Dead Cells – How to unlocked the new 3.2 crossover outfits

Dead Cells – How to unlocked the new 3.2 crossover outfits 1 -
Dead Cells – How to unlocked the new 3.2 crossover outfits 1 -

A concise guide to obtaining all of the new outfits. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section! Please let us know in the comments section below if you believe we should have included more information or omitted something.

How to unlock the outfits

Shovel Knight:

Break the Shovel Knight painting at the High Peak Castle using a Shovel

Hotline Miami:

After dazzling your enemy with falling debris or destroying their doors, the Baseball Bat can kill them.

Katana Zero:

Hattori’s Katana’s dashing strike Hattori’s Katana can kill 15 enemies consecutively without getting hit.

Risk of Rain:

Kill the two shadow immas that spawn from the random biome altar.


Drop an item into lava (entering the Prisoners’ Quarters’ Cavern Key Door, dropping the item backpacked), and use the Homunculus Rune to throw it into the lava.

Slay the Spire:

You can collect 3 keys: The Emerald Key is an elite room, while the Sapphire Key comes from a biome altar.

The Ruby Key comes from a shop that can also select the shop’s random categories section to give it a chance to appear. It can also be found in the food shop for a much lower price than at the weapon and gear merchants.

(This one is currently buggy. You need to disable “Merchandise Shop Categories” in Custom Mod > Advanced Options > Meta MODifiers or locate it in a food shop)

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