Darkest Dungeon® II – Relationships and Affinity System Gameplay

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Darkest Dungeon® II – Relationships and Affinity System Gameplay 1 - steamlists.com

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Darkest Dungeon 2 offers players a terrifying abyss of darkness where sanity teeters on the brink of destruction, evil lurks at every turn, and treacherous adventurers must traverse dangerous routes while encountering all manner of supernatural horrors and complex relationships that threaten them all.

Beneath the veil of darkness lies the Relationships and Affinity System, an evil entity that exerts an oppressive presence over any soul who dares venture forth. Within this forsaken realm, relationships formed among heroes are as frail and vulnerable to change as candle flames can be.

Positive relationships hold out hope in this harsh realm. Heroes who forge bonds of camaraderie and trust shall find their skills sharpened through shared experiences, providing powerful boosts that may prove crucial in maintaining life or pushing it down into madness.

Be wary, however: ancient cosmic forces that lurk in the shadows delight in sowing discord among these brave warriors. Negative relationships fester like festering wounds, festering and spreading their poisonous influence – breeding distrust between heroes, restricting their abilities, locking away skills that would help their cause, and casting a pall of despair over them all.

Thus, this guide appears, offering hope amid ever-deepening darkness. It seeks to illuminate the path through relationships’ labyrinthine corridors, offering insight and guidance for those daring enough to manage them. With its forbidden knowledge, you will navigate treacherous waters without conflict, moving toward harmony instead.

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for what may lie beneath. Recognize and embrace the forbidden wisdom contained within these pages as it will protect against impending horrors. Likewise, as you delve into relationships, remember that triumph and tragedy exist on a delicate thread like any mental stability that can crumble over time.

As you navigate the delicate dance of affinity and conflict, may the ancient gods of wisdom guide your steps. May your heroes find peace in trusting companionship as they emerge triumphant from dark places – their souls forever changed by what lies beyond.

Understanding Affinity

Affinity levels range from 0 to 20, with higher levels indicating stronger positive relationships and lower levels indicating stronger negative relationships. Starting the game, heroes have a base affinity of 9, and the first Inn has a -10% chance of developing positive or negative relationships.

Increasing Affinity

Affinity can be increased in various ways:

  • Performing actions like healing allies, buffing them, or attacking enemies can increase affinity during combat. Pay attention to these opportunities during battles.
  • Inn items, such as whiskey, can increase the affinity between heroes. Use these items strategically to improve relationship scores.
  • Specific nodes in the game present opportunities for heroes to share the same decisions or choices, which increases their affinity.




Losing Affinity

Affinity can also be lost, so it’s crucial to minimize the chances of negative relationships:

  • Negative affinity can be lost randomly during the road, in combat, or by making decisions at nodes. Be mindful of choices that may decrease affinity between heroes.
  • Negative reactions can occur during combat when heroes perform certain actions that others perceive negatively. High stress increases the chances of negative affinity loss.


Positive Relationships

Positive relationships provide significant combat advantages. There are three categories of positive relationships:

  • Respectful: Provides buffs to blessed skills, such as increased strength and dodge chances. Heroes may follow up on each other’s attacks or respond to enemy hits.
  • Hopeful: Reduces stress and grants buffs to all stats. Heroes may provide stress healing and remove horror effects.
  • Amorous: Enables healing between partners and grants various buffs. Heroes may take hits for each other or provide substantial healing.


Negative Relationships

Negative relationships can hinder your team’s performance. There are four categories of negative relationships:

  • Suspicious: Inflicts debuffs like taunt and vulnerability. Heroes may have negative interactions during combat.
  • Envious: Increases stress and negatively affects relationships. Heroes may exhibit jealousy, causing stress-related issues.
  • Hateful: Causes damage to the hero during combat. Heroes may target each other, resulting in harm.
  • Resentful: Imposes debuffs like blindness and weakness. Heroes may have negative interactions and stress-related problems.


Strategies and Tips

  • Utilize inn items strategically: Inn items like whiskey can improve relationship scores. However, be aware of potential negative effects, as some items have a chance reduce affinity.
  • Prioritize positive relationships: Focus on nurturing positive relationships through careful management and interaction. Choose options that increase relationship scores during road encounters and other events.
  • Manage stress levels: High stress can lead to negative relationships, so actively reduce stress through abilities, items, and camping skills.
  • Utilize pet companions: Unlock and utilize the wolf pup companion to provide additional bonuses and support to your party members. It is the first companion you can unlock and will enhance your team’s capabilities and offset the effects of negative relationships.
  • Upgrade the stagecoach and utilize starting funds: Invest in equipment upgrades such as Tea Service or the Leaf Suspension. Remember to purchase the alcohol from the first tavern, which can reduce stress and improve relationships right from the beginning of your expedition.
  • Explore stress management options: Seek out items like laudanum or utilize abilities that can help reduce stress and upgrade them early. Finding oasis locations during your journey will provide an item that will greatly alleviate stress levels and contribute to maintaining positive relationships.
  • Be prepared for setbacks: Accept that the relationship system introduces an element of randomness and be prepared for setbacks. If negative relationships occur and skills are locked, reassess your strategy, and learn from each run to improve your future attempts.
  • Adapt your strategy: If negative relationships occur and affect your party’s skills, adjust your strategy and explore alternative synergies to compensate for the changes.


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