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Darkwood – Enemies and Night Events Gameplay 1 - steamlists.com
Darkwood – Enemies and Night Events Gameplay 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will help you fight the enemies of chapter 1 during the night, without any spoilers towards the story or chapter 2.
(If I got something wrong here please tell me!)


Savages, the face of the game, are relatively weak depending on what weapons you have, savages vary from being unarmed, ranged, and armed with sticks, basically they’re just cavemen, they walk at a speed slightly slower than the player’s, I recommend melee weapons such as the shovel or axe, since they have a decent range, but even a board with nails is fine. Locations: Everywhere, any time. Nightly Behavior: Behave more aggressively during the night, will occasionally tear down barricades, this behavior is more frequent in later areas, but in the Dry Meadow, they will not tear down any barricades unless they have seen or heard the player.


Faster but weaker version of the savage, usually have small weapons but can have pitchforks as well.


The Banshee, an enemy that makes itself seem stronger than it actually is, upon getting near the player while within their cone of vision, the banshee will die and have banshee babies spawn out of it, if you dont have any molotovs or gas bottles, then just dont let them corner you, they have low health and can be taken down with ease, yet their sheer numbers can overwhelm you. Onto the topic of doors and windows, banshees themselves cannot deal damage or break barricades, and can only get into your hideout if another enemy, such as a savage, breaks down a barricade, blocking doors from your room with furniture doesn’t work, they can pull doors instead of pushing them, and are strong enough to push furniture away. Weapons to use: Molotov Cocktail or Gas Bottle. If you do not have the proper weapons, then simply look away, yeah sounds weird doesn’t it? But if nothing problematic is near you, just look away! Simple. (If this doesn’t work please yell at me for it so i can edit it, but it has worked for me previously.) Locations: Everywhere, mainly at night. Nightly Arrival: A banshee’s arrival is easy to notice, crows will fly over the hideout and the music becomes a low drone, an audible shriek can be heard as well, sometimes crows don’t fly over the hideout in the Old Woods, yet the audio cue is still there. Heavy footsteps will be heard approaching the hideout.


Identifiable by their barking, dogs are mainly passive enemies that only attack when provoked or if the player is too close. Can be dodged and escaped from with ease. Weapons to use: Any, but I recommend none since it’s just a waste of resources. During the night they should be taken out unless your barricades are strong enough to keep them out. Locations: Everywhere, less common in Old Woods. Nightly Behavior: Mostly docile, only really tear down barricades in the Old Woods, rarely in Silent Forest.

Huge Dogs

Huge dogs, can be identified by their distorted. deepened growls and barks, very aggressive and will attack on sight, drop odd meat on death, have a decent amount of health. Weapons to use: Ranged weapons are recommended, if not obtained then it is advised to run or dodge them enough to be able to whack them before they whack you. Locations: Silent Forest and Old Woods. Nightly Behavior: Decently aggressive, sometimes attack barricades but give up after a while, this behavior becomes more common and more aggressive in the Old Woods.

Red Chompers

Red Chompers can be recognized by their intimidating, distorted growls and roars. Are basically really fast, really strong Huge Dogs, in the wild will mimic corpses until approached or until they detect noise. Weapons to use: Ranged weapons, melee weapons are a death sentence unless you have a fully upgraded axe. Locations: Old Woods only, exceptions being the broken down truck in the Silent Forest. Nightly behavior: Extremely aggressive, tear down barricades on sight, doesn’t need to be provoked to do this.

Black Chompers

Only encountered in dream sequences, stronger than their red counterparts. Weapons to use: Ranged, melee is a no-go. Locations: Dream Sequences. Nightly Behavior: None.

Floor Gore

Only spawns during the night, pursues the player if they are not under the effects of the protective substance, which is why you shouldn’t leave your hideout at night. Cannot die, cannot be outran, cannot be hid from. Locations: Everywhere. Nightly Behavior: Stops at nothing to pursue the player, upon making contact the screen begins to turn into static, phases through objects, the only way to temporarily outrun it is to keep taking turns, it moves faster when moving in a straight path.

