Demeo – All Bosses Achievements Guide

Demeo – All Bosses Achievements Guide 8 -
Demeo – All Bosses Achievements Guide 8 -

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How to unlock all bosses’s achievements in game.



21A16248937Simple and easy to kill the Elven Queen at the end of The Black Sarcophagus, the 1st campaign. She has 25-60HP (based on the number of players) however, some of her companions can make her invincible for a time (the Unheard, the ones with the golden staff). Eliminate them as quickly as you can and then employ your favorite strategy! Use Summons, Ballistas or Behemoths; spread poison; do backstab… whatever it takes!


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 65FBC06Beat the Boss from the Realm of the Rat King Campaign… Guess who? The Rat King itself, which remains one of the toughest in the game. It has between 37-90HP depending on how many players it is playing with. There are always mice in the area… His Majesty receives 2HP for every one of them that you get rid of!

There are many rat-nests and the King could create them all over again, so it will be an uphill battle! If you have to, use torches one at each. Concentrate on the Boss with strongest attack, Hunter’s mark poison, Blink, and Hunter’s mark. But be careful! If you don’t control your offspring early and you’re not careful, you could end up in The Plague Tale.


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 056C8DDKill the Boss from the 3rd campaign: the Roots of Evil. Mother Cy is easy (32-78Hp depending on the number of players you have), provided that you take out her first. Then, you’ll need to take care of her son, the Root Lord (19-46HP), who has a certain number of bark layers that must to be destroyed every turn in order to reach his base. Ballistas, summons and so on. The more, the merrier!


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 40DCCF1The High Priest Umbal is the boss of the 4th campaign: Curse of the Serpent Lord. When you get to the end of the floor he’ll be invisible and you may think that Hydras are the ultimate monster here however they’re not! Find the sigils with lit lights on the ground and step on them with all the Heroes you can at the same time to make him appear. He’ll continue to regenerate Hydras in his cave in the event that you don’t. And keep an eye on him if he attempts to switch his clones around! Concentrate on the real one (49-120HP depending on the number of players).


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 51C139E During the Boss fight in the 4th Campaign kill the real Umbal and not one of his clones. Keep an eye out for Umbal when he begins to spin and shuffle around to confuse you. Don’t use any Ballista, Behemoth or any zone spell! I would never risk it even with the Summons or the Warlock’s pet…


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - C1A86FBJust after revealing Umbal through the sigils lit on the ground (see Serpent Lord achievement) knock off all Hydra’s heads until they no longer appear. Perhaps take down a few of them before turning Umbal visible, then take out the third one once the Boss is on the field. It’s much more efficient this way.


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 8BA7CD3Kill 21, the Mad Elven King, from the 5th Campaign: Reign of Madness. This guy is tough but it is doable. Based on the number of players, he’s got 56-138HP, a spectral hand that can both hurt and cure you, and many servants. To comprehend the actions of the Hands, you must be able to recognize the signals. You’ll be safe when you break the map into pieces of 6×6 and keep away from the middle of these areas.

The best tip I can offer you is to try to obtain the Ralma’s Reckoning card from the begging man on the second floor (under an orange Point of Interest): he’ll trade it for a renewal card that you can purchase from the first store or find around.


Demeo - All Bosses Achievements Guide - ● BOSS RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS - 965BE86FFFinish off a Boss by placing a bone in his head. The trick lies in calculations. Bones can do 1dmg (3 if you score an critical) So, make sure to be sure to examine each Hero and then take their miniatures. Next, you will need to use the correct card to take the Boss up to his last hit point. It is always better to have more than one card.

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