Dead by Daylight – The 10 best survivor perks

Dead by Daylight – The 10 best survivor perks 1 -
Dead by Daylight – The 10 best survivor perks 1 -

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Dead By Deadlight leaves you with very few options to avoid the killer. It is important to be careful about how you behave, as the benefits you receive can make a difference in your life. This article will discuss the top ten survivor benefits in Dead by Daylight.


Death by Daylight: The best Survivor benefits


Time Borrowed

The Borrowed Times perk is initially used to play as Bill, and then it can be used for everyone. They get the Endurance effect by letting a colleague off the leash. Depending upon their perk level, if the Killer hits them, they will have twenty seconds to leave the area and heal. If they are hit or cannot heal themselves, they’ll fall again within 20 seconds. Although it is a great way of freeing someone pinned and getting them back on their feet again, it may not always be possible.



Lightweight can be used with any Survivor. You can use this perk to make scratch marks disappear half as fast as usual, making it harder for Hunters to find you. Although it’s not a significant advantage, this perk can be used in any situation and will continue to work in all cases. This talent applies to all staff members and does not require direct communication.


Dead Hard

David King is the author and creator of Dead Hard Perks. This power can be used to run while you are wounded and start dashing. You will be in the Tired status for the next 60/50/40 seconds, making it impossible to use the skill until it is gone. Despite the cooldown period, it is possible to use it to avoid being taken by a Killer and divert your attention away from the rest of the team. You can enter danger, giving yourself another way out directly.



Vittorio Cantoscano will give you the Fogwise perk. The Killer’s aura can be seen for up to four minutes after passing a Great Skills Check while mending a Generator. This could give you discretion in deciding whether you should leave a generator. This perk is handy for teams where you interact with other Survivors. It alerts each Killer to make it easier to avoid them during matches. However, passing the Great Skill Checks while a Generator is active can be difficult.


Boon: Circle of Healing

Mikaela must first grant you this perk before you can unlock it. You can bless the Boon Totem by standing near the Hex Totem or Dull Totem. The BoonTotem has a 24-meter radius, and anyone who enters it gets a 40/45/50/50 increase in their healing rates. This allows for Self-Care ability. The Self-Care skill heals characters half as fast as Personal healing. This perk should be obtained if you are playing solo. It can be used to take care of your character and perform tasks. However, it can also serve as a strategic tool with a group as long as they can locate the person.


Prove Thyself

Show Thyself is best used with Dwight first and then with everyone else. While you are wearing it, other survivors’ repair times will be accelerated by 15%. However, this is only true if they are within four metres of you. The maximum amount you can reduce is 45%. Collaborative acts can help you earn 50, 75, or 100 more Bloodpoints. This skill is valuable when you collaborate with teammates and can organize with them.



All survivors in Dead by Daylight are eligible for the Kindred benefit. All survivors will be capable of seeing one another with it, if you are on a hook. All survivors can see the aura based on their level. This perk is available whenever a Killer is within 8/12/16 meter of the hook. The benefit is also available if another survivor has been responsible, but you are not the only one who can access it. This is when the Killer tries to eliminate each of you one by one.


Potential Energy

Other characters cannot unlock the Potential Energy skill until it is available only for Vittorio. Although it is potentially dangerous, this ability works well with any group. You must first repair a generator uninterrupted for 12/10/8 seconds before you can turn this perk on. You can hold 20 tokens. The stacks are converted into tokens. You may lose some tokens if you fail to pass a skill check. To raise the token’s repair status, you can take them to another generator. Each token has an equal value of 1%. You forfeit all Tokens if you lose a Health Status.


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