Destiny 2 – A simple Guide to Vault of Glass

Destiny 2 – A simple Guide to Vault of Glass 1 -
Destiny 2 – A simple Guide to Vault of Glass 1 -
A simple guide to the Vault of Glass raid in destiny 2


Encounter 1 – Spire Building


  • Stand on the Sync plates, 2 per plate, on the left, on the right, or in the middle 
  • Stand on the plates. Do it. Please. Your Group will thank you 
  • Kill the Praetorians and Cyclops’. If you struggle with this, using your gun will make quick work of them


Encounter 2 – Confluxes


  • Literally the same as the Spire encounter, but with weird tower thingies, don’t let vex sacrifice themselves 
  • Don’t let the angry chickens sacrifice or you will wipe 
  • If you step in the vex milk by (presumably) accident, you will need to run into the middle pool of light to cleanse yourself


Encounter 3 – Oracles


  • Simple, Just use the expert graphic provided, or make your own call outs 
  • Make sure to kill them in the order they spawn. There is 5 waves

Destiny 2 - A simple Guide to Vault of Glass 

Encounter 4 – Templar


  • Everyone use double slugs and anarchy. You will kill him in 10 seconds 
  • Warlocks, use well and lunafactions 
  • Find a good place to setup, preferably top right, and get ready 
  • First a wave of oracles will spawn, kill them. Once they are dead, the relic holder will super Templars shield 
  • Start DPS-ing. The relic holder will run around blocking the 3 teleports at Mid Left, Back left, and back right. 
  • These are marked by a red ring and a white light 
  • The teleports are marked in green on the map

Destiny 2 - A simple Guide to Vault of Glass 

Encounter(?) 5 – Gorgons


  • Hunters with invis, run thru to the exit. Every other class, have fun lmao 
  • In the case you want the “Kill 2 gorgons within 3 seconds of each other” Triumph, use wardcliff and a tether. 4 shots will kill both gorgons


Encounter 6 – Gatekeeper


  • You will need to kill the 1st gatekeeper, pick up the relic, then rotate it between 4 people, 2 on the outside, 1 in mars, 1 in Venus. 
  • Open the portals, send 1 person in each to defend a conflux. 1 person will get a shielded Minotaur that can only have its shield broken by the relic 
  • Relic hold goes in, kills Minotaur, drops shield to other person, other person leaves, drops it to someone on the outside, and repeat 
  • Alternatively, you can break Minotaur shields with colony or Prometheus lens lol 
  • After defending them for a while, you’ll need to come out and defend a conflux in the middle. Do this, and the encounter will complete


Encounter 7 – Atheon


  • Whoever was inside Venus for Gatekeeper needs to kill themselves a bunch of times and they’ll eventually spawn inside Venus. From here you can kill Atheon before the encounter for free loot 
  • To do it legit, you will start the encounter, then wait for 3 people to be teleported. Once they are, they will call out mars or Venus. Open the respective portal. 
  • Then 1 person on the outside needs to call out 3 oracles in the order they spawn, and the inside team needs to shoot them in that order. This needs to be done 3 times per DPS phase. 
  • After that, you’ll leave through the portal with a buff called times vengeance. You can now damage Atheon. 
  • Halfway through the damage phase, One person will be detained. They will get a debuff saying “Detain immanent”. They need to run away from everyone else, and someone needs to shoot them out. 
  • Once times vengeance is gone, Repeat the teleport phase till hes dead 
  • Below is a map with oracle spawns. The bottom is where the rally flag is. #s are the only acceptable callout here. Sorry, I dont make the rules

Destiny 2 - A simple Guide to Vault of Glass 

By Suros

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Destiny 2 – A simple Guide to Vault of Glass; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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