Demonologist – Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough

Demonologist – Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough 11 -
Demonologist – Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough 11 -

Hi, welcome to this post, We will tell you everything there is to know about Demonologist – Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough in this guide.

A comprehensive guide to Demonologists, including awards and game mechanics. This guide is still work in progress and will update as soon as possible.


The real Engine 5 horror game Demonoligist was published in March 2023. It is an incredibly attractive game that is very pleasing to the eye. The ambience and ambiance are beautifully created, the lighting is unsettling, and it immediately gives you the creeps.

In terms of some of the equipment and how proof is gathered, the gameplay can be compared to Phasmophobia. But unlike Phas, this game is full of frightful elements that are masterfully executed and do an excellent job of engrossing the player. The equipment almost has a steampunk-like vibe and is much more advanced than your typical, everyday “typical” equipment. Exorcisms are another playable action in this game, though they rely on the map you select to play.

My favorite feature is the game’s numerous little Easter eggs that can be found and explored. Say any words you find written in your safe house or on the maps, and watch what transpires. Don’t say I didn’t warn you; just be ready to shriek.

This is the one if you’re looking for more than just a spirit-hunting simulator. Although there are only a few areas because it is in very early access, I hope they continue to work on this game for many years to come.

This guide is currently a work in progress since Demonologist is very new. I will do my best to keep guide updated to reflect any future updates.

Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - INTRO - 6299DE8


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - SAFE HOUSE - 49C8023

As we already stated, this game is stunning. When hosting the lobby, you get to pick which safe home you can use.

Tiny houses serve as the standard safe home. By the way, inspect the bathtub.

Using the Real Estate menu on the right-side TV, you can buy additional safe house sites. There is also a large lighthouse with a yard and a pub (my particular favorite).

Additionally, you can use the right-side TV to Customize Safe House and buy various additions for your own safe house, which is visible to all players when you are the host, including a cat and a radio with a variety of music.


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - CHARACTER CREATION - EB98E06

This game has character customization, but only as hairstyles and outfits are concerned. There is only 1 male and 1 female character to choose from.

(The female character’s skin can use some work since it looks like a male skin thrown onto a female mesh. Hopefully, that gets upgraded in the future and maybe we will also get more inclusive appearances as well!)

As far as clothes, there are 4 categories. You need to purchase clothes from the right side TV in the safe house, since you start with only 1 outfit option. There are purchasable clothes in Head, Upper Body, Lower Body and Footwear.

You will then select Character Customization in the bottom right corner to change your outfit and details.


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - MAPS - 4685C49

There are currently 3 different maps in the game, with a 4th one in the works. Some of these maps require you to be a specific level to unlock. The maps are…

Abandoned House, open at level 1.

Cyclone Street, which unlocks at level 3. Personally, this house feels easier than Abandoned House.

Hospital, unlocks at level 10. This is a larger map, but definitely worth the wait.

Kuresawa House, coming soon. No unlock level information as of yet.


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - TOOLS + EVIDENCE - D03330F


  • EMF reader is a device that detects electromagnetic fields caused by paranormal activity. Once you have gotten EMF 5, you have collected this evidence.

    Price: $1,100

  • ESG raises paranormal energy and will display the ghost on top of the device.

    Hold G and use middle mouse to rotate to place it.

    Price: $1,300

  • Easel Canvas allows the ghosts to paint images from their dimension directly onto the canvas.

    Hold G and use middle mouse to rotate to place it.

    Price: $1,300

  • Ecto Glass allows you to see ectoplasm left behind by the paranormal. Ectoplasm looks like white glowing spots on a surface. You can also view things that are invisible to the nak*d eye.

    Hold left click to look through it.

    (This item is needed for the exorcism objectives in Abandoned House and Cyclone St.)

    Price: $1,500

  • Spirit Box lets you ask questions to the ghost and enables them to speak to you.

    Hold left click to speak into it.

    Price: $1,300

  • UV Light can show paranormal fingerprints on objects such as lightswitches and doors.

    Price: $800

  • Theromometer is used to measure the temperature of the room. You can also tell whether a room is freezing by seeing your own breath. Once you have gotten freezing, you have collected this evidence.

    Price: $1,200

Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - TOOLS + EVIDENCE - F2A8F44


  • Flashlight looks like a small curved pipe and allows you to see in dark places.

    Price: $600

  • Crucifix is a holy item that protects you from a single ghost hunt.

    Price: $2,000

  • Sanity Pills restore about 25 sanity and can also remove certain ghost curses.

    Price: $1,500

  • Candle provides some light and helps you maintain your sanity. The ghost can also blow it out on their own if it is near them.

    Hold G to place it.

    (This item is needed for the exorcism objectives in Abandoned House.)

    Price: $600

  • Tripod Camera can be used to monitor evidence safely from the tent.

    Hold G and use middle mouse to rotate to place it.

    Price: $1,600

  • Photo Camera allows you to take photos.

    (This item is needed for the exorcism objectives in Abandoned House.)

    Price: $1,400



Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - INVESTIGATION - 3A8BB2C

You will set up your investigation in your safe house using all 3 screens.

  • The screen on the left is where you select the map.
  • The screen in the middle is where you select difficulty, ready up and can review your selected equipment.
  • The screen on the right is where you will purchase your tools and add it to your loadout.

