Dead Cells – All Blueprints Location

Dead Cells – All Blueprints Location 15 -
Dead Cells – All Blueprints Location 15 -

Hi, welcome to this post, Dead Cells – All Blueprints Location Guide.

You’ll need to collect some powerful blueprints if you want to have the best chance of success in Dead Cells.

One of the most critical things you’ll need is blueprints. Blueprints are utilized to acquire more powerful weapons and tools that you can use to defeat foes and defeat monsters. There are many blueprints to locate, many of them are hidden in secret locations; here are some of the greatest and where you may find them.


Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Rampart - 6CD226D

Rampart – This shield greatly reduces damage taken when blocked, offering two and a half seconds of invincibility for every successful parry. It truly excels when used correctly – one and half seconds are added to invincibility after parrying an opposing strike!

You must hunt Shieldbearers to obtain this highly protective shield. They can be found in the Ramparts, Ancient Sewers, Ossuary, Graveyard, and Forgotten Sepulcher. There is a.4% chance that they will drop the Rampart Blueprint when slain. Interestingly, the Ramparts location is regarded as the finest for farming this pattern.

Spartan Sandals

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Spartan Sandals - 3E41270

Once 300 hit theaters, the concept of Spartan troops became a popular meme centered on its pit scene. Though this reference has since become somewhat outdated, designers have continued to incorporate elements related to Spartans into their fighting systems such as Dead Cells.

The Spartan Sandals are a formidable pair of shoes that grants you a knockback attack that deals more damage to enemies if they collide with walls or solid objects, like statues. This blueprint may be looted from Runners – creatures with bladed arms found in The Promenade Of The Condemned.

Hokuto’s Bow

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Hokuto’s Bow - B923A70

Hokuto’s Bow is both a nod to the classic anime Fist of the North Star and an excellent weapon in the game. It may not appear to be worth your time at first because it only deals 25 base damage, but it marks the opponent it strikes, forcing them to get an additional 75 DPs from any source for 20 seconds. If that opponent dies, the mark spreads to those nearby.

The blueprint for this weapon drops from Cannibals in the Clock Tower, which is the greatest area to farm it. With 4 BSC active, they’ll also appear in Ramparts, Slumbering Sanctuary, and Graveyard. The plan has a 1.7% chance of being dropped.


Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Giantkiller - 5BFDD58

When you encounter an object of great power while exploring, a part of you instinctively tells you to keep it just in case. You never know when a massive monster may appear around the corner ready to be blasted by your special edition firearms.

The Giantkiller in Dead Cells was crafted specifically for this task. It’s a massive sword packed with energy that deals devastating damage to bosses and elite adversaries alike. To acquire it, you must battle the Giant in Guardian’s Haven.

Great Owl Of War

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Great Owl Of War - B53B6F3

The Great Owl Of War is a skill that allows you to summon a permanent pet owl which will automatically attack enemies that are on the same level as the player. It’s 32 damage isn’t very much, but being automatic and homing you can turn it on and not think about it. Unfortunately, the owl does despawn if the player takes damage, so kiting enemies and using things like Rampart help keep it in play.

The blueprint has a .4% chance of dropping from Knife Throwers who only appear in higher difficulties. At 1 BSC they’ll be found in High Peak Castle.


Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Hemorrhage - C2284C5

Hemorrhage is a throwing ax that deals a base of 47 damage and applies bleeding of 25 DPS for three seconds. Where the weapon really shines is when it strikes an enemy that already has bleed or poison as it’ll deal a critical hit worth four times the base damage, meaning 187 in one hit and reapply the bleeding.

If you want this throwing ax to fight elite enemies then you’ll need to hunt down Magistrates of Death, who have a 10% of dropping the blueprint. They are only found in Astrolab if the player has 5 BSC active.


Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Punishment - 14D142C

When it comes to Souls-like games, it’s important to establish a rhythm while playing. Because of this, it’s ideal to stay evasive and avoid taking damage as that can completely throw off your groove. For those who want something of a safety net, a shield can fill that role well.

