Deep Rock Galactic – Mineral Trading Guide

Deep Rock Galactic – Mineral Trading Guide 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic – Mineral Trading Guide 1 -

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By changing your computer’s date, you are able to select predetermined Mineral Trade deals for your own convenience/profit.
Start off with opening the date & time settings and turn off the “Set time automatically” option so you’ll be able to change it manually.
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Now you can use one of the dates I listed below that I gathered from the last 4 months of the year, which are the most cost-effective.
Magnite deals
November 18th 2021 – sell 288% profit
November 17th 2021 – buy 68% savings
Bismor deals
August 25th 2021 – sell 290% profit
November 27th 2021 – buy 67% savings
Umanite deals
December 12th 2021 – sell 300% profit
September 10th 2021 – buy 63% savings
Croppa deals
October 8th 2021 – sell 299% profit
November 4th 2021 – buy 67% savings
Enor Pearl deals
December 10th 2021 – sell 294% profit
September 12th 2021 – buy 66% savings
Jadiz deals
October 29th 2021 – sell 272% profit
August 28th 2021 – buy 69% savings
You can now launch drg and thank me for wasting my time for this guide. Make sure you sync your time back once you’re done, since changing the date & time consequently changes the current missions.
Rock and stone.

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