DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED – Wisdom of a Sage Achievement Guide

DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED – Wisdom of a Sage Achievement Guide 1 - steamlists.com
DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED – Wisdom of a Sage Achievement Guide 1 - steamlists.com

| Introduction |

A description about the extent
In Dark Souls there are three basic types of magic. Sorceries, Pyromancies, and Miracles. Simply put, you have to buy all the Sorceries for this achievement. The only thing that is halfway exhausting is getting the spells from Logan and Griggs because it requires some interactions. The good thing is that you can’t advance these interactions without buying all the spells. The remaining is actually just to buy all the spells and collect two from chests.

| Requirements and material |

  • Griggs of Vinheim, Big Hat Logan, Ingward and Dusk of Oolacile must be alive.
  • A total of 291.500 Souls
  • At least 15 Intelligence


| Rapid version |

Further details can be found under | Progression and Locations |
Griggs of Vinheim and Big Hat Logan

  • Free Griggs of Vinheim (Lower Level of the Undead Burg) (Undead Merchant has key)
  • Free Big Hat Logan (Sen’s Fortress)
  • Buy all spells from Griggs of Vinheim
  • Enter the Main Menu and Back into the Game
  • Defeat Seath the Scaleless
  • Go to Logan who is near the secret door in Duke’s Archives.
  • Buy all of Logan’s spells and talk to him
  • Enter the Main Menu and Back into the Game
  • Go back to where you saw Seath the first time and defeat Logan.
  • At the stairway to the stone ball control is on the left a platform with a snake
  • Jump down there, Griggs stands close, defeat him
  • Done!

Dusk of Oolacile

  • Defeat the Hydra
  • Right along the waterfall to the indentation
  • Enter the Main Menu and Back into the Game
  • Defeat the Gold Crystal Golem
  • Say “Yes” to her
  • Enter the Main Menu and Back into the Game
  • Activate a sign which is near the stone (close to the Hydra loot in the water)
  • Buy all spells


  • Go to New Londo
  • Go to Ingward
  • Buy the spell

Treasure Positions

  • Duke’s Archives.
  • Second floor – to the right of the upper channeler (from Prison Bonefire)
  • Strong Magic Shield – Sucess!


  • Blighttown
  • A level above the elevator behind the ladder
  • Over the big branch and then in the chest next to the Crimson Set
  • Remedy – Sucess!


| About Vendors |

A list of the spells and the corresponding non-player characters… You have to buy them all anyway! If you want just go to the Progression and Locations section as long as you buy all the spells and keep in mind that Logan and Girggs don’t have all the spells from the beginning nothing can go wrong…. If it didn’t work out, check if you have all these spells.

About | Griggs of Vinheim

Griggs of Vinheim (85.500 Souls)
“Firelink Shrine” Griggs

  • Soul Arrow
  • Great Soul Arrow
  • Heavy Soul Arrow
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow
  • Aural Decoy
  • Fall Control

“Sen’s Fortress” Hollow Griggs

  • Hush


About | Big Hat Logan

Big Hat Logan (183.000 Souls)
“Firelink Shrine” Logan

  • Homing Soulmass
  • Soul Spear
  • Magic Weapon
  • Great Magic Weapon
  • Magic Shield

“Duke’s Archives” Logan

  • Homing Crystal Soulmass
  • Crystal Soul Spear

“Duke’s Archives – Fake Boss Room” Hollow Logan

  • White Dragon Breath


About | Dusk of Oolacile

Dusk of Oolacile (18.000 Souls)
“Darkroot Basin” Dusk of Oolacile

  • Hidden Weapon
  • Hidden Body
  • Cast Light
  • Repair
  • Chameleon


About | Ingward

Ingward (5.000 Souls)

  • Hidden Weapon


About | Others


  • Strong Magic Shield
  • Remedy


| Progression and Locations |

Basically where to find vendors and what to do with them… explained as simply as possible…

