even more.

Corresponding ressources of:

  • Merchant is gold
  • Religious is herb
  • Miltary is ale

If you want to know the specific interaction list look in this Guide – [steamcommunity.com] .

Over all interactions with the camps is not really necessary to beat extreme.

The others

Mysterious people are attacking. Those mysterious people will attack you in 4 different ways.

Thieves will steal ressources depending on their difficulty.

Arsonist will burn a building. The difficulty of the arsonist does not matter in regards of the fire.

Raiders will destroy a building. The difficulty of the raider does not matter.

Poisoner will poison a number of dice depending of the difficulty.

Thieves will normally focus on uncommen ressources. From what i notice this is the order:

Gold -> Iron -> Herb -> Ale -> Wheat -> Food -> Stone -> Wood

Arsonist have a weird AI where they basically try to burn the same building if you don’t build any new buildings. So if an arsonist tries to burn a building inside a peasant district and you have firewatch and you would never build a new building. They would most likely attack that build forever.

Raiders are the same as arsonist but a bit different. Raiders try to destroy the newest building most of the time. As a strategy you could just build some fields every time you build an important building and they will most likely focus on of the fields instead of the other building. If you know that you cannot prevent a raider, you can also just destroy the building and get 30% of its ressources back and the raides dissapear. This trick also works for every other attack. The question is if it is worth it.

Poisoner will always go for a district or your port. So if you build a maze and block all entrances to a district you could make a long maze which would force them to go for you port. This would give you a lot of time. The longest it took once one of the poisoners to reach my port were 90 seconds.

The others also have different buildings in their city for different purposes. The tower gives +4 protection to the surrounding building against the fight symbol. The barrack will spawn an addional attack if you are to close to the city. If you play on metropolis this can lead to the situation where you have to deal with two attackers at the same time.

Finally if one of your building is destroyed through a fire or a raider all other threats will disappear.

Build order

The section really depends on how you play this game. I will provide to builder orders.

Rush: Build a house as first as you can. In the meantime try to finish the cookhouse. Afterwards you try to rush to the otherside on the map with district halls. In meantime you should always increase the number of peasant up to 24. Don’t forget to collect enough food for you peasant. Once you reached the other try to find a path where you don’t have to destroy to many buildings. When you are at a point where you can reach the enemy port, just reroll until you get 18 fight symbols. This strategy is possible on extreme and if done well you can do it 2,5 cycles.

Long term (merchant support): Building a house should be first thing you do. Afterwards try to build a field, a mill and district hall next to each other. Afterwards try to upgrade the district hall to a peasant district hall. The purpose for this is that when you get the policies to use the field in the winter and your dice won’t freeze in peasant district is that you have an unlimited amount of food you can also build brewery there. It also protects against the arsonist. Afterwards expand and build your district next to as many forest and mines and never fully harvest any of those. While you are doing this, you should also build a school for the workshop, which you should build as the next building. In the meantime you can try to collect some herbs for an apothecary or you just convert your dice into a different class if you don’t want to deal with wounded or sick dice. When you collect some of the mandatory policies convert a citizen die into a merchant and generate some gold in the market, so that you can upgrade your district halls to peasant districts for more basic ressources. When an enemy with a strength of 4 or 7, depends on how greedy you want to be, appears, you should definitly convert some peasants into soldiers. When you reach the enemy build 5 towers (3 towers if you have the soldier policy that doubles the strength of towers). At this point you stop round about 90% of the attacks and you can what ever you want to do.

If you have your own strategy, feel free to write to me so I can add it here.

Forgeing | Empowering

Empowering increases the value of top side of a die by 1. Normal die have a limit of 4. Therefor if you struggle to deal with the enemies, I would advice you to empower your soldier dice to deal with them.

Forgeing allows you to destroy to dice and create a construct which is a random combination of those two. The limit of a construct is 8 and it will get a new passive. Every construct can only have 2 passives. You should only use the forge if you have a die that you want to get rid of it (wounded, sickness, etc.). But you can also use its ability of destroying 2 dice to create 1 new die to reset your popularity with classes since they get removed if there is not a single representing die. Otherwise you should start forgeing, after you created your wall of towers. Forgeing will just take to much of your attention to do something else and be careful about the happiness of your people since they well get more angry the more you forge. So you should a festival once in a while.

Small warning with forgeing. If you use a die for forgeing that is corrupted. There is a chance that the new die is also corrupted.

Written by Nerd

This is all about Dice Legacy – Wager Abilities Information + Game Mode + Class in Game; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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