Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada – – Basic game Guide and Walkthrough

Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada – – Basic game Guide and Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com
Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada – – Basic game Guide and Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com

Basic game guide and walkthrough for Dandy Dungeon 1.


Welcome to my basic game guide for Dandy Dungeon.
This is NOT meant as a comprehensive total list of game information, but I will try to cover a lot of the basics and add a walkthrough for the ‘Dandy Dungeon 1’, that is basically the part of the game up until beating Demon Lord Castle.
This guide will not cover Dandy Dungeon 2; that is, the Yamanote missions. Neither will I discuss the Pyramid, or the ‘special’ side dungeons in detail. In fact, it will not cover any content that is unlocked AFTER beating Demon Lord Castle.
That is a bit unfortunate, because most of the real good content will be encountered only after beating the Demon Lord!
I might at some point in the future add to this guide or create a new one to cover more content, but writing a guide like this is pretty time consuming so no promises.

Yamada’s Room

NOTE: Yamada is implementing the game as the story develops. If an option isn’t available for you then it will need to be unlocked by progressing through the game some more.
The main hub for the game is Yamada’s room where he does his programming magic. Story events take place here from time to time after completing certain goals.
Yamada is also sometimes visited by NPCs, these visits are generally announced by them ringing the doorbell (although sometimes they just barge in, why doesn’t he lock his door?!). Some of these events are random and optional and can be dismissed by choosing the ‘Snub’ option when they happen.
Yamada also sometimes acquires items that he might place in his room, some of which can be interacted with.
Clicking on the screen opens the Debug menu. Clicking on Yamada will open the Yamada menu.

Yamada Menu


  • Schedule – Displays the current progress throught the story event.
  • Monster Shelf – Displays info on all monsters that have been killed in the dungeon so far.
  • Dandy Collections – Displays all item sets that have been discovered. You will be rewarded for discovering certain amounts of equipment sets, will earn you some unique ‘Coin’ rewards and a thank you performance from Yamada.
  • Quit Game – Hmmm
  • Options – Hmmm


Debug Menu


  • Play – Play a story dungeon
  • Special – Play a special dungeon
  • Equip – Opens the inventory screen for equipping stuff
  • Upgrade – Opens the inventory screen for upgrading stuff
  • Sell – Opens the inventory screen for selling stuff
  • Demon Ad – Play the Demon Ad that is left on Yamada’s computer
  • Broke Questers – Spend gold on an NPC to gain items
  • Item Shop – Purchase items from here



As explained in the tutorial, your goal is to draw a path from the entry door of a dungeon floor to the exit door. You will attack enemies and pick up items along the way to the exit. Squares that are visited will fall away so you can only visit each square once.
TIP: Pay attention to how you draw your path. There are often multiple ways to visit all squares, and some ways allow you to avoid line of sight with monsters that have ranged attacks, or place obstacles in the way.


Once you start drawing a path, you will have limited time to draw a path through the exit. After that time is exceeded, you will start losing HP. The amount of time you have and the amount of HP loss varies per dungeon. Note that there is no time limit BEFORE you start drawing, so you can take as much time as you want to think out a good path.
Cheese: If you started drawing and come to the conclusion that you made an error in calculating the path, you can click outside the game window (assuming you don’t play full-screen) to freeze the game and rethink the path without worrying about the time limit.
Most dungeons will punish you with HP loss for each empty square that is left when entering the exit door. If you leave no empty squares when you exit a floor and you killed all monsters, you will earn a Perfect! reward. This is usually a gold bonus, but it can also be an item from the dungeon rewards pool.
A square will not count as empty if it has any object on it (item, enemy, dungeon feature, or trap), or if it has water on it.
WARNING: Water can be frozen by spells, at which point it becomes an empty square if nothing else is on it!


If you ever want to flee from a dungeon, you can click on Yamada at the start of a floor and click the exit door. You will lose most of the treasure found so far (typically all except 1 or 2 random items). There is some equipment that mitigates part of the item loss from fleeing (Thief set / Goemon set). But there is usually not much point in fleeing from a dungeon early, unless you entered a wrong dungeon by mistake or forgot to equip some gear or items

Rice Balls

Rice balls are a retry mechanic that is a bit of legacy carried over from the game’s mobile days. If you die in a dungeon, you can feed Yamada a riceball to revive him. You can buy them from the rare item shop in exchange for clovers, so they are still a bit of a commodity that requires some grinding to get. It’s handy to keep a reserve of them just in case RNG or a mistake ruins a run.
But keep in mind that most dungeons and bosses can be completed without using rice balls. If you find yourself having to use riceballs a lot, you should rethink your tactics or gear. It may be impossible to brute force your way to a win.

Dungeon Trophies

After finishing a dungeon you will earn the gold and loot you found in the dungeon. Based on how well you did a trophy will be awarded:

  • Bronze: You finished the dungeon.
  • Silver: You finished the dungeon with a Perfect! on all floors.
  • Gold: You scored the Silver trophy and you collected all possible loot. Usually requires multiple playthroughs.


Dungeon scoring system

Killing monsters earns points. Tougher monsters earn more points. Bonus points for killing bosses.
After beating a dungeon, a multiplier is awarded based on the clear speed and the clear percentage; you need to Perfect! all floors for a 100% rating. The multiplier maxes out at x18 (double Amazing! rating).
A score is invalidated by using rice balls, using a Ruurarara scroll, or by restarting the game while playing a level. This last one might seem a bit strange, but force-quitting and restarting is a method that can be used to tinker with the RNG seed of the game, which can change (for example) critical hit rolls and such.

0-hp healing

This is a very important basic gameplay mechanic that is not taught by the tutorials. Important enough to warrant its own section.
0-hp healing is a strategy allows you to heal after receiving a blow that would normally kill you, without triggering a game over. It’s not really hard to do, but you want to learn it as soon as possible.

How to do it:

During the enemy’s turn, when they are about to hit you, click a healing item that is ready to use from your inventory. This will bring up a confirmation dialog to use or not use the item. If you timed it correctly, the monster attack will proceed in the background as normal. Now, if the attack kills you, you can still click “Use” in the confirmation dialog, and instead of dying, you will be healed from 0 hp!

Warning: some status effects will interfere with this process, so be careful with enemies that inflict CONFUSE, SLEEP, or FROZEN. There are also some monster spells that screw with the timing for this a little bit. Most notably the ‘Double Fire’ attack used by some later-game spellcasters

Level, inventory, and equipment

Yamada Level (game)

Yamada will earn XP by beating dungeons. This allows him to level up. Leveling up unlocks more inventory space and also unlocks dungeons (both story dungeons and special dungeons). For all practical purposes, the max level is 100.
(In the mobile version, the game had an energy system — playing dungeons required a certain amount of energy that replenished over time, and your level also affected the maximum energy you could store).

Inventory (game)

Yamada has 3 inventory categories. General (these are utility items, spells, and upgrade materials), Weapons, and Equipment. Each category can hold a max number of items based on Yamada’s level. Once any of the categories has a full inventory, you can’t enter a new dungeon until you use or sell some items to get below the limit.
You can inspect the details of an item by ‘long clicking’ it (ie, hold the left mouse button) until a popup appears.
You can star items to pin them to the top of your inventory, this is very useful for equipment sets and weapons you use often.
You can also lock items. This prevents them from being accidentally sold or used as upgrade material.

Equipment and leveling

All gear (weapons and armor) can be upgraded from the Upgrade menu. To upgrade an item, choose it from the list and then select up to 5 items to use as upgrade materials. Each item has an ‘Upgrade XP’ stat that reveals how much it contributes to leveling items. Upgrade cost is based on the current level of the item you’re upgrading.
Items that are leveled up are stronger (weapons->increased ATK, armor->increased DEF, shields->increased DEF+block chance), and sometimes special abilities are unlocked on higher levels. For example, the Fire Sword unlocks (surprise!) Fire Attack when it reaches level 5, giving it a combat bonus against some types of monsters.
The maximum level of items varies between level 5 and level 30. Higher tier gear tends to have higher level cap.
Many items can be evolved to a higher tier after you level them to MAX. Evolving an item requires up to 5 specific ingredients. You can see the required ingredients in the upgrade/evolve screen but only if the item is already MAX level. You can also see the ingredients by inspecting the details of the base item and clicking the evolution item in the popup.
After you evolve an item, the evolved item starts at level 1! This means it starts out super weak again. Don’t forget to level up your items after evolving them.
The best upgrade materials are usually stones/ores and gems. If you want to quickly stock up on upgrade materials, spend some gold on Broke Quester Sato. [link] He can easily provide you with stones and ores that have high upgrade XP.

