DEVOUR – Strategy

DEVOUR – Strategy 1 -
DEVOUR – Strategy 1 -
The aim of this guide is to develop an effective strategy to finish Devour (in normal mode but also in nightmare mode).


The beginning

To begin, before freeing the goats and entering the house, scour the outside looking for objects: 
– Gather the straw piles near the back porch of the house. 
– Gather the petrol cans near the altar 
– Gather the med*kits near the stairs at the rear of the house 

The hunt

You can now free the goats, they will run straight for the cellar door and go to hide in the house. You will find the key to the bas*ment and will finally be able to climb the stairs to the ground floor. This is Anna, who will only disappear for the moment. She will remain calm as long as you don’t sacrifice any goats. 
Your role now is to try to open all the doors and locate the 5 goats. The other 5 are in a cage in the attic and you will find the key at random. 
As for the outside, your first objective will be to collect the different items (the care kits and the petrol cans) and put them in the same place as the others. 
The goat hunt can now begin, I suggest you hunt the first 5 goats before opening the attic cage. 
To hunt them, all you have to do is take some straw and put it not far from a goat; it will approach to eat and let itself be caught. 
You can then place the first goat directly in the altar, and release the others in the same area. They will then remain in the vicinity of the altar and it will be easier to catch them a second time. 
However, remember to keep a count of the number of goats you release at the altar, to make sure you know how many are left (there should be 10). 
By this time, a demon has already appeared and will be content to crawl slowly in your direction. You can kill it with your UV lamp in normal mode, but try to carefully avoid it in nightmare mode, or it will bite your feet until it dies. 

The sacrifice

You have your 10 goats and your items? perfect. 
You will probably find that you don’t have enough straw to catch the goats a second time, but don’t worry, the straw will respawn once the sacrifice begins. 
So you can sacrifice the first goat. If you are in a group, make sure that everyone has a role (one lights the fire with the petrol, one catches a goat to put it on the altar, etc). You can only place one goat at a time and this will also consume 1 can of petrol. 
Once this has been done, try as quickly as possible to chain the sacrifices while avoiding Anna who will become more and more angry and start to chase you away, as well as the demons who will be more numerous and faster. 
If a player can sacrifice himself on Anna, she will then capture him and drop him in a random place in the house, where he will then become calm. During this time, the other players will be able to make a series of sacrifices without being bothered. 
Don’t forget that your comrade will be in agony and will only be able to crawl, his role will then be to go outside so that another player can revive him with the med*kits carefully placed near the stairs beforehand. 
Continue like this until you have sacrificed the tenth goat, which will then put an end to the ordeal. 
This technique has been tested in both normal and nightmare mode and has proved its worth in the current state of the game (02/02/2021). 

Written by Mokato

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about DEVOUR – Strategy; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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