Once you have started your investigation, you will then turn to the 3 screens inside the tent.

  • The screen on the left is where you will see the name of the entity and how it will respond to the spirit box. You will also see your optional objectives and exorcism requirements.
  • The screen in the middle is where you can see your camera if you have purchased and set up your tripod cameras.
  • The screen on the right is your sanity monitor. Keep in mind, you will still lose sanity in this game even if you do not enter the house!

So during your investigation, you need to be using your equipment to find the evidence. All ghosts will have a total of 3 evidences each. Be sure to mark those in your journal as you find them by hitting “J”.

Once you have found all 3 evidence, everyone in your investigation needs to lock in their choice of ghost. Once that’s done you have 2 options…

  • Everyone can head to the car and you can leave and collect that cash and exp!
  • If you’re feeling brave, you will proceed onto your optional objectives and finally the exorcism…

Speaking of exorcisms…


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - EXORCISM - 874CE41

Each map has it’s own exorcism ritual. The exorcism it’s necessary but will give you the most amount of money.

Abandoned House requires you to have the candle, ecto glass and photo camera. The ghost has blown out a candle, you need to capture a photo and find the ghost silhouette, you can burn 5 fingers found around the house in the basement.

Cyclone Street requires you to have the ecto glass. For the first part you’ll need to find a digital time that will be on a wall somewhere in the house. For the second part, you need to input the time found on the arms of 3 old wall clocks found somewhere in the house.

Hospital requires you to collect 3 pieces of a shotgun from anywhere inside the hospital. Once all 3 pieces are collected, you then need to shoot the ghost to exercise it.

Kuresawa House is not yet released.


There are 24 different ghost types, some of which you may be extremely familiar with due to other popular ghost hunting games, but don’t be fooled! Some of these ghosts may act entirely different than they are typically known as so be sure to read their descriptions carefully. For instance, the Demon in Demonologist is a very calm and collected ghost.


  • Abaddon: They go for targets that cannot defend themselves and will ignore you if you are holding a crucifix.
  • Agash: It moves very fast in the cold and will slow down in warmer areas.
  • Boogey: No data…
  • Demon: A very calm ghost but is nearly impossible to stop you piss it off and it decides it wants to kill you.
  • Deogen: They are very aggressive when they hunt their target, but are less aggressive if their target is not nearby.
  • Goryo: It won’t interact with ESG if someone is nearby.
  • Guipo: No data…
  • Gul: If gets extremely angry if you wear near it, and prefers when you don’t talk near it.
  • Hantu: If you speak to it or if it speaks to you, there is a chance it will curse you. The only way to reverse the curse is through sanity pills.
  • Iblis: It will say things to you other ghosts won’t. If it decides to hunt, it’s nearly impossible to escape it but it is much slower when it’s near it’s target.
  • Jinn: Very active and prone to hunting.
  • Mare: It likes to talk but is less active than other ghosts. It won’t hunt when someone is close to it.
  • Myling: It loves fire and therefore fire has a soothing effect on it. It will put out fire before hunting.
  • Naamah: No data…
  • Oni: Will quickly destroy the sanity of those near it and is very fast.
  • Onryo: These ghosts fall in love. They will never hurt the one they love, and will attack anyone close to them due to their jealousy.
  • Poltergeist: They love to throw things, and can lower your sanity by doing so. They calm down with nothing left to throw.
  • Raiju: They prefer their targets to be alone, and are much more shy around large groups.
  • Revenant: An early hunter, your sanity doesn’t matter.
  • Shade: They hate the light and are much more aggressive in the dark. Keep the lights on!
  • Thaye: They age rapidly. They are much more aggressive when they are young and calm down when they age.
  • Wraith: No data…
  • Yokai No data…
  • Yurei: I likes the drain the sanity off of groups of players. You are far more likely to get hunted in a group, which may weaken when alone.



  • AbaddonEMF 5 | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • AgashEctoplasm | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • BoogeyEMF 5 | ESG | Spirit Box
  • DemonEasel | Ectoplasm | Freezing
  • DeogenESG | Ectoplasm | Fingerprints
  • GoryoEMF 5 | ESG | Fingerprints
  • GuipoESG | Ectoplasm | Spirit Box
  • GulFingerprints | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • HantuEasel | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • IblisESG | Easel | Spirit Box
  • JinnEMF 5 | ESG | Freezing
  • MareEMF 5 | Easel | Freezing
  • MylingEcoplasm | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • NaamahESG | Easel | Ectoplasm
  • OniEMG 5 | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • OnryoEMG 5 | Easel | Fingerprints
  • PoltergeistESG | Fingerprints | Spirit Box
  • RaijuESG | Ectoplasm | Freezing
  • RevenantEasel | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • ShadeEasel | Ectoplasm | Spirit Box
  • ThayeEasel | Fingerprints | Spirit Box
  • WraithEMF 5 | Ectoplasm | Fingerprints
  • YokaiEMF 5 | Easel | Spirit Box
  • YureiEMG 5 | ESG | Ectoplasm



Coming soon…



Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - ACHIEVEMENTS - CEE386D

There are achievements in this game, for all you achievement hunters. Luckily, all of them are very straight forward and none are currently hidden. The hardest of the achievements is resurrecting a dead friend using the tarot cards.


Demonologist - Game mechanics and achievements Full Walkthrough - OUTRO - F78FC24

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