Shop/Usable Items

Item Shop (game)

There are two kinds of purchases. The first are ‘Gold item’ purchases. You can buy common items (like spell scrolls and healing items) here using the gold you earned in the dungeon. Items here must be unlocked by first finding them in the dungeons!
The second are ‘Rare item’ purchases. Here you can exchange (mostly) clovers for equipment and other items.

Shop inventory (gold purchases)

Sleep Scroll
Cost: 1480 gold
Description: Cast sleep on all enemies.
Poison Scroll
Cost: 1980 gold
Description: Cast poison on all enemies.
Magic Barrier Scroll
Cost: 480 gold
Description: Reflect spells for a while. They will be redirected to a target near you.
Cost: 480 gold
Description: Does 1-2 damage to every square, triggers traps.
Cost: 980 gold
Description: Improves sight radius in dark dungeons, and removes any darkness buffs from monsters.
Falcon Scroll
Cost: 5800 gold
Description: Buffs with Falcon. You should (almost) always carry at least one of these around: not only does it give 2 attacks per round, it also increases hit chance, crit chance, and evasion (causing monsters to miss).
Darkness Scroll
Cost: 4800 gold
Description: Cast darkness on all enemies. Blinded enemies will miss most of their attacks.
Brute Force Scroll
Cost: 2980 gold
Description: Buffs ATK.
Blockade Scroll
Cost: 2980 gold
Description: Gives a barrier that reduces 3 physical attacks to 1-2 damage.
Cost: 9800 gold
Description: Pulls in nearby items, gold, and monsters. Use with care. Can also be used to steal from the dungeon shop.
Morph Scroll
Cost: 2980 gold
Description: Turns you into a nearby object. While active, you will pass through monsters. You will transform back if you can’t swap with the next monster/object in your path. There are also times when a monster will block you despite Yamada being transformed but I’m not sure what the mechanics on that is (it’s possible that it depends on the monster, that some monsters see through the morph effect).
Metal Scroll
Cost: 7880 gold
Description: Turn into metal. Metal is pretty interesting: While metal,
– Monsters attacking you will damage themselves instead
– If you move over a trap, the trap will be destroyed
– You will not receive penalty damage from empty squares upon reaching the goal door
However, you also cannot perform attacks, so if you reach an object you will be stuck behind it until it wears off. Turning metal also removes any status effects, both good and bad.

Blockbuster Scroll
Cost: 39800 gold
Description: Deals minor damage to all squares, and removes all walls.
Ruurarara Scroll
Cost: 19800 gold
Description: This is a magic scroll that can teleport you away from the current dungeon level, to a ‘Lonely Island’, that contains only a Forgotten Island City and a goal door. However, there is a secret second exit in the top row. If you click the shrine that you see on the second island, it will tell you it’s also a goal door. But normally you can’t trace a path through water, right? So how do you get there? There are actually two options here: you can either use an Ice-all Scroll to freeze the water, making it walkable. But you can also use a Momoze Scroll to wash the central 3 columns away, allowing you to walk over the sea floor. (This floor has no empty square penalty)
If you enter the shrine exit, you will be taken to a secret 8-bit floor. The enemies here are very strong; the 8-bit Dragon Kings pack a punch (and breathe at you from afar). But the Dark Mage can also freeze you with the odd Ice-all spell.
Bug Spray
Cost: 980 gold
Description: Deals 1 damage to the 3 squares in front of Yamada. Useful to finish off gold monsters or monsters that clung to life with “Hang in there!”.
Fire Scroll
Cost: 980 gold
Description: Deal fire damage to a monster.
Thunder Scroll
Cost: 1480 gold
Description: Deal lightning damage to a monster.
Ice Scroll
Cost: 1980 gold
Description: Deal ice damage to a monster. Occasionally freezes them into an ice block. Water on affected square is frozen.
Cost: 2480 gold
Description: Deal physical damage twice to everything in front of Yamada.
Thunderall Scroll
Cost: 2980 gold
Description: Deal lightning damage to a 5×5 area centered around Yamada. Objects further away from the center are damaged less.
Cost: 6800 gold
Description: Deal explosion/fire damage to a spherical area around Yamada.
Ice-all Scroll
Cost: 7800 gold
Description: Deals ice damage to a 5×5 area centered around Yamada. Water on affected squares is frozen.
Momoze Scroll
Cost: 29800 gold
Description: Deal huge damage to the center 3 columns of a floor. Any water in those squares is washed away.
Melonginus Scroll
Cost: 99800 gold
Description: Deal massive damage to all enemies. Comes with a pretty cool animation, too.


When you reach level 22, you will be visited by an NPC: Mamazon. She will give Yamada a very nice gift: Pako the Tooldog.
You can summon Pako with a reusable scroll. Heart and lock the scroll immediately. You will be bringing the scroll with you in 100% of the dungeons from the moment you receive it. (If you ever lose the Pako scroll, I think you can buy it back once you have access to the Mamazon.mom menu which happens after beating the Demon Lord)
The Pako scroll takes 50 turns to charge, and when summoned, Pako will allow you to change your inventory while in a dungeon. This is VERY powerful, as it provides access to your full inventory for fresh healing and combat items. Once you have chosen which items to carry with you, Pako will deliver them in your inventory ready to use. The only exception here is the Pako Scroll itself… which is understandable. If you kept it in your inventory, it will need 50 turns to recharge again.
Another nice bonus that Pako gives is that any items in the dungeon that you discard (when having a full inventory) will be sent to your main inventory now.

The dungeon

Dungeon features

Each dungeon square can hold at most one object. Tap/click the object to inspect it, there is a lot of flavor text. Some features span multiple dungeon squares.

WallWalls restrict the path that Yamada can draw. Note that there are also “broken” walls, that *can* be passed through.
SceneryYamada will hit it to get past it. Many objects can also drop something when destroyed, e.g. a tree can drop a stick, a pot may contain a scroll or reveal a monster, etc. Some objects are very sturdy and take quite a few hits to destroy.
GoldA gold pickup. This will increase your gold counter. You will earn this gold upon beating the dungeon but you can also spend or lose it in the dungeon.
ItemIf Yamada moves over an item, it will be placed in your inventory. You will keep these items even when you lose the dungeon. If your inventory is full, you can choose an item to discard.
ChestPicks up a bronze, silver, golden, or platinum chest. This becomes part of the loot that you will acquire if you successfully complete the dungeon.
MonsterYamada will automatically engage combat with monsters. More info below.
TrapNegatively affects Yamada in some way. More info below.
Recovery SpringHeals Yamada for 20HP
Goal/Exit doorThe goal for a floor. Exit doors are usually not found until the final floor of a dungeon.
WaterWater squares are not really objects, but they can actually hold items or monsters even though it can not be moved on. To get to objects on water squares, you have to freeze the water (Ice spell) or wash the water away (using Momoze) and then trace a path over it. You can also use a Magnet when near water to pull items in.
Overhead sceneryUsually canopy or pipes. Obscures the squares it is placed over, but once Yamada moves under it, it disappears and clears the view.
Monster pipe(Yes I know, technically these are not ‘in’ the dungeon. Bite me.) A pipe placed on the side of a level that will spawn a monster each turn in the square that the pipe is facing. Will not spawn a monster if the square is occupied.



There is a large variety of monsters in several monster classes. They may drop items upon dying, after you pick them up they will be added to the dungeon loot.
I won’t try to give a complete list of monsters, but it might be good to at least list the most common monster properties. Note: these classifications are mine and thus not official.

Monster typeDescription
WanderingMonsters can walk into empty squares next to them (not into water).
TeleportingMonsters blink around into empty squares. May teleport into water.
ChargingWhen Yamada enters horizontal or vertical line of sight, charges towards Yamada, destroying scenery, and pushing other monsters and loot back.
Ranged/BreathingFires projectiles at Yamada when in the same row or column. Can destroy scenery but are blocked by walls.
AggressiveWill always attack Yamada when in an adjacent square, even if he does not go through the cell with the monster
SpellcastingCasts spells at Yamada (attack or status effects) or monsters (healing or buffs).
DefensiveMonsters with extremely high DEF. Yamada will often miss attacks, and usually deal only 1 damage whenever an attack connects unless he has very high ATK. Critical hits deal full damage.
CowardlyHigh chance of fleeing, especially when losing health. Often paired with defensive.
StealingMay attempt to steal an item or gold during combat. If successful, increased chance to run away on subsequent turns. Stolen stuff will be dropped if you manage to kill the monster before that happens.
HiddenWill not be visible or targetable by spells until Yamada attempts to move into their square.
Duplicating/SummoningMay duplicate or summon into empty (usually adjacent) squares.