The Punishment shield provides safety and then some. In addition to allowing for blocking and parrying, it deals with an area-of-effect attack whenever you’re successful. This blueprint is specifically found in the Clock Tower behind the puzzle door which you’ll need to open with the Bell Tower key.

Lightning Bolt

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Lightning Bolt - E2DCEE3

This fantastic ranged weapon is brutal when used in bursts. It has a 0.2 second charging period before the bolts of lightning fly, and the longer you channel the power the more damage is dealt starting with a base of 114 and climbing up to 331 DPS. If you channel too long the color of the lightning will change from blue to yellow and then red upon which the player starts receiving damage.

To join the dark side you need to grab the blueprint from Inquisitors who have a 1.7% chance of leaving it behind as loot. These annoying foes are best farmed in the Graveyard, though they do appear in a number of other areas at higher difficulties.

Explosive Crossbow

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Explosive Crossbow - D9EF9B9

The Explosive Crossbow is a brutal ranged weapon that fires bolts that explode, dealing 100 damage to any caught in the radius of the explosion, and causes knockback. If it lands a direct hit the enemy will receive critical hit damage. It would rank higher, but it fires rather slow so careful aiming and timing are key to getting the most out of it.

This blueprint is different from others on this list as it’s found in the Promenade of the Condemned as a reward for finding the Gardner’s Keys.


Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Pyrotechnics - 6E5215A

Aside from all the different weapon types that Dead Cells has, it also offers plenty of magic attacks and traps to give more variety to your tactics. Magic comes in all shapes and ranges while offering pure elemental damage as well as status ailments and environmental effects.

The tribute to classic fire magic comes in the form of Pyrotechnics, a ranged magic spell that launches multiple projectiles that explode on impact and deal critical damage to enemies soaked in oil. There’s a low chance of obtaining the blueprint from floating Casters found in the Slumbering Sanctuary.

Magic Missile

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Magic Missile - 86111A9

Magic Missile is a great ranged weapon that doesn’t do a whole lot of damage when compared to other weapons at 111 DPS but will track the nearest enemy and guarantee a hit whenever used. They’re great for kitting purposes as you can fire them off while dodging and running away.

The blueprint drops from the creepy Arbiters found only in the Cavern. They’re difficult foes and with a .4% chance of dropping the blueprint, means a lot of grinding, but the Magic Missile is definitely worth it.

Heavy Turret

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Heavy Turret - 843B908

The Heavy Turret is a deployable sentry that inflicts 110 DPS on its own and provides a nice distraction as they shoot up your enemies. They can lobbed to where you want them to be deployed and when standing next to one you’ll receive a nice 15% boost to damage and a 25% damage reduction.

Unfortunately, it takes a bit of grind to find them thanks to a 0.4% drop rate from Slashers. These foes are found in the Ossuary, Prison Depths, and Graveyard.

Wave Of Denial

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Wave Of Denial - 7D26D6C

The Wave Of Denial is considered one of the greatest tools at your disposal in this game. When activated it releases a shockwave that causes 30 base damage but more importantly knocks everything back. This is great for giving yourself some breathing room, deflecting grenades and projectiles, and if an enemy hits a wall they receive an additional 90 damage.

This is another very rare blueprint that has a 0.4% drop rate from Bombardiers. They are found in the Clock Tower and will appear in the Promenade of the Condemned, Slumbering Sanctuary, and Prisoner’s Quarters at higher difficulties.

Merchandise Categories

Dead Cells - All Blueprints Location - Merchandise Categories - 35B6429

Hands down, the best blueprint you can find in the game is the Merchandise Categories. It’s not a tool or weapon of any kind; instead, it will unlock more items whenever you visit vendors. A perk that’s incredibly valuable for the entirety of the game.

The blueprint is located behind a locked door in the Graveyard. To unlock the door you’ll need the Architect’s Key, which is found in a randomized secret compartment in the Cemetery. Use this to open the door, traverse the secret tunnel, trigger the hidden pressure plate, and above the initially locked door in a hidden room is the blueprint.

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