Demonologist – How to Use Tools to Gather Evidence Guide

Demonologist – How to Use Tools to Gather Evidence Guide 1 -
Demonologist – How to Use Tools to Gather Evidence Guide 1 -

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You are strongly advised to use these Tools first when entering the haunted area. If the entity responds, the Spirit Box eliminates half of the typings from the Evidence List. In your search for the Entity Room, the EMF-Detector will be a useful tool. The Ectoplasma Glas will aid in identifying the entity’s kind and starting the exorcise. Tools like the ESG Device and Easel Canvas should be used with someone at the Base while another player puts them down for the Base to record any evidence if you’re working in a team.



  • Spirit Box . To use Spirit Box, use the right-mouse button. If the entity responds, the figure depicting a demon in the Box’s top-right will light up to show that it is communicating. This should be used immediately upon entering the premises.
  • EMF Detector is the perfect detector to locate the Entity Room. The device detects whether there is paranormal activity within the room and uses an archaic method of using a cockroach. You will be able to use this device to find the entity’s location by taking a high-meter reading. The HQ can be used to record your findings by placing the Detector in the Entity Room.
  • UV Flashlight (used to find fingerprints on surfaces) The fingerprints look like hands, so you should be looking for those fingerprints.
  • Easel Canvas should be placed within the Entity Room. Some types will interact to the Canvas and paint their masterpieces straight onto the Easel. Be sure to verify this so that you can add this evidence.
  • ESG Device – This Device can be challenging to use because the entity may appear and disappear quickly. This device should be placed inside the Entity Room. Watch out for a visual reading. It will quickly disappear from the camera. To view any discoveries, you will need a Tripod Camera or you can stay in the room.
  • Ectoplasm Glass is a Glass that requires you to hold it to your eyes (click left Mouse button) and search for any visual indications of the entity via white Plasma. These will look similar to glowing-white paintbrush lines and will be left on your walls.

Another important tool is your protagonist’s breathing. This will tell you if it is cold outside. This indicator will show the fog in a character’s breathing. This can be used to signal that you have entered the Entity’s Room. You should also designate someone you trust to hold onto Survival Items. These items will ensure your survival and help to keep your sanity. These are the Flashlights. Candles. Sanity Pills. Crucifix.

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