Traps are scattered around some dungeons. Sometimes they will be visible, sometimes not. Note however that “invisble” traps can still be clicked on to reveal them. Monsters will not wander or teleport into trapped squares.
Traps are usually triggered when moving over their square, but some traps have different triggers.
The game teaches you to use ratbags to destroy traps, but there are different ways to deal with them. A monster charging (or attacking) over a trap will destroy it. Some area attacks will destroy traps. If you are ‘metal’ when triggering a trap, the trap will be destroyed. And certain skills from equipment can also negate traps.

Bear trapLocks Yamada into place for 3 turns dealing minor damage each turn. Yamada can not attack while trapped.
Sleep gas trapPuts Yamada to sleep.
Big steel trapBear trap’s big brother: it works the same but the damage per turn is much larger.
Poison puddleInflicts poison debuff
Trap door(Pyramid) Fall back a floor
Inubis statue(Pyramid) Random debuff
Black bird trap(Pyramid) Big physical damage


The dungeon (ctd)

Yamada Level (dungeon)

Each dungeon, Yamada will enter as a level 1 character. You can defeat monsters in the dungeon to earn XP. Upon leveling up, Yamada’s stats will increase and he will be fully healed and negative status effects are removed.
Level table:

LevelXP requiredTotal XPStats
Level 10
Level 255HP+3, ATK+1
Level 31015HP+4, DEF+1
Level 42035HP+6, ATK+1
Level 53065HP+7, DEF+1
Level 640105HP+9, ATK+1
Level 750155HP+10, DEF+1
Level 860215HP+12, ATK+1
Level 970285HP+13, DEF+1, ATK+1
Level 1080365HP+16
Level 11+??HP+5, ATK+1, DEF+1


Status effects

You will encounter many status effects.

BurnedTake damage every turn. Very rare outside the bathhouse.
ConfusionAttack in a random direction until it wears off. Unable to use items.
BlindedDarkness makes it almost impossible to hit enemies until it wears off.
IceFreezes you into an ice block for a few turns. Unable to use items.
PoisonDamages you every turn until it wears off.
SleepIncapacitated until you wake up. Unable to use items.
BarrierA magic barrier that deflects spells. Warning: also deflects spells you attempt to cast on yourself.
Brute ForceHuge bonus to ATK.
FalconDouble your turns and increases dodge and critical hit rate.
MetalTurn into metal for a few turns. See more elaborate explanation in the item shop description.
RegenerationGain a bit of HP every turn.
ShieldShields from physical attacks for 3 hits (not turns).


Passive effects

There are also a huge number of passive effects, offered by various pieces of equipment or equipment sets. The most important of these:

Elemental resistanceElemental resistances usually means a 50% damage reduction against attacks of that type. Ice resistance also means you will not be frozen into an ice block by ice attacks. Since explosions count as fire damage, fire resistance helps against that.
Status effect resistanceMakes Yamada completely immune to the status effect in question (Poison, Sleep, Confusion, Darkness).
Hang in there!Upon taking fatal damage, there’s a chance that instead of dying, Yamada will get up again with 1hp.
Cut guardChance of canceling monster critical hits.


Inventory (dungeon)

You can carry a max of 5 items with you in a dungeon. You can also find items lying on the dungeon floor. When you move over an item, it will automatically be added to your inventory. If your inventory is full, you will have the option to discard(*) an item from your inventory to make place for the new item.
IMPORTANT: If you don’t want the new item, you can also choose to discard the item that was just found. Simply click on the item that Yamada is holding up!
(*) – If you have the Pako dog (which is unlocked at level 22), the discarded item will be moved to your main inventory storage instead.

Usable Items

Whenever you use an item in the dungeon it degrades a bit. A degraded item will take longer to recharge, and eventually break upon use. The strength of the item is not affected by this.
There are a few exceptions that bypass the normal turn-based recharge time:

  • When you pick it up an item from the dungeon floor, it will be ready to use instantly. This is even true if it was an uncharged item that was stolen from your inventory.
  • When you use Pako to change your inventory, every item (except Pako scroll) will be instantly charged to use.

Broken items stay in your inventory until you swap them out. You can sell them or use them as upgrade material (but with a few exceptions broken items are not worth a lot of upgrade XP).
But pay attention: a lot of item/gear upgrade recipes require a broken version of specific items, so keep on to some of them to prevent having to farm them later.

Item Shop (dungeon)

Some dungeons have a dungeon shop in them, where Aja sells stuff. Item prices are much cheaper than the game item shop, but you can only spend gold that you found in the dungeon. Tap Aja to bring up his asking price, and if you make the purchase Aja will take your gold and disappear, leaving you free to draw a path through his dungeon inventory to pick it up.
If you don’t want the items, you can simply skip the dungeon part that contains the shop. Warning: this prevents 100%-ing a floor!
If you do want the items, but don’t have the gold to make the purchase (or you want to hold on to it, being the cheapskate that you are), you can either draw your dungeon path through the shop anyway (but you will have to kill Aja, who is very strong), or you can use a magnet when in range of the shop inventory to steal everything.
WARNING: The shopkeeper Aja is peaceful unless he (or his shop sign) is attacked, or when his items are stolen. This means that if you don’t want to aggro him you have to avoid area damage or passives that hit random objects on the dungeon floor.


(This boss revenge system is unlocked after beating the Yamada Underground dungeon.) The story bosses will level up after you defeat them. They will disappear from the game for a short time and be replaced by a default monster instead. When they return, they will be a bit stronger. Unlike the phone version of the game where there was no level cap, they can gain a maximum of 3 levels. After reaching their max level, they will no longer disappear from the dungeon.
You will also notice boss drops are in the dungeon preview screen (it’s in the treasure chest bubble near them). They are extra items that are dropped randomly after hitting the boss during the fight. Some bosses drop very good items so you it pays to farm some of them.

Walktrough Start — Intro, Princess Tower

The start of the game is pretty straightforward and just teaches you the basics. So just play through the tutorials and get some background on the story until Yamada is fired from his job and you’re given a little more free reign. After finishing the first ‘real’ dungeon (Princess Tower) you can now play Chairman’s tower.
I will list the dungeons chronologically here, with little fluff in between. If a story dungeon hasn’t unlocked yet, you will probably need a higher level.
In the stretches between dungeons when you are leveling up, you might want to try to obtain the key equipment I listed somewhere, or just explore around a bit and hunt gold and items.

Princess Tower


Dungeon dropsIron Sword, Iron Shield, Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Sword Stone (Gold Trophy)
HP: 20
STRATEGY: Just pummel him. If your Thunderall Scroll recharged already, you could spend a charge of that.

DETAILS: Still part of the tutorial, just showing you the ropes. Don’t forget to equip the gear that you find here for an increase in stats. Floor 3 has a monster zoo, but you have been given a scroll to kill all enemies easily.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: You will automatically find everything here. There is a secret treasure here too, but it only unlocks after you get the Red Castanets, which you will only unlock when you’re far into Dandy Dungeon 2. (Check my Sato’s Quest Box guide if you’re really curious).
Important: About monster zoos (not an official term; I borrowed this word from Angband terminology): these are floors that contains a huge amount of monsters. Yamada will always spawn two squares from the exit door, with only a coin in between him and the exit. This means that drawing a path through all squares to fight all monsters is completely optional. In most cases, you still want to clear the entire zoo: it will offer a lot of XP, and if you continue without fighting, you will miss out on a perfect! score.

Chairman’s Tower [BOSS]

Dungeon dropsIron Axe, Iron Spear, Barbarian Garb, Barbarian Helmet, Skull Shield, Old Sword (Secret Treasure), Silver Ore (Gold Trophy)
Boss dropsShadow Warrior Stone, Thief Hood, Thief Clothes, Thief Pipe
Dungeon pickupsAntidote, Magic Barrier Scroll, Medicine, Thunderall Scroll
BossChairman Anayokoji
HP: 80
SKILLS: Iceball, Heal (ally)
STRATEGY: His attacks are not very dangerous, but he can cast spells that disable you. Keep your magic barrier up and heal when necessary. You can also use a Thunderall charge to make the fight easier.

