Deep Rock Galactic – Detailed Melee Driller Build

Deep Rock Galactic – Detailed Melee Driller Build 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic – Detailed Melee Driller Build 1 -
Fun viable melee driller build



Never go damage on the drills they said. 
This build is based on the damage modification on the drills. When you get bored by the meta builds and you want a little fun this is what you need. Also because there are no real melee weapons in the game this is the closest to an actual melee build. 
Just to know it is not a meme build, it is pretty viable in most situations, but also this is not the strongest you can go with. 

Primary weapon

The build uses Cryo Cannon, you will be in the face of the enemies all the time. Your goal is to freeze them and kill them with your drill or pickaxe or axe. 
So it is just a basic freezing build, to freeze them as fast as you can. 

Cryo Cannon

Tier 1 
Faster Turbine Spinup 

  • You want to shoot with your weapon asap, so there is less chance you will be eaten by enemies.

Tier 2 
Overclocked Ejection Turbine  

  • Gives you a little more space to work with.

Tier 3 
It is hard to decide because none of them makes this build better. 
Improved Pump 

  • It will help refill the pressure chamber ~2 sec faster (~3.5 sec instead of ~5.5), but when I play this build I never reach the point when I need to refill the pressure chamber.

Increased Flow Volume  

  • It gives you a slight rate of fire boost, enemies will freeze faster but it is hard to see the difference. The downside is, it makes you to use up your ammo faster. 
    With a full pressure chamber you will shoot ~10 ammo more with this modification, until your weapon drops the pressure completely.

Tier 4 
Larger Reserve Tank 

  • Cyro Cannon always eats your ammo, it helps a lot. 
    If you are playing solo you can try out Supercooling Mixture. You will have ammo shortage, but it is easier to manage when you can take all supplies.

Tier 5 
Cold Radiance 

  • Fragile is the better option here in most builds, but not in this one. 
    One you want to kill the enemies with your drill or pickaxe to heal, so Fragile has negative synergy with this build.

Perfectly Tuned Cooler  

  • It freezes things faster, simple.


Secondary weapon

The build can work with both secondaries and multiple builds, but it is really good with the Experimental Plasma Charger plasma burn build. 

Experimental Plasma Charger

Tier 1 
Increased Particle Density 

  • More damage, so things die faster

Tier 2 
Overclocked Ejection Turbine  

  • You won’t charge your weapon with this build, you will just go pew, pew. Two things you need to hit with the EPC, frozen enemies and enemies that are out of range of your Cryo Cannon. 
    The second ones are usually moving fast on the ceiling, the faster projectile helps to hit them.

Tier 3 
Tweaked Radiator 

  • Same thing, you won’t charge shot and this helps to pew pew more and with less cooldown.

Tier 4 
High Density Battery  

  • This weapon also eats ammo, so here is more.

Tier 5 
Plasma Burn  

  • Here is the main point of this build, when you shoot the enemies they will go on fire. So it helps to apply Temperature Shock damage. It occurs when an enemy takes any Cold damage while On Fire, or any Fire damage while Frozen. So you need to freeze them and shot with the plasma burn EPC or vice versa.

Heavy Hitter 

  • This works well with the pew pew build.




Reinforced Power Drills

Tier 1 
Barbed Drills 

  • Here comes the biggest flaw of this build and the main point of it at the same time. 
    Extra damage on the drills makes it really easy to kill bugs with it. 
  • Best way to use it, first freeze the wave (frozen enemies take 3x damage) then finish them with the drills. 
  • The drills trigger the Vampire perk, so it is a very strong combo. 
    Every time when you kill a medium-sized or larger creature with the drills you regain 5 health. 
  • But with this mod, you are giving up the mining rate what you can get with the Hardened Drill. So you are ending up as a driller who are bad at drilling. That is the biggest flaw.

Tier 2 
Magnetic Refrigeration 

  • It is just straight up better. The -3s Overheat Duration is not necessary, because your goal is to never overheat your drill.