Nightly Event: Banshee Nest

Around night 4 or 5, in the Dry Meadow hideout, a non-aggressive Banshee may spawn next to the workbench, when approached it will disappear into a flock of crows, and leave behind the item “?” which appears to be some sort of embryo, which can be cooked or consumed as a healing item. Location: Dry Meadow.

Nightly Event: Knocking at the door

Occasionally during the night an invisible entity will knock at the door, if not answered, the knocking turns into banging at the door, which can break regular doors and damage barricades. If answered, beneficial items will appear in front of the door. This knock can also mean the arrival of the Wedding Invite. in the Dry Meadow. Location: Anywhere, unless you’re receiving the Wedding Invite in the Dry Meadow.

Nightly Event: Opening Doors

Randomly at night, unbarricaded doors may open on their own. In the Dry Meadow, a tense drone may play before the door leading to the room the player is standing in opens, unless they are all barricaded. Locations: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Mysterious Man By The Bed

During the night in the Dry Meadow, a man can be seen sitting on the bed saying things such as “I want to go home.” This event seems to be a one-time occurrance, and has only happened once in my playthrough. Location: Dry Meadow.

Nightly Event: Full Moon

Sometimes during the night a howl can be heard, and a group of Dogs and Huge Dogs will raid the hideout. Location: Anywhere, but rare in the Dry Meadow.

Nightly Event: Black Fog

Mainly occurs in the Silent Forest and Old Woods. A black fog that pulls objects towards it and grows in size, makes an odd liquid gushing noise. If in contact with the player causes a poison gas effect, which drains health. Locations: Anywhere, mainly Silent Forest and Old Woods. (Sidenote, I think it can damage enemies, too. I think it killed a savage one night in my playthrough, but my memory is bad so I don’t exactly know.)

Nightly Event: Poltergeist

Moves all objects in the room either towards the center of the room or towards the player. Location: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Flare

Sometimes, a flare will be ignited outside the player’s hideout, if approached the player may see a villager running away from the scene. Location: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Glowing Mushrooms

An effect similar to fireflies may appear inside or in close proximity to the hideout, if the player approaches this effect they will see poisonous mushrooms which if harvested, yield glowing mushrooms which give a decent amount of essence depending on the oven’s efficiency. Location: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Earthquake

Sometimes during the night an earthquake/tremor can shake furniture and kick dust into the air degrading your vision momentarily. These tremors start weak but increase in magnitude as time progresses, this is a decently rare occurrance and doesn’t always get incredibly strong, sometimes just staying weak. Locations: Anywhere, but mainly in the Old Woods and Silent Forest.

Nightly Event: Huge Bugs

Sometimes the same bugs from the entrance to the Silent Forest can appear in the hideout. If not killed, the bugs begin to spawn the poisonous worms seen in buildings containing these bugs. The bugs will disappear at the end of the night, but the worms will not. Location: Silent Forest and Old Woods. Haven’t seen it in the Dry Meadow.

Nightly Event: Glare

A red light with a white center will spawn on top of the player, deals damage to the player if it is within their cone of vision. Will teleport around before disappearing. Location: Old Woods.

Nightly Event: Heartbeat

Rarely, an audible heartbeat can be heard, if you look outside the windows of the hideout or walk around outside, you can see the ground has turned red and pulsates at the rhythm of the heartbeat. Locations: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Disembodied Voice

Sometimes some text can be seen near the player attempting to lure the player towards it, upon reaching it’s location it will move further away, can lead away from the hideout and away from the protective substance, sometimes can lead to a shiny stone. Locations: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Shiny Stonelight

Sometimes, an odd noise may play and a bright light may appear outside the hideout, if approached will leave a shiny stone in it’s center. Locations: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Wind Gust

Sometimes a gust of wind will blow through the hideout and move furniture in a specific direction for a short amount of time. Locations: Anywhere.

Nightly Event: Sacrifice

Rarely a human-animal hybrid corpse will be burned outside the hideout, if searched will contain odd meat. Location: Silent Forest.

Nightly Event: Molotov

Sometimes a villager will toss a Molotov at the hideout, this Molotov can destroy barricades and destructible furniture. Locations: Anywhere.


There are many night events and enemies that can beat your a** . You’re probably gonna die .

Written by Smurfcivic

This is all about Darkwood – Enemies and Night Events Gameplay; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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