Still very much an easy starter level dungeon. Don’t worry about losing too much, if you want you can farm the Princess Tower for some materials to upgrade your equipment a bit but it shouldn’t be necessary.
Floor 4 features a monster zoo, it’s good to spend a Thunderall scroll charge for an XP boost.
On floor 5 you will encounter Chairman Anayokoji and 2 mages. This floor can be a bit annoying because all of them can cast sleep spells, and Anayokoji can also heal the mages. When you engage the fight with a mage, use a Magic Barrier scroll — it will deflect any sleep spells they try to cast back on them.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The Old Sword evolves into Holy Sword which is nice but not groundbreaking (and also expensive as it requires a rare Sword Ore). The Thief set from the boss can also be acquired from the later dungeon House of Dolls.

Yamada the Wanderer

Dungeon dropsSchool Uniform, School Hat, Iron Frying Pan, Chef Uniform, Chef Hat, Ancient Dagger, Fire Sword (Secret Treasure), Rice Ball (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBlockade Scroll, Brute Force Scroll, Medicine, Ratbag, Sleep Scroll
BossMimic (1st time), Trap room (2nd time), Big Slime (final).
STRATEGY: the Mimic chest (1st time boss) can be pretty tough as it has high def. Rather than a drawn out fight, it may be better to use a Thunderall scroll. The Big Slime boss is not very dangerous, except that it has a decent amount of HP.

DETAILS: This dungeon will change the first few times you play through it, evolving as the story progresses. Shouldn’t give you much problems.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The Student Set is a nice starter equipment as it gives you +10HP, very good because you will be able to soak a few hits before leveling up. The Ancient Dagger is also worth getting — you can evolve it into an Assassin’s Dagger that has a chance to inflict poison. This is useful against certain bosses. The fire sword is okay too, but in my opinion it lacks something and is easily outperformed by other weapons.
After you beat Yamada the Wanderer for the second time, you will unlock Special Dungeons. They can be accessed through the debug menu, and provide various side dungeons that can be completed for extra rewards and equipment. See the chapter on Special Dungeons somewhere else in this guide for more details.
By now you can also be visited any moment by a new NPC: Sato the Thief. This will unlock the ‘Broke Questers’ system, where you can spend money to gain items that help you level up your equipment. For more details, see the Broke Questers chapter.
For now, just continue on with the story dungeons.

Fungus Forest

Dungeon dropsLeaf, Turd Hat, Pot Lid, Iron Claw, Buckler, Turd Staff, Axe Stone (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBlockade Scroll, Boomerang Brute Force Scroll, Medicine, Morph Scroll
BossElder Mush
HP: 110
SKILLS: Buddy Summon, Heal (ally), Sleep Breath
STRATEGY: His sleep breath can be a dealbreaker so try to keep yourself healed. (It also bypasses Magic Barrier! (?))

DETAILS: Nothing much to say about this. Be wary of enemies with ranged attacks.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Nothing you *really* need here, but I found that despite its name the Turd staff (and especially its Legendary evolve) is pretty good. It has high ACC so it doesn’t miss a lot, even though it is somewhat lacking in the DMG department. That said, you will probably find better weapons (like the Fly Swatter) before you can really make it useful.


Dungeon dropsHunter Garb, Hunter Cap, Beast Whip, Rapier, Sleepy Shield, Stinky Shield, Cape of the Wind (Secret Treasure), Spear Stone (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBoomerang, Fire Scroll, Morph Scroll, Ratbag
BossWood King
HP: 120
STRATEGY: Bring healing. Due to its high HP and regeneration the boss fight is a bit longer. You can use magic scrolls to increase your damage.

DETAILS: Theres a fixed ratbag on floor 1, use it to set off the traps on floors 2 and 4. Also your first introduction to Confuse status effect. Floor 5 is a monster zoo, best to use a Thunderall scroll when your equipment is still lacking.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Several must-haves here: get the Sleepy Shield, the Stinky Shield, and the Cape of the Wind. The shields, once evolved, provide vital immunities (sleep and poison). The Cape of the Wind is part of the Wind set, which is also very good.

Queen’s Castle [BOSS]

UnlocksLevel 11
Dungeon dropsIron Hammer, Lady Underwear, Panties, Chu Knight Helmet, Chu Knight Armor, Grass Scythe, Fly Swatter (Secret Treasure), Whip Ore (Gold Trophy)
Boss dropsQueen Stone, Queen Glasses, Queen’s Dress, Queen’s Whip
Dungeon pickupsBrute Force Scroll, Fire Scroll, Medicine, Morph Scroll, Thunderall Scroll
BossEldest Daughter Komebitsu
HP: 190
SKILLS: Venombreath (poisons you after 2 turns), Confusing Smile, Waking Whip
STRATEGY: Be careful, her whip can reach you from 2 squares away. Her weakness is poison: if you manage to poison her, she will administer an antidote to herself which makes her fall asleep. That’s why the Assassin’s dagger is quite useful here, because it may inflict poison without using a spell scroll. But the first time you fight her you will probably not have it unlocked yet. Her confuse attack renders you unable to use items for a few turns, so try to keep yourself healed up.
A cool detail: if you cast a sleep spell to sleep the pigs on the boss floor, Komebitsu will use a ‘Waking Whip’ skill to wake them up again.

DETAILS: It’s starting to get serious now!
There’s a monster zoo on level 5.
A nice design feature of this dungeon is that if you kill everything on your way to the exit (except for the gold slime which will probably run away) you will reach level 7 just before engaging the boss, which gives you a full heal.
Don’t worry about the extra boss drops the first time you fight Komebitsu, you can acquire them later.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Get at least 2 Fly Swatters. Its high ACC and decent damage will see you through the rest of the base quest, especially once you evolve it to Legendary (that’s what you need the second Fly Swatter for).
Also get the boss set (Queen Glasses+Dress), as its evolved version (the Heck Queen set) is endgame material.
The Queen’s Whip is also pretty good, the Beastkiller gives it a damage boost against many common enemies and it can attack from 2 squares away.
Upon beating the boss for the first time, Yamada will receive the first of the 3 “Significant Objects”: the Clock of Happiness! Yamada will place it in his room and unlock the next dungeon.

Yamada’s Woods

Dungeon dropsMinotaur Pants, Minotaur Head, Steel Sword, Steel Shield, Steel Armor, Steel Helmet, Wind Scarf (Secret Treasure), Golden Fragment (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBlockbuster Scroll, Boomerang, Brute Force Scroll, Darkness Scroll, Eyedrops, Magnet, Medicine
Dungeon shopBurnt Shield, Falcon Scroll, Spear Stone, Whip Stone, Iron Ore
BossSleep Dragon (before level 12), Aja (before level 13), Big Spotted Spider (level 13 and up)
STRATEGY: The sleep dragon takes a while to wake up but it can hit hard and put you to sleep. The spider can poison you and buff itself with Falcon, so bring healing and antidotes and preferably a Falcon Scroll of your own.

DETAILS: As the story progresses, the final floor of this dungeon will change a few times. The Sleep Dragon fight is optional, but he guards a treasure, so if you want it your path includes attacking it. You should *not* start a fight with Aja. While it is possible to kill him, at this stage in the game he will completely body you.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The 2nd part of the Wind Set is obtainable here. Get it!
After beating Yamada’s Woods, you will meet new NPCS. Aja (The Best Programmer) will put himself into the game as dungeon merchant, and Bronson will trash talk Yamada. At level 13, Aja will also add a new special dungeon to the game: The Golden Pyramid. This is a “special” special dungeon that requires golden keys/fragments to play. More on the Pyramid elsewhere in this guide.

The Local Sewer

UnlocksLevel 14
Dungeon dropsFoot Soldier Armor, Foot Soldier Helmet, Wooden Sword, Metal Bat, Dirty Shield, Woodcutter, Army Knife (Secret Treasure), Hammer Ore (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsMagnet, Medicine, Thunder Scroll
BossNitro Buddy
STRATEGY: The final floor contains a Nitro Buddy that, by itself, is pretty harmless. However, as you move near it, it will start a countdown timer. If it explodes it will damage everything in a 3×3 radius for a decent amount of damage. In this dungeon, the explosion will also ignite its slimed skeleton friends. Attack power of burning enemies is increased a lot, so try to kill the Nitro Buddy before it explodes, otherwise you may be in trouble here.

DETAILS: Not much to mention here. Beware of the hidden bear trap on 3F.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Nothing you really need here. The evolved version of the Dirty Shield is the Mirror Shield, which has a chance to reflect spells cast on you. But this is a double-edged sword, because it can also reflect spells you cast on yourself.
After beating this dungeon, Yamada will meet another neighbor: Suzuki the monk. Yamada will add him to the Broke Questers system. Instead of high XP materials, Suzuki will drop more utility items.

