Destiny 2 – Strand and Stasis

Destiny 2 – Strand and Stasis 1 -
Destiny 2 – Strand and Stasis 1 -

Welcome. This Destiny 2 – Strand and Stasis Guide was written to be useful to you, and we hope you will find that to be the case.


Strand is now available in the Lightfall expansion. It represents Void’s “psychic extradimensional matrix which connects everything”. It is a fundamental structure like Void, but it is antithetical as it fills the gap between the creatures and provides the structure for all things. It is a link similar to Arc. But it is not about creating or disrupting charge or manipulating a fundamental power. It has some similarities with Star Wars Force. Strand may also be involved with the Egregore. This is based on Strand’s strange ability to communicate via telepathic communication over long distances. It also messes with Guardians and Nightmare interactions.


Stasis, often mistakenly referred to as Solar’s opposite, is not Ice (a tweet by Bungie). It is not cold, contrary to what the lore tells us. Stasis can be described as “cosmic electricity” because it disrupts the transference energy at the quantum level. This causes energy to remain static and creates geometrically patterned crystals. These crystals are bonded together to form a solid, but they only have a draining interaction with the matter on which they grow. It can be observed that it operates mechanically in fields and by direct contact causing induced. Solar and Stasis don’t exist in opposition, but Stasis is Arc’s opposite. If this didn’t convince you, you can see more in the mechanics for the subcla*ses. Arc increases and amplifies the effects of its source closer to the target or other sources (Guardians and the ground). It uses fields and conduction for its expression. Stasis cancels and slows down the emission of light (frozen from your super, getting separated with the enemy or allies through a glacier wall), darkening of sight while in a slower field, etc.

This is all about Destiny 2 – Strand and Stasis; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon! Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you enjoyed the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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