Dead Cells – How to Enable Dead Cells Mods

Dead Cells – How to Enable Dead Cells Mods 1 -
Dead Cells – How to Enable Dead Cells Mods 1 -

Just putting an old post i made from 2018 here about how to enable deadcells mods. I realize their is one with pictures up but from some of the comments it seems some still are not able to get it to work, as such, here is my post from a few years ago, i figured id toss it here for those that choose to look for guides instead of just using google to search for stuff.

How to enable dead cells mods

How to enable dead cells mods.
1. At the first screen you see when you start the game, go to options
2. Click on gameplay
3. Scroll down to bottom, check box activate mod interface
4. Go back to the first screen you see when you start up the game from steam
5. Click on play
6. Click on normal mode, NOT THE CONTINUE NORMAL MODE, the normal mode choice below your “continue normal mode” option
7. Click yes on the option it shows you with saying it will start your game from the start, this is needed to get the mod menu open.
8. Activate your mod from the list of mods shown.
9. Then click esc to leave the menu
10. BAM your mod now works or should at least
P.S Please keep in mind mods in this game wont disable certain achievments (not sure which ones dont get disabled, according to google some achieves do get disabled, some dont) and if you use some mods with your main save file, they may also unlock weapons and such that you may have to normally find otherwise. So it may be best to make a seperate file for any mods choosen to be used if you prefer to do everything vannila style on your main save like myself.
If you wish to check out my original post from some time ago, here ya go, their is additional info posted in it as well from others that have asked questions regarding mods. – [] 

Written by Zols

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dead Cells – How to Enable Dead Cells Mods, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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