Feudal Basement

UnlocksLevel 15
Dungeon dropsCamouflage Clothes, Camouflage Hat, Katana, Shield of Wisdom, Samurai Armor, Samurai Helmet, Naginata (Secret Treasure), Spear Ore (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBlockade Scroll, Bug Spray, Magnet, Medicine, Momoze Scroll, Poison Scroll, Thunder Scroll
BossSamurai Slime
HP: 45
Not very impressive, although it hits hard. Make sure you draw a perfect path, otherwise the skeletons will also keep attacking you from the sides. If you’re really having trouble, use a blockade or darkness scroll. Or use poison: like most slimes, the samurai slime may absorb the poison effect and turn into a weak Poisli (poison slime)

DETAILS: Nothing special here, except for the momoze scroll that you will sometimes find on the floor. It’s a very powerful spell. You also want to find the bug spray here to unlock it in the item store. It deals a guaranteed 1 damage hit in the 3 squares in front of you, making it an excellent item to finish off gold monsters before they run away.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: None of the equipment drops are very impressive, but make sure you unlock bug spray and momoze.

Tokugawa Cave [BOSS]

UnlocksLevel 16
Dungeon dropsDuck Outfit, Duck Hat, Power Pole, Son Gokuu Wear, Son Gokuu Band, Old Axe (Secret Treasure), Katana Ore (Gold Trophy)
Boss dropsWarrior Stone, Momotaro Headband, Momotaro Kimono, The Masamune
Dungeon pickupsBrute Force Scroll, Momoze Scroll
BossSecond Son Masamune
HP: 200 (1st form), 125 (2nd form)
SKILLS: Magic Barrier, Change ranks (summons 2 Foot Skeletons to empty spaces — he will only cast this when there are empty squares to fill), Request reinforcements (after 2 turns, “Rowdy Samurai” damage everything on screen), Merciful decree (heals everyone except for Yamada for 10hp), Inner Sanctum (Heals Masamune for ~40hp)
STRATEGY: This fight is hard! Masamune has a lot of HP and to make matters worse, this boss fight has 2 stages. His 2nd form has less HP but higher attack power. Additionally, while fighting him you will also be constantly pelted from the side by his minions.
Bring enough healing, and use 0-hp healing if necessary. Buff yourself with Falcon to increase your damage output and avoid attacks. You can bring a thunderall scroll to (temporarily) get rid of the support enemies — but be careful to only cast it if Masamune’s magic barrier isn’t up. Darkness Scroll is also an option.
The easiest strategy is using a Blockbuster Scroll to destroy all walls when you enter the boss stage, and draw the path so that your fight will be 1 on 1. Having Blockbuster unlocked the first time you meet this bodss is by no way guaranteed though.

This dungeon is looooong.
There’s a monster zoo at level 5, don’t skip it because you want the XP.
There are 2 ways to get a perfect floor 6. The more RNG-ey method is to kill the Ice Mage in the top row with a ranged spell and hope that it will drop some loot so it won’t leave an empty square. The other method is to bring a Momoze scroll to obliterate the middle 3 columns when you enter the stage, and then draw a perfect path.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Get the set from the boss. It can be upgraded into one of the highest DEF sets in the game: the Peach Warrior set.
The Masamune is one of the highest ATK weapons available in the game, but requires two hands which means you can’t equip a shield when wearing it. This kind of invalidates its usefulness.
After beating this dungeon for the first time, Yamada will get the second of the Three Significant Objects: the “Tanuki of Moderation”.

Yamada Underground

UnlocksAfter Tokugawa cave
Dungeon dropsHoly Book, Magic Shield, Magic Armor, Magic Helmet, Iron Ore, Steel Axe, Crystal Sword, Sword Ore (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBoomerang, Brute Force Scroll, Eyedrops, Falcon Scroll, Magic Barrier Scroll, Magnet, Metal Scroll, Poison Scroll, Ruurarara Scroll
Dungeon shopKatana Stone, Melted Shield, Cold Beer, Iron Ore, Rod of Light, Hammer Stone
BossNone (<lvl 18), Bone Dragon (lvl 18+)
HP: 130
STRATEGY: The fight is optional, so if you’re having trouble just go straight for the exit. This can be a toughie. The dragon has a very damaging poison breath attack, that it can also use when Yamada is in the same row or column as the dragon. Whenever you fight a Bone Dragon, try to get adjacent to it as soon as possible because it may then switch to its melee attack, which is far less dangerous than its breath.
Equip the Wind Set for a chance of Falcon effect when low on HP, and use Immunity Shield to negate the poison effect. 2 or 3 healing items should be enough to survive (especially when 0-hp healing). If you unlocked it already, you may also bring a Falcon Scroll to avoid relying on the RNG-ey trigger from the wind set.

DETAILS: To progress further, Yamada will have to beat this dungeon multiple times. When you beat this dungeon for the 1st time (and/or reach level 17?) Yamada will implement Falcon Scroll and Ruurararara Scroll. When you beat it for the second time, Bronson will visit again and code “Boss revenge system” into Yamada’s game.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Get the Melted Shield from the dungeon shop. Its evolved form will provide Ice resistance, which is very rare, but essential to fight some bosses.

Nearby Mansion

UnlocksLevel 19
Dungeon dropsSleep Sword, Bent Staff, Steel Hammer, Ice Sword, Mage Robe, Mage Hood (Secret Treasure), Priest Robe (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBrute Force Scroll, Falcon Scroll, Heal Scroll, Medicine, Sleep Scroll, Thunderall Scroll
Boss3 Candle Knights
STRATEGY: Candle knights are ‘normal’ enemies. Just look out for their fire spells.

DETAILS: Your first introduction to ghosts and dark dungeons. In darkness, many ghost type monsters (and some others too) receive an attack bonus. Candle Knights sometimes drop a lamp, which will cancel this bonus and also increases Yamada’s viewing radius. The 3rd floor has a bunch of Door Mimics, who have high HP/def but not very high ATK. The boss floor contains 3 Candle Knights, which shouldn’t be too much trouble.
Tip: There is also equipment that gives a Lamp passive ability, for example the Kabuki Shield from the rare item shop).

Chateau Felin

UnlocksLevel 20
Dungeon dropsCat Food Tin, Nyan Knight Suit, Nyan Knight Hat, Cat Claws, Jagged Sword, Priest Hat (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsBrute Force Scroll, Falcon Scroll, Medicine, Heal Scroll, Sleep Scroll, Thunderall Scroll
BossGhost Cat Boss
HP: 110
SKILLS: Falcon, Theft
STRATEGY: Very dangerous. If at all possible, don’t fight it in the dark because it will get an extra attack each turn and hits for more damage. It will also buff itself with Falcon. Counter it with your own falcon.

DETAILS: More darkness. Best carry a lamp and hope some rat doesn’t steal it.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: Forgettable, but the concept of the Jagged Sword is kinda fun.

House of Dolls [BOSS]

UnlocksLevel 21
Dungeon dropsPartizan, Noble Cape, Noble Shield, Noble Hat, Thief Clothes, Rod of Light (Secret Treasure), Thief Hood (Gold Trophy)
Boss dropsDoctor Stone, Priest Robe, Priest Hat, Book of Revelations
Dungeon pickupsBrute Force Scroll, Falcon Scroll, Heal Scroll
BossEldest Son Baibai
HP: 550
SKILLS: Teleport, Sleep Punch, Weird Injection, Confusing Smile, Summon Angel, Darkness Attack
STRATEGY: This fight is somewhat different. Baibai will periodically cast a Teleport spell. This refreshes the stage and deploys decoy versions of himself. You will then have to draw a new path toward the real Baibai to continue the fight. During your trek back, he may sometimes heal himself.
If you try to fight a decoy, you will receive an empty squares penalty, and Baibai immediately casts ‘Teleport’ again.
If you engage the real Baibai you will get to fight a few rounds of combat until he teleports out again.
It’s usually really easy to spot which one the real enemy is based on the graphics, but you can also tap the enemy to check the stats, the decoys have much lower stats. There is no time limit so you don’t have to feel rushed.
If necessary, you can draw a long path after a Teleport to give your items more turns to recharge.
This fight can be a bit drawn out due to the teleport system and quite high HP of the boss, plus his healing spells. His hits aren’t very hard, but he has a whole array of debuffs (poison, confusion, AND sleep) that make him dangerous. It’s probably best to equip a Sleep Shield or an Immunity Shield to render his status effect attacks less dangerous.
When his HP starts to get low, he will cast teleport with an increased number of decoys.

