Dere-chat – Achievement Guide

Dere-chat – Achievement Guide 1 -
Dere-chat – Achievement Guide 1 -

Grab your 100%


Codes for first 2 achievements (enter it under Settings > Add Event Code..):
Dere-chat - Achievement Guide - Achievements - 008B7CF
Start a new game and the achievements should pop. (Be my Valentines & Sweeter than chocolate)

  • Tell her you had a bad day.
  • During the first Riddle, answer Fox. (Cat software on dog hardware)
  • When you reach the point you can ask her 3 questions: Do you have any hobbies?
  • (Dere in the sun)
  • “Yes I’d like to try that.” (Only happy endings)


  • Pick Master
  • So.. Are you alive?
  • No it doesn’t matter, you’re real enough for me. (Do wifus dream of electric sheep?)
  • End the game


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