Derail Valley – All Stations and Services Build #92

Derail Valley – All Stations and Services Build #92 1 -
Derail Valley – All Stations and Services Build #92 1 -

This is a reference list of all stations and what services they offer as of build #92. The guide is intended to be a complement to the drawn maps in the game.
The main focus if this guide is the manual services of the locomotives but others are listed as well:

  • Turn-around facilities, i.e. ways to change direction of the locomotives like a turntable. loop or wye.
  • restricted areas (military stuff).
  • Manual services like repair/maintenance, fuel and other supplies.
  • Shops and their special item(s).

All data is compiled from the drawn maps and in-game observations.

  • This guide may contain errors and/or typos. I will try to correct them as I or others discover them.

Version History:
0.92.0 Sep 13, 2021
– Initial version as of build #92.


The repair/maintenance and fuel/supply services are available at small service machines at the Service Points marked on the station maps. To access these services the Manual Service license is required.
Note that all services are always available in all Career Manager machines at all Station Offices (and in the caboose). The price there is 2x the price of doing it manually. However, if the insurance copay is low (like in early game) it might still be cheaper to use the CM machine to pay the fees even if you have the MS license.
How to manually repair or resupply your locomotive:

  1. Locate the small service machines. They are mostly located inside a Service shed but some are outdoors. At the Harbor they are inside the roundhouse (at the track straight over the turntable).
  2. Drive your locomotive(s) to the machines.
  3. Stop when the vehicle is in range as indicated by the machine next to the cashier. To aid in positioning there are markings on the floor. Note that if you need coal and/or water, it is the tender that have to be in range, not the locomotive itself.
  4. Pull the lever for each of the services you need or want.
  5. Pay at the cashier.
  6. Done!

The Shops, their stock and how to buy items are described in-depth in the guide Shops and Their Stock by EvilJackCarver – [] . Please see that guide for prices, non-special items and such.
From the in-game Derail Valley Guide on Servicing vehicles:
Locomotives consume resources and can get damaged. To service them simply pay their fees at the Career Manager.
When you buy the Manual Service license you can service the locomotives manually – at half the fee cost! Manual service stations are marked on your map. To use them, park your locomotive next to them and operate the controls.

List of Station Services



  • Station Tag and Name: As shown on the maps.
  • Turn-around: Ways of turning the locomotive(s) around to face the other direction.
  • Military Base: Part of the station is restricted area. A Military license is required for access.
  • Repair Station: Engine, Wheels and Body. This simulates regular maintenance and damage repairs. Needed by all locomotives. Probably also the tender.
  • Diesel Service: Oil and Diesel. Needed by the diesel locomotives.
  • Coal Service: Coal and Water. Needed by the tender of the steam locomotive.
  • Shop and its Special Item(s): The shop is often located near the Passenger Station.


The list


Station TagStation NameTurn-aroundMilitary BaseRepair StationDiesel ServiceCoal ServiceShopShop Special Item(s)
CMCoal MineLoopRepairCoal
CSWCity South-WestTurntable and WyeRepairDieselShopReginald’s Garage Key and Boombox Reginald’s Garage is located south of FRS. Gives access to the caboose
FFFood Factory & TownTurntableRepairDieselShopOld Bob’s Garage Key Old Bob’s Garage is located north of MF. Gives access to the hand cart
FRCForest CentralLoop
FRSForest SouthTurntable
GFGoods Factory & TownLoopRepairShopGolden Shovel and Expert Shovel
HBHarbor & TownTurntable and WyeMilitaryRepairDieselCoalShopPocket Watch
IMEIron Ore Mine EastLoopRepairCoal
IMWIron Ore Mine WestTurntableRepairCoal
MBMilitary Base (NE)TurntableMilitary
MFMachine Factory & TownTurntableMilitaryRepairDieselShopLocomotive Remote
OWCOil Well CentralTurntableRepairDiesel
OWNOil Well NorthLoopRepairDiesel
SMSteel MillTurntableRepairDieselCoal


By MagnusA

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Derail Valley – All Stations and Services Build #92; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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