You really need to have good and leveled equipment by now. I recommend the Wind Set/(Legendary) Fly Swatter, fully leveled.
Floor 5 has a monster zoo. You need the XP it gives so attack it head on.
If you want to ‘perfect’ floor 7, you need to bring a blockbuster scroll. However, be careful that it’s not stolen by a Dirty Rat on the way there! (You can avoid this risk by only perfecting the dungeon after you have access to Pako, so you can just pull the Blockbuster scroll from your inventory when you need it).
Because this is a dark dungeon you may want to bring a lamp, but this is a bad idea. The boss fight takes place on a lighted floor where you don’t need a lamp, so it will essentially cost you an inventory slot that could be used for something more useful in the boss fight like a healing item. So instead try to power through without a lamp, which is doable provided you have decent equipment.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The boss drops are a bit puzzling as everything can be obtained elsewhere except for the Doctor Stone. Although getting the Book of Revelations here skips evolving a Holy book into one.
After killing Baibai, Yamada receives the third of the Three Significant Objects: the Globe Light, and the story unfolds. I won’t spoil it for you, but can I just say how cool Bronson is for bringing out the hero in Yamada? What a guy…

Road to Demon Lord Castle 1

UnlocksLevel 21
Dungeon dropsDragon Dagger, Firefighter Uniform, Firefighter Hat, Angel Shield (Secret Treasure), Dragon Shield (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsDynamite, Falcon Scroll, Heal Scroll, Ice-all Scroll, Metal Scroll, Sleep Scroll
Dungeon shopBroken Shield, Heal Scroll, Iron Ore, Metal Scroll, Axe Stone, Whip Stone, Sword Stone
BossGoblin King
HP: 120
SKILLS: Buddy Summon, Darkness attack, Pinch Cut, Hang in There.
STRATEGY: On your approach, he surrounds himself with Buddy Summons. Those should pose no real threat. However the boss fight itself is hard; it is designed to keep going for a while: there’s an Angel behind him that heals him, the Darkness attack makes your attacks miss, and on top of that Hang in There that makes the boss defy death. Reserve an inventory slot for an area attack spell (Thunderall works nicely, Poison can also be considered because it may also help vs Hang in There due to its DOT effect) and use it to take out the Angel. This will make your life a lot easier. Bring a Falcon Scroll to increase your damage output and dodge rate and somewhat counter the ACC loss by Darkness. Bring 2 or 3 healing items for 0-hp healing though.

DETAILS: Overall, this Dungeon is pretty tough, especially the boss fight. You may encounter some of the earlier dungeon bosses as monsters here, some of which can be bad news like the Bone Dragon. But it’s a good test of your progression/skill so far.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: I have on occasion used the Angel Shield, but it’s kind of niche. The dragon shield is part of a set.
When you reach level 22, the NPC Mamazon will give Yamada a very nice gift: a Pako dog. But I already devoted a chapter to him, so let’s move on.

Road to Demon Lord Castle 2

UnlocksLevel 22
Dungeon dropsSecurity Shield, Destruction Armor, Falcon Sword, Metal Suit (Secret Treasure), Dragon Helm (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon pickupsFalcon Scroll, Heal Scroll, Ice-all Scroll, Magic Barrier Scroll
Dungeon shopIron Ore, Metal Scroll, Katana Stone, Schoolgirl Wig
HP: 120, 100, 60
SKILLS: [Fire Breath], Darkness Attack
STRATEGY: This boss has multiple forms. Each time you kill it, it will leave an egg, that releases a smaller version of the boss when cracked. The smaller the boss is, the harder it is to hit. Bring healing and falcon, maybe some Eyedrops if the Darkness attacks are giving you grief. Like many dragons, it also has a ranged breath attack, the Naga may breathe fire. Nice detail: defeating each form counts as an individual kill and earns you XP. So it’s possible to level up (and heal to full HP) during the fight.

DETAILS: Overall, I think this dungeon is a bit easier than RtDLC1, except for floor 4 that has a monster zoo with lots of Nitro Buddies, cursed dolls, and spiders (small and big). The explosions can really hurt especially when there’s a chain reaction, so bring a scroll to help kill the monsters if you want to farm the XP. Just be aware that Nitro Buddies have resistance to thunder which makes Thunderall do half damage. It’s also worth noting that 0-hp healing doesn’t seem to work well against these guys!
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The security shield is nice in some situations because it guards against critical hits sometimes and it’s easy to get. It is later obsoleted by better equipment, but may still be worth getting.
Next up is the Demon Lord Castle. Before taking it on, it’s best to get some good equipment. Both the Wind Set or the Momotaro set is pretty good. You could also consider getting the Yokozuna set from the rare item shop, if you managed to find enough clovers, because it has some nice passives (esp. the chance of trap destruction is useful here). For weapon use Flyswatter or Queen’s whip; legendary if you have it. And also wear the Ice Shield. The dungeon boss has an ice attack and if you get frozen, chances are you will die.

Demon Lord Castle [BOSS]

UnlocksAfter beating RtDLC2
Dungeon dropsSteel Zweihander, Empire Bag, Empire Suit, Wind Scythe, Thunder Sword, Dragon Armor, Devil Axe, Demon Lord Rod (Gold Trophy)
Dungeon shopBroken Shield, Magnet
Boss dropsEmpire Stone, Demon Lord Helm, Demon Lord Robe, Demon Lord Rod
Dungeon pickupsBlockade Scroll, Brute Force Scroll, Heal Scroll, Ice-all Scroll, Magic Barrier Scroll, Melonginus Scroll
BossChairman Ayanokoji
HP: 250
SKILLS: Get over here, Ice-all, Iceball, Thunderall, Thunderball
STRATEGY: Just like Baibai fight, Ayanokoji will be teleporting around first using his “Get over here” spell and you have to draw a path to him. On your approach, he may be casting spells to damage you, and leaving empty squares will also incur a HP penalty, so take your time to think through the perfect path first. The floors he generates may contain items so you may pick up a fresh healing item. Although the spell damage can be annoying, if you’re careful and keep healed up, you should be able to deal with him without too much trouble. I’m not sure if it’s worth it to use a magic barrier but if you’re struggling by all means use one for this phase. Just note that it doesn’t do you any good in the next phase…
Anyway, after beating him down… your real challenge begins. Like any decent true final battle(TM), he was only testing you so far and he will transform into his final form for the REAL boss battle. Oh boy, he turned into a… dragon in space?
BossFlying Ayanokoji (Dragon Form)
HP: 999
SKILLS: Darkness Attack, Double Fire, Falcon, Fireball, Heal (*heals hero), Ice-all, Iceball, Metallic, Poison Attack, Rowdy Samurai, Sleep, Sleep Punch, Thunderball, Whisper of Confusion
STRATEGY: In his new form, he has a ton of HP and will hit pretty hard, but also keeps pestering you with spells. He also has a few ‘counters’ to actions:

  • Healing : Ayanokoji will compliment you on your strategy and heal you for an additional 20HP
  • Poison : Ayanokoji will compliment you on your resourcefulness, but immediately cures himself
  • Magic Barrier : Magic Break. Ayanokoji will declare barriers ‘illegal’ and erase it
  • Blockade : Ayanokoji will insult your magic spells and cast a magic barrier on himself (hey, he’s contradicting his ‘barriers are illegal’ logic here :p)
  • Metal : Ayanokoji will call it interesting and start a countdown for something “even more interesting”. When it expires (conveniently right after Yamada returns to normal) this will cast a “Big Boom” that damages everything on screen (including Ayanokoji).
  • Falcon : Turn Metallic
  • Blind: Turn Metallic

When he is down to about 25-30% of his health bar, he tries to confuse you and starts casting from a wider range of spells. Try to whittle his health down and keep your own health up so you don’t accidentally die when unable to use items because of negative status effects. As usual, always strive to have at least one healing item ready for 0 hp healing, and use Pako if everything is broken or on recharge. Especially the final part of the fight is annoying as he will often falcon up and blind you. If you happen to carry a darkness scroll, you can ‘force’ him to go metallic, removing his buffs. He does not resist sleep, but he wakes up after only one turn so don’t waste inventory space on sleep scrolls.
I’m not entirely sure what causes Ayanokoji to heal Yamada on his own, but I think Yamada needs to be critical in health. When this happens, he will Yamada for 20HP. The first time he proclaims it’s very dangerous and he’s going to die. The second time he asks Yamada if he’s strong enough to beat him and if he’s upgraded his equipment enough. The third time it happens he hints that Metal removes all status effects.

