DARK SOULS™ II – How to Play DARK SOULS™ II Using Keyboard

DARK SOULS™ II – How to Play DARK SOULS™ II Using Keyboard 1 - steamlists.com
DARK SOULS™ II – How to Play DARK SOULS™ II Using Keyboard 1 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about DARK SOULS™ II – How to Play DARK SOULS™ II Using Keyboard Following this guide each steps.

This guide will teach you how to play Dark Souls II/SotFS, and other Souls games (Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls III if they ever release on PC and Elden Ring), without having a controller.


I’ve heard that you need to use a controller to play the Dark Souls series. I had a controller, but it was expensive, and the sticks were ruined when I was done playing. Towards the end of my second Dark Souls playthrough, I decided to end the game.

The “Prepare to Die Edition” of Dark Souls on PC had numerous issues, but the most prominent and most important was the erratic and chaotic mouse movements. The game was difficult to navigate with Keyboard and Mouse. Dark Souls II has completely solved the issue. SOFTWARE added double-clicking commands due to the absence of buttons on the mouse.

Imagine a scenario where you’re able to dodge while experiencing this! This can be solved by removing double-clicking from the Mouse Options, but you won’t have enough buttons to use your mouse. Particularly since this game allows dual-wielding. This guide will assist you in enjoying the game without the need for a controller.


Muscle Memory for Keyboards

Even if you’re blindfolded, you’ll be able to identify where your keys are.

Nimble Fingers

You can control your five fingers. Your fingers move swiftly without twitching or making false movements.


Set “Disable double-clicking” to off (it should be set by default).


Double Right Click for Left Hand Attack This lets you stay in the know while performing footwork. Double click to avoid accidental attacks when you are using two hands.


Move Forward W:

S: Go backwards

A: Move Left

D: Move Left

E: Interact

Use item F:

Right Hand Attack B:

Right Hand Strong Attack V:

Q: Left Hand Attack *

R: Left Hand strong Attack (Also Parry).

Hold the weapon two-handed (Hold C in power-stretched position or hold left weapon with two hands)

4: switch Spell

Switch Item 3:

Switch Left Hand Weapon 2:

1: Switch Left Hand Weapon

SHIFT: Sprinting/Roll/Backstep


Reset the lock on the camera/target with TAB:

ALT: Walk

Num 8: Camera Up

Num 5: Camera Down

Num 4: Camera Left

Num 6: Camera Right

Num 1: Auto Walk/Run

Num 0: Auto Guard


I: Camera Up

K: Camera Down

J: Camera Left

L: Camera Right

Menu navigation can be anything.

* Recall double right mouse clicks to assist in security according to this Keymap your hand will be in an awkward position if you’re protecting yourself and moving forward-left. Holding Q, W, A and V together while keeping your fingers on B or V for attacking is what you do. By holding the Double Right Clicks, you are able to remain in a position of protection while doing the proper footwork.

This layout is compatible with Dark Souls/Remastered aswell as Dark Souls II/SOTFS and Dark Souls III.

Last Words

Cursed Undead, Good luck on your journey. It’s possible that I don’t appear to be an expert however, I’ve played Dark Soul II for 7K hours without recording. I’m on the road towards redemption, if you know what I’m talking about.

We hope you found it useful; it has been our pleasure to walk you through the DARK SOULS™ II – How to Play DARK SOULS™ II Using Keyboard. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this page, do let us know in the comments. I appreciate your time and effort, and I wish you a wonderful day! A big thank you to 110C Hotspot is totally okay. for his post that inspired this guide. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you enjoyed the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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