Dead by Daylight – Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

Dead by Daylight – Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together 1 -
Dead by Daylight – Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together 1 -
This Guide explains how to mix together 2 Linked Sets (Cheryl, Legion, Pyramid Head) on Version 4.7.2.


How it looks // What is this about?

This Guide is about creating Skins that look like this:

Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

It does not cover how to unlink Cosmetics in general, only how to mix 2 together.
This currently works on:

  • Cheryl Mason (5 Sets)
  • The Legion (4 Sets) (Untested, very high chance of working)
  • Pyramid Head (2 Sets) (Untested)


Relevance & Is it bannable?

Last Verified Version: 4.7.2. (Chapter XIX – All-Kill) ¹

Mixing 2 Linked Sets, just like the simpler variant of just unlinking parts of one set is not bannable. No one has gotten in trouble for doing this and most likely will not in the future.
BHVR seems to have the same stance on the cosmetic glitches as they do on the item icons. To quote Louis McLean, one of the Developers, on the icons: “Currently we are not banning for it [, referring to EAC], […], All we can say is, we do not officially endorse it, because who knows what might happen in the future. I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned for it, but I think… I think the general line is… We can’t say it’s fine – I don’t anyone’s gotten in trouble yet – but if we go and say “Yes, we endorse Icon Changing”, there could be trouble, so we’re not going to do that.” ²

BUT, whilst you may not be banned for it, it will most likely be patched in Chapter XX (Resident Evil), so if you want it, do it while you can. I will update the guide if this gets patched.

Additional Disclaimer: This is a Glitch. It is not as intended and this, if unlucky, may be very time-consuming!


To complete the Glitch, the following needs to be true:

  • You need to own the two linked cosmetics you want to mix.
  • You need to own one other linked Set on a different Character of the same gamemode. (Nea, Kate, Élodie, NOT Zarina // Trapper, Clown, Huntress, Doctor, Legion, Ghostface, Oni, Pyramid Head, Twins)
  • This may be a bit confusing: The Character before/or after, in the store, the Character you want to mix your sets on, you need to own a different Headpiece/Torso/Bottoms of. This depends on which piece you want to steal. If you want to steal Cheryl’s Black-Haired Head and put it on the Police Outfit, for example, you need a different Head Piece for Zarina.
  • You need to be able to unlink parts of cosmetics.
  • You will have to limit your Framerate & Lag your Computer to create artificial Lag. Limiting your framerate is possible in the config files (see Guide above if you are clueless) and artificial Lag may be created by lurking in multiple Twitch Streams and/or running other games in the background. Make sure not to burn your PC to the ground.





Firstly, go onto Survivor or Killer, depending on who you want to mix up.
Then, select a Character with default cosmetics equipped that is neither the mix-up nor assistant character.
Fitting Examples: Yui // Pig


Enter the store whilst staying on the third character.
Here, select your assistant character and select the linked set.
Now, unlink the character’s piece which the main is supposed to steal from. (Example: Cheryl’s Fresh Do Head? UNLINK Nea’s Head then.)
Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together


Make sure you have the desired to-be-stolen-from Slot selected. Now exit the store.
Select the Character you just delinked. (It sounds weird, but this is somehow important.)
Then, switch to the main character.
On the slot, you want to steal from, select the desired Head/Torso/Bottoms.
This will equip the entire linked set.

First Glitch



Back to the store.
Select your Assistant Character.
On one of the pieces, you did not delink (If you delinked Head, Torso or Bottoms), select the default cosmetic. (If they don’t show, make sure to have enabled “Show all Items”.)
This will delink the entire set and will return the character to their default look. This is intentional.


Staying in the store, select your main character again.
This is where the first glitch has happened.
The Character should now have their default look but the piece you wanted to steal is equipped.

In the case of Cheryl with the Fresh Do Head, it will look like this:
Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together


Now on one of the other slots than the stolen one, select the set you want to mix the piece with.
Then switch back to the slot of the stolen piece.

Cheryl Example: Select the Cybil Bennet (Police) Torso, then switch back to the Head. Do not select anything on the Head. It should look like this:
Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

Point of Review:

This, however, is only a preview of how the finalized Set will look like.
If it looks bad, scrap the idea. You will have to do everything all over again, though.
When you are satisfied, continue.

Second Glitch, finalizing the Job



This is where it gets tricky. You may need patience with this.
Now, you should have the stolen piece slot selected.
Switch to the Character before or after in the Store, select a piece of the same slot as quickly as you can and quickly switch back.
Hint: A Macro or Autoclicker will tremendously help with this task.

If it hasn’t worked, you will go back to the stolen piece with the default cosmetic.
In that case, do the same as you did before switching characters. (Select non-stolen slot set and go back to the stolen slot to reset).

Try this until it gives you the preview of the finalized set when switching back.
Just that – this time, it isn’t a preview!

Check the slots to see if every part is ticked.

Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

Dead by Daylight - Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together

STEP VIII (usually optional)

Once complete, feel free to leave the Store and select your character.
It is recommended to play a join a lobby and play a game to make sure it 100% works.

Comments // Footnotes


Closing Notes

And there you have it,
Looking good!

Thanks for reading!
It is my first guide and I tried to write it as “neutral” as I could.
Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, feel free to let me know!
And if there is something to improve, also gimme a shout
Issues or whatever? Comments as well. I’ll try to help you out.

– (Toge)Leo

By Leo

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dead by Daylight – Mixing 2 Linked Sets Together; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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