DETAILS: This dungeon contains a few new enemies:
The “Black Suit” is a goon that will use ranged gun attacks to shoot at you. This attack is not very accurate but when it connects it will instantly kill you. Since they resist sleep spells, always try to draw your path with walls or obstacles in line of sight from this enemy and keep your 0-hp guard up in case you can’t avoid being shot at. Many floor layouts allow for a path that will prevent line of sight from this enemy until you are next to it.
Another unique enemy is the “Bug Slime” — if you approach it it will transform into a random enemy. It is possible to kill it before it transforms, then it will earn you 7XP.
5F contains a monster zoo similar to RtDLC2: nitro buddies, ghosts, and spiders. Dangerous but worth a lot of XP.
9F is the boss floor.
A dungeon shop may appear here, but it’s pretty rare I think.
GOODIES ANALYSIS: The thunder sword, once upgraded, as a pretty good area attack that makes fights against armored enemies a lot easier. I’m not impressed by the boss gear. The melonginus scroll is a very powerful spell scroll that deals *huge* damage to all enemies.
After you defeat Ayanokoji — the mysterious hacker will finally reveal himself. Quite the conclusion to this little story, isn’t it?
Congratulations! You have beaten the game! Enjoy the cutscene and end credits that will play.
But It looks like married life starts out on a rocky road… The story will momentarily continue in part 2. It just takes a few cutscenes to get there. Congratulations!

Key equipment

I list some of the equipment here that is in my opinion most useful to acquire. This does not invalidate other weapon or equipment sets; even though some stuff is really skippable, there are often multiple viable weapons and/or equipment to beat dungeons.
There is also a lot of equipment that gives cool or unique effects, so make sure to level stuff up and try things out!
Note: posted stats are based on maxed out level.


Wind Set
Stats: +20 DEF, +5 HP, +11 SPD.
Description: Besides the decent stats, also gives a Pinch Falcon passive that can be really useful when in tough situations. Pinch falcon is a bit RNG-prone though.
Found in: Corpsewoods (Armor), Yamada’s Woods (Hat)
Yokozuna Set
Stats: +18 DEF, +20 HP.
Description: Besides gives a whopping +20HP buffer, it also gives a passive that destroys traps and a pushback attack. If you push an enemy into a square that has collapsed already, it will instantly die. It can really help getting through some tough parts.
Found in: Rare item shop (4 clovers total).
Queen/Heck Queen Set
Stats: +18 DEF, +1 SPD, +20 CRIT, Sleep resistance (Base set)
Stats: +24 DEF, +1 SPD, +30 CRIT, Sleep resistance, Confusion resistance (Upgraded set)
Description: Given how rare confusion resistance is, this makes it a VERY essential set of equipment. It will be a key choice in some endgame dungeons because of the sleep/confusion resistance. The confusion resistance also makes it pair very well with the (Legendary) Fan that can be found in the Golden Pyramid.
Found: Boss drops from Komebitsu in Queen’s Castle
Upgrade materials: The ingredients are fairly common except for the Queen Stone which is also a boss drop from Komebitsu.
Momotaro/Peach Warrior Set
Stats: +9 HP, +3 ATK, +22 DEF, -4 SPD (Base set)
Stats: +15 HP, +6 ATK, +30 DEF, -4 SPD (Upgraded set)
Description: The basic set when maxed out gives only just a little bit more DEF than some other fully maxed sets, so it’s not *that* great in comparison since it also reduces SPD.
Found: Boss drops from Masamune in Tokugawa Cave
Upgrade materials: The ingredients are fairly common except for the Warrior Stone which is also a boss drop, and for some reason the RNG is sometimes very particular when trying to find demon wings (they are dropped by bats).


Sleep Shield / Insomnia Shield
Description: Sleep immunity is important against some enemies and you can’t always get it from other equipment.
Found: Corpsewoods
Stinky Shield / Immunity Shield
Description: Poison immunity can be done without, but it’s still very convenient because it’s a slow killer and some enemies are really poison-heavy.
Found: Corpsewoods
Melted Shield / Ice Shield
Description: Ice immunity is vital against some enemies and bosses. While you can replace this at a later stage for a much better Gauntlet shield, this one is much easier to obtain.
Found: Yamada undergound (dungeon shop)
Upgrade materials: The evolve materials are a bit tricky to get.

  • Ice Ore sometimes drops from Ice Mages, you can find them in several dungeons. You can also farm some gold and then splurge on Suzuki’s broke questers.
  • Ice Stone is the lower tier ice upgrade stone, sometimes drops from Mimics. Also pretty common from Suzuki.
  • Pyramid Powder is a drop from certain ghost-type monsters, it’s probably most commonly acquired from Mummies or Ghost Mirrors or Handmen. Flame Cave is a good source. Otherwise Garbi Desert or Pyramid may work.
  • Ice Scroll can be somewhat annoying to unlock. It can be found lying on the floor sometimes, Pyramid or Spell Academy may work.



Fly Swatter
Stats: +19 ATK (Base)
Stats: +26 ATK (Legendary)
Description: A high ACC weapon. Makes it very viable against some of the peskier foes that are hard to hit like Gold Slime, Gold Skeleton, etc. The Insectkiller gives it a bonus against common enemies, making this a no-brainer choice for many base game dungeons and even some beyond.
Found: Queen’s Castle
Upgrade materials: The best place for its legendary upgrade materials is the Feudal basement; cockroaches drop happy powder, and Bug Spray is also common there.
Assassin Dagger
Stats: ? (Base)
Stats: +25 ATK (Legendary)
Description: May inflict poison on attacked enemies. This is often useful, although against slimes it can be annoying (they may absorb the poison and turn into a Poisli)
Found: It can only be acquired by upgrading the Ancient Dagger that can be found in Yamada the Wanderer for 3 poison powder and a broken poison scroll.
Bronson’s Wicked Sword
Stats: ? (Base)
Stats: ? (Legendary)
Description: Very high damage AND does an extra bonus hit of damage if your opponent is afflicted by a negative status effect. Unfortunately the dungeon where you can find it is pretty difficult.
Found: Garbi Desert

Special Dungeons

Special dungeons are mostly unlocked based on level and having cleared other special dungeons.
After you clear a special dungeon, the delivery man may bring a new special dungeon scroll some time later as reward.

Unlock conditions:

n/a – Goblin House -> Slimeville -> Spell Academy
Level 11 -> Picnic Grove -> Skittery Park -> Mimictown
Level 14 -> Boneboat -> Flame Cave -> Beegarden
Level 17 -> Weird Woody Woods -> Aja’s Tower -> Gold Slime Tower -> Slimurai Hamlet
Level 20 -> Ghost House -> Royal Rat Trove -> Asparaguster’s Ranch -> Cap’n Bone’s Big Boat -> Fire Golem Cave
Level 22 -> Fort Goblin -> Sorcery School -> Dragon Castle -> King Ghost’s Palace -> Mimiqueen’s Villa -> Sliamond Tower -> King Sliamond Tower -> Legendary Dragonkeep
Level 27 -> Garbi Desert

Dungeon details

Note: I will not list the dungeon loot as they can be seen in the level screen.
Goblin House
Description: As expected, lots of goblins. Pretty easy, a Beastkiller weapon can help.
Boss: General Goblin. A tough goblin with a big club. Like many goblins, has a Hang in there-save. Can also cast darkness and has more crits.
Description: Slimes.
Boss: Big Slime. You’ve seen this guy before.
Spell Academy
Description: A lot of spellcasters.
Boss: Ice Mage. Not much of a boss.
Picnic Grove
Description: Nature level. Trees and goblins are common.
Boss: Elder Mush. You’ve seen this guy before.
Skittery Park
Description: More nature. Expect wasps as well.
Boss: Big Spotted Spider. You’ve seen this guy before.
Description: Goblins and mimics.
Boss: Toilet mimic.
Description: Skeletons and mimics.
Boss: Pirate Skeleton.
Flame Cave
Description: Bombs and Handmen.
Boss: Dragon. You’ve seen this guy before.
Description: More bugs. You may also encounter a dungeon version of Komebitsu.
Boss: Queen Bee. Has poison and falcon, can be nasty. Bring Flyswatter.