Tier 4 
Increased Tank Pressure  

  • Both options make sense. My experience is you will run out of Drill ammo a lot, and you will need to stop drilling enemies because of overheat many times too. But in overall the extra ammo will save you in more cases. 
  • If you are playing in solo or duo where you can take more supplies, taking Bloody Cold Drills is probably the better option.


Tier 2 
Better Weight Balance  

  • It is the default choice.

Serrated Edge  

  • I go with this when I take the Berzerker Perk, makes it really strong.

Satchel Charge

Tier 1 
Fragmentary Shell 

  • Larger radius makes it easier to blow up your own team 🙂 
    You will kill more bugs with this than bringing +1 with smaller radius. The area damage is unnecessary, you are using your C4 to kill the “trash” mobs and they will die in the explosion anyway.

Tier 3 
Extra Satchel Charge 

  • +1 is better than the area damage and the detonation with damage just makes it worse.

Tier 4 
Big Bang  

  • All three are kinda good. I prefer the Fear over Stun because if there is a Pretorian, it will turn and run away showing its a*s towards you, so you can shoot the weakpoint easily.

Impact Axe

  • I know you can make nice fart clouds with the Neurotoxin Grenade that blinds everyone, but the axe is more effective. Especially combined with the Cryo, two axes can kill most of the tanky enemies if they are frozen. 
  • Also very useful during Ebonite event, you can two shot them with the axe. 
  • Because of the AOE damage, great to clear Poison Spores Fungus areas in Fungus Bogs. Throw your axe middle of them, it will destroy them plus you can take back your axe.

Armor Rig

Tier 1 
Improved Generator  

  • Optional but, this feels the best.

Tier 2 

  • It is like, you want to get a little more shield or a lot more hp? Ofc you want to get more hp, especially when you can regain it with the Vampire perk.

Tier 4 
Breathing Room  

  • Sometimes you will meet with people lying on the ground, you will revive them and 1 sec later they are dead again. It happens because they don’t take this mod.




Passive Perks


  • This is a must have Perk with this build. You Regain 5 health everytime you kill medium-sized or bigger enemy with melee. Works with the Drills, Pickaxe and Impact Axe.

Elemental Insulation  

  • Long range enemies will spit everything on you, and it helps to not die because of that.

Sweet Tooth 

  • I usually run with this because you never have enough healing, but this slot is very optional.


  • Because you will be always in the face of the enemies, you will suffer a lot of team damage. 
    So this can be a valid option here, swapping out one from the previous two.


Active Perks

(Choose 2 from this 3) 
Iron Will 

  • With Vampire it is basically a free extra life. You get up and drill or axe or power attack some enemies and you are on half HP.


  • Helps a lot when your Drills need to cool down or out of ammo. Also very good against tanky enemies. If you pop this during Ebonite event, you can just ignore the canisters.


  • Very solid perk. You will drill enemies inside the wave and it helps to leave the frontline when something goes bad. You can dash out from the sticky goo when a Goo Bomber is pooping on you or you are in Fungus Bogs. Also synergizes very well with the Satchel Charge, when the wave is on you just drop the C4 under your feet and Dash out from it (Your teammates are sometimes not ready for this move).



So in overall it is a very fun build. The Cryo + Damage Drill + Vampire + EPC Burn is a decent combo. 
But yeah sometimes it will be awkward, when your team calls the drop pod and they look at you and assume you will drill back to the pod. But you are completely unsuitable for this task. 
It is fine if you just need to drill a Compacted Dirt, but when your team wants you to do a bigger task it is better if you start acting like you are very busy and you are doing something more important. 
There are great ways to pretend you are busy, you can start to pet all the lootbugs in the cave or ping 10 times on the one Boolo Cap that’s hanging on the ceiling. Last option just C4 yourself “accidentally”. 
Here is the build in one picture: 
Deep Rock Galactic - Detailed Melee Driller Build 

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This is all about Deep Rock Galactic – Detailed Melee Driller Build; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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