Griggs of Vinheim and Big Hat Logan

1. Free Griggs
Griggs can be found on the Lower Level of the Undead castle. If you stand at the back end of the dragon bridge you have two doors, one leads to the Lower Level. then not in the direction of Capra Demon but the other direction. There you can hear him talking, just look which door opens, there is only one. Then free him by rolling against the barrels and chat. You buy the key for the door from the undead merchant.
Undead Merchant
He is where you saw the dragon for the first time further ahead and then right at the spear boys down and then directly left through the door.
2. Free Logan
For Big Hat Logan you just have to go to Sen’s Fortress to the origin of the stone balls there you can fire them in four directions. One route leads to nowhere, one brings you back to where you met the first stone ball, from one direction you arrived, remains the one with the wall with a snake standing on it, if you haven’t killed it. Just let the ball hit there and Logan is then right in one of the cages, open it with the master key otherwise the key for his cage is in the tower where the merchant is better said you have to go down the stairs and then kill a snake. A broken path leads to the tower and you have to jump over it. The path is at a triangular intersection the opposite path leads to a Balder Knight. It is slightly below the level where the iron golem is.
3. Buy all spells from Griggs
He is at the Firelink Shrine until Logan is gone and you have bought everything. After that, he becomes hollow and can be found in Sen’s fortress.
4. Kill Seath, meet and buy all spells from Logan
After Logan leaves the Firelink Shrine just defeats Seath the Scaleless (Travel to the Duke’s Archives). Logan is in the back right corner of the second darker room behind the secret door. This is the room that does not lead to the Crystal Golem and Seath. Buy all his spells. Go to the main menu and go back into the game until he doesn’t remember who you are if you talk to him.
5. Kill Hollow Griggs
Griggs can be found at Sen’s Fortress. Do you remember the way where you meet the rolling stone for the second time? You can go down and up there. At the top you will come to the control for the stone balls. Directly on the left side when you go up, if you look down you will see a snake on a platform. Simply put on the platform is a tunnel in which Griggs is standing. Drop down on the platform and defeat Griggs… Be careful that you don’t fall down, apparently, this is a problem for many…
6. Kill Hollow Logan
You will find him where the first encounter with Seath took place if you don’t know where that is go teleport to anor londo and then just go up the stairs after the first elevator there is a switch cause the elevator is probably still up. Now kill Logan

Dusk of Oolacile

Dusk is trapped in a Crystal Golem and you have to defeat this golem. The golem is in the Darkroot Basin behind the first hydra, the one that is not at Ash Lake. After you have defeated the Hydra, you have to continue to the right of the waterfall – don’t go up the ladder, just keep going to the right. There is something at the end that looks like a small cave where the golem will spawn or stand. When you’ve just defeated the Hydra you have to go to the main menu and re-enter so that it spawns, use this to your tactical advantage if you can.
After you free her say “Yes”, then she disappears. Do you remember the loot before the Hydra? There is now a sign on the only close stone with which you can call Dusk. But you have to restart again… Then just buy all her spells and you’re done.


Ingward is the old geezer at the New Londo Ruins (Where you drained the water…) the guy gave you the key to drain the water remember? Just go to him on the roof and buy the spell.

Treasure Positions

Strong Magic Shield
Can be found in the Duke’s Archives. There where the two channelers are. The upper one on the right side in the corner is where you can find the spell in a chest.
When you come from the prison Bonefire is directly on the upper level right. There are the two Channelers… Cmon go and take it before i get mad!
Can be found in Blighttown. When you come from the Valley of Drakes and wind your way down the ladder you will come to the point where the elevator is. When you are at the elevator… you are one level too high go back and behind the ladder where the weird whip creature is and then follow the path over the branch and there is the Crimson Set and in the chest the spell… How could you have missed that?
Finally, this is accomplished!

Written by PlamAtom

Hope you enjoy the Guide about DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED – Wisdom of a Sage Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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