Weird Woody Woods
Description: Another nature stage, but with more plant-based enemies.
Boss: Wood Dragon. Nasty breath, and regen, but shouldn’t be *too* tough.
Aja’s Tower
Description: Kind of over the place.
Boss: Aja. Due to how short of a dungeon this is, fighting him may be dangerous as you will probably be low level. Consider stealing his items instead.
Shop items: Boomerang, Brute Force Scroll, Darkness Scroll, Heal Scroll, Magic Barrier Scroll, Medicine, Metal Scroll, Ratbag, Sailor Suit, Schoolgirl Wig
Gold Slime Tower
Description: Slimes, many of which are Gold Slimes. Bring a high ACC weapon (Slime Sword is even better). Bug spray can help finishing off Gold Slimes before they can flee.
Boss: Gold Slime. You’ve seen this guy before.
Slimurai Hamlet
Description: Slimes and samurais.
Boss: Slimurai General. A big one-eyed samurai slime.
Ghost House
Description: Yup, bats and ghosts. And darkness.
Boss: Haunted Door. You’ve seen this guy before.
Royal Rat Trove
Description: Darkness and lots of stealing rats. (Why are the Ghost Cats not eating the rats, anyway? They don’t seem ethereal).
Boss: Rat King. It uses Steal&Heal so best dispatch it quickly.
Asparaguster’s Ranch
Description: Many Asparagusters pop up from the ground. They are annoying enemies that Hang in There once, and confuse you with “The Last One” spell when in a pinch.
Boss: Asparagustest. A beefed up version of Asparaguster, may also call other Asparagusters to its aid.
Cap’n Bone’s Big Boat
Description: Skeletons and… Poislis? This dungeon will feature in a side quest later.
Boss: Cap’n Bone. He’s a nasty enemy with regen and double attacks that pack a punch. Best to falcon up for this guy.
Fire Golem Cave
Description: A more difficult version of the Flame Cave.
Boss: Fire Golem. His ‘Spark’ attacks will bypass magic barriers, but he can also cast Double Fire so you want to keep one up anyway.
Fort Goblin
Description: More goblins, but they are bigger this time.
Boss: Goblin King. You’ve seen this guy before.
Sorcery School
Description: Lots of magic users. You may also encounter a dungeon version of Baibai.
Boss: Schoolmaster Mage. This is basically a Fire Mage, watch out for his double fire.
Dragon Castle
Description: As the name implies, many dragons here.
Boss: Bone Dragon. You’ve seen this guy before.
King Ghost’s Palace
Description: Another ghost house.
Boss: Ghost King. Doesn’t appear very dangerous but look out for his status effect attacks.
Mimiqueen’s Villa
Description: This is the more difficult version of Mimictown.
Boss: Mimic Queen. While her ATK isn’t too high, she has huge DEF and quite a bit of HP making this a drawn out fight, which increases the likelihood of being hit by crits. Best to use falcon and/or other high crit gear yourself since crits bypasses DEF.
Sliamond Tower
Description: Like Gold Slime Tower, lots of Gold Slimes here. Bring a high ACC weapon (Slime Sword is even better). Bug spray can help finishing off Gold Slimes before they can flee.
Boss: Diamond Slime. The rarer, tougher version of Gold Slime. Critting it is best, to give it less chance to flee.
King Sliamond Tower
Description: Like Sliamond Tower, lots of Gold Slimes here. Bring a high ACC weapon (Slime Sword is even better). Bug spray can help finishing off Gold Slimes before they can flee.
Boss: King Diamond Slime. This is a huuuuuuuge version of the Diamond Slime, with even higher HP. And like its smaller brethren, might flee after a while. Use falcon and hope for crits.
Legendary Dragonkeep
Description: The big boy version of Dragon Castle.
Boss: Ancient Dragon. Remember the Naga from Road to Demon Lord Castle? This is actually the same fight.
Garbi Desert
Description: This is kind of a ‘lite’ version of the Golden Pyramid but only 10 floors and no early exits. Many undead and goblins.
Boss: Garbage Mummy. Basically a watered down version of the Pyramid boss, but still a tough contender. You can leave the Dark Mage alive so it will attempt to heal the mummy, damaging it instead. Just be wary of the surpise ice-all when the boss is still at full health or already dead. May poison or confuse you — that last one can be a run killer.

The Golden Pyramid

The pyramid a special special dungeon. It holds many secrets and treasures, and for the true ending of the game Yamada is at some point sent here.
To enter the pyramid, you need to pay an entry fee of any of the following:

  • A Golden Key. You cannot find Golden keys except for some fixed rewards. (In the mobile phone version of the game I think you could buy these)
  • 5 Golden Fragments. Golden fragments are dropped by the Pharaoh Buddy enemy who sometimes appears in other special dungeons. While I think he can appear in all special dungeons, I think he’s somewhat more common in a few of them like Aja’s Tower and Gold Slime Tower (but this may be availability bias because of I farmed those dungeons a lot)
  • Buying the Pharaoh Buddy from Mamazon.mom. (Sorry, only unlocked AFTER beating the Demon Lord).

(Special note: Golden fragments will not lose their value after buying the Pharaoh Buddy. At some point you will be able to exchange Golden Fragments for Happy Clovers)
The pyramid is very deadly, and it’s best not to underestimate it. The first time you enter the Pyramid, there’s a coffin right before the exit door. When you break it, a mummy will appear and warn you about the dangers. He will also drop a Diamond! He will warn you again the first time you reach floor 5. You may actually want to follow this advice the first time, and exit through the 5F exit door.
The dungeon is different in the sense that there are multiple paths you can take that each have a unique set of floors and bosses. There are also several exit doors to be found, if you decide to leave the Pyramid through one of these you will gain only 1 XP but you will keep all the loot you have found so far.
The Pyramid has a ton of content and I will not go into detail further here. I have a pyramid guide in the works too, but given how time consuming writing this stuff is… It may take a while for it to see the light of day.

Broke Questers

With the broke questers system, you can give Sato or Suzuki a sum of gold, that they then use to get items for you. Sato’s rewards are focused on upgrade XP, while Suzuki’s rewards are spell scrolls and weapon/elemental stones.
Incomplete rewards list follows:


Level 1-7
Cost: 1000
Amount: 3
Rewards: (*)Rock, (**)Iron Ore, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Gold Ore
Level 8-12:
Cost: 1300
Amount: 3
Rewards: (**)Iron Ore, (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Gold Ore
Level 13-25:
Cost: 2300
Amount: 3
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Gold Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond
Level 26-31:
Cost: 2300
Amount: 3
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond
Level 32:
Cost: 2700
Amount: 3
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond
Level 33-63:
Cost: 2700
Amount: 4
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond
Level 64:
Cost: 3400
Amount: 4
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond
Level 65-75…:
Cost: 3400
Amount: 5
Rewards: (***)Steel Stone, (***)Silver Ore, (****)Zirconia Stone, (*****)Diamond


Level 1-15
Cost: 2000
Amount: 4
Rewards: (**)Katana Stone, (**)Sword Stone, (***)Katana Ore, (***)Thunderall Scroll, (***)Ice-all Scroll, (****)Premium Axe Ore, (****)Blockbuster Scroll, (****)Ruurarara Scroll
Note: the screen only lists a limited number of items, but in reality the pool is larger. I’m pretty sure you can find all flavors of Stone/Ore/Premium Ore at the specified rarity level. This may also be true for the scrolls you obtain here.
Level 16-16
Cost: 2600
Amount: 4
Rewards: (**)Katana Stone, (**)Sword Stone, (**)Falcon Scroll, (***)Katana Ore, (***)Thunderall Scroll, (****)Premium Axe Ore, (****)Blockbuster Scroll, (****)Ruurarara Scroll


Phew, that was a lot to write up. It took me longer than I’d like to admit. This game has so much content!
I know some of the lists here are incomplete, that’s because I didn’t want to wait any longer to publish this guide:

  • The Broke Questers reward list is still very much lacking.
  • The “Dungeon shop” and “Dungeon Pickups” listings have been done by sight so they are likely missing items
  • I didn’t include the stats on some weapons

I will try to update these when progressing further.
If I made any blatant errors or omissions, feel free to leave a comment below.
And before you ask: “Hey, you didn’t include anything about XXX”!… As I said in the introduction, this was meant only to cover the content unlocked by the base game.
Things like the Red castanets, Mysterious Hard Labor Zone, Raid Tower, Aja’s Family Quest, Fish King Armor, Yamanote Line, Heaven’s Door, and so on, and so on… Maybe in a next guide?
Until then, thanks for reading, and goodbye.

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Date: 26/08/2021
Details: First publish!

Written by Nappa

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada – – Basic game Guide and Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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