DateJournal – Guide

DateJournal – Guide 1 -
DateJournal – Guide 1 -
This guide is for DataJournal newcomers who recently bought the game. Please note that I am not a developer/helper of the game but just a guide creator.

The guide will walk you through of how the game works, map, levels, etc. Although there’ll be a tutorial once you start a new game by selecting the gender of female or male.


Introduction to DateJournal

The game’s full name is DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Simulator. The game is where you select a gender at the beginning of the game, female or male. The genders does not affect the characters when you first start. 
DateJournal - Guide 
Read my review and guide before or after buying the game, it’s your choice to buy it with your money and it will not be my responsibility if you dislike the game because of what you currently experience. 

Tutorial Walkthrough

In the screenshots, you seen me already made some progress. There are three options in the screenshot. Chat, Date, and Say Goodbye. 
DateJournal - Guide 
Vasilisa is the first character you’ll meet on your journey. Don’t click on the screen to fast because you’ll auto select one of the options, affecting the character whether if she likes it or not.  
DateJournal - Guide 
Chat is a conversation between you and the character, selecting one of the lines. I do not know but each lines will affect the character. If not, then I was wrong. 

  • The character will like you and the intimacy will go up. If you don’t know where the intimacy appears, it appears like heart shaped around the character.

DateJournal - Guide 
Date is asking out on a date with a female or male. In this game, you can select which location you can date with the character at. In the screenshot, there’s 3 locations that are locked because you need to head to the mall to unlock it. The strolls are the first one and the first tutorial. 
DateJournal - Guide 
There are a bunch of elements and of courser other ones you need to look for and use your head. 
Energy – It will give you another energy for the puzzle to get the stars, roses, and the gifts. 
Roses – Higher you get your passion up, the more intimacy you get for your waifu date. 
Broken Stars – Stars that has a crack or a cut on it, will decrease your score and the energy. You see I have 0/1000 but for you, it will be 0/500. For example, if you have 225/500, and clicked a broken star, it will decrease. 
Monsters – They will block your path of the puzzle in order to get the stars, gifts, roses, or the key to unlock the next floor. There is a number on the monster, which is your energy. Click on the monster will damage it and will be off the puzzle. If it’s blocking your path, you either go on the next floor to get more scores or take the risk. 
Blue Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Intelligence Element. 
Silver Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Charm Element. 
Red Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Strength Element. 
Gifts – There will be a box or two in the puzzle, it will give you a random item to get you an advantage. Use it wisely. 
DateJournal - Guide 
Once you completed it, the character will like you more and asks you a random question. You can select one of the questions to affect her liking more to you. 
Lastly, Say Goodbye will leave your love, although you’ll see her again when you head on at her location. 

Map & Journal

Once you completed the tutorial of the game a.k.a the first character and date, you’ll select Say Goodbye, and you’ll be directed to here. 
DateJournal - Guide 
This map shows your cards, map, characters, balance and etc. The cards on the right side, are some of your gifts or move cards. The blue arrow below the card selections is your skipping your turn. Basically, this map is like monopoly but a dating simulator type! On the map, you’ll see the arrows. The arrows are for you to go. Again, it’s like monopoly. Roll a dice, and you have to go follow the path. This instead, has many paths.  
There are several locations such as intelligence, strength, and charm. You can go there to upgrade your skills.  
You’ll also see characters on different locations for you to meet and date. You notice that there are some red shape circles above them. If you take too long for them to meet, they will go. It depends on your turn along with your cards together.  
Gifts are matter to each character and has a different liking. Take an example for the first character Vasilisa. She likes to hike and the ones I gave her was a tent and a hiking backpack which she very liked.  
You can also work as well on the places that you can make some money or call it dough since that’s what the game tutorial said when I experienced this.  
DateJournal - Guide 
This section has all the girls and information about them. To know about them, you must chat or date with them. Below this, will have an example of the female character, Vasilisa. 
DateJournal - Guide 
On the right side of the information, there are photos of them. To obtain them, you need to go on dates with them. Like on the girls section, there was yellow hearts underneath them.  
DateJournal - Guide 
There are 3 sets of skills. Intelligence, Strength, and Charm. 
Intelligence, Strength, and Charm are stars as well. 
DateJournal - Guide 

  • Intelligence is at the top. 
  • Strength in the middle. 
  • Charm at the bottom.


Thank You

Thank you for reading my guide if you bought the game or not. I will also thank you for reading my review if you already had done that. I’m probably the first one to do a guide on this new released steam game. 
If you want to send any bugs of what you found on the game, create a discussion and a developer will respond to you. 
If you have any questions, please comment on this guide and I will try to answer your question the best I can. Overall, I will be making more guides later in this week and the next one after it for this game. 
Thank you for the game that has been released by the creator/developers and I recommend to those who plays the game. Note that it cost money!  

Written by HotBerry

Hope you enjoy the Guide about DateJournal – Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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