Desecration of Wings – 100 treasure chests location guide

Desecration of Wings – 100 treasure chests location guide 1 -
Desecration of Wings – 100 treasure chests location guide 1 -

Where are those 100 treasure chests? Look inside!


I’m putting together a guide to the “Treasure Rating 100” achievement, but am in the embarra*sing position of being stuck at 99. However, you (yes, YOU) can help! I’ve been taking screenshots every time I opened a treasure chest, and they are available for public viewing here: – [] 
If you see a treasure chest I missed, drop me a comment (and a screenshot, ideally). I’ll check it out and see if the achievement pops. Anyone who points to me to a chest I didn’t see will be credited in the final guide (unless you request otherwise, of course).
Some notes:

  • Not all treasure chests count towards your Treasure Rating. 🙁 When I first reached the Exploration Guild, I had opened six chests that didn’t count, and there are more afterwards. Some of them are shown in the directory: they have filenames beginning with “000”. Additionally, nothing in the endgame counts.
  • Some chests count for more than one. 🙂 Of particular note is the Crystal Key, which appears to increase your Treasure Rating by 3, and there are several that give +2.
  • Even some items that aren’t in treasure chests, like the Immortal Bladestaff, count for the rating.
  • If the chest is in a post-airship area, just go the Exploration Guild, note your rating, then open the chest, go back to the guild, and see if it went up.

I await your contributions!

This is all about Desecration of Wings – 100 